Unskippable: Left 4 Dead

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Every time I try to watch unskippable I just get disappointed. I usually hear funnier commentary from my friends while watching movies than this. Unskippable always gets me so bored that I can't watch them through their entireties, if even their first halves, and this was no exception. Probably the only part I liked was the "business-casual" comment, and even then it was only average.

Maybe I just have a different brand of humor? At first I thought it was cause I hadn't played the games they did, but L4D I have played a number of times, and this still wasn't very funny to me.

hahaha, this was funny

Great Ep.

Looking Forward to Desert Bus

"But we brought party hats..." Hahaha. It was a good episode. Good job guys.

Silent but Violent:

Desert Bus is the one game I'd let Jack Thomsen crush under his boot heel.

I just want to hear Mr.Thompson's argument for getting rid of it. I'm sure he can connect it with some shooting or other.

I'm may cause more suicides.

it made me want to high five those two when I thought of Alex mercer just before they said it. Freakin' sweet. Goth chick was good too.

I watched til' the end, and I feel mildly sorry for you guys.

Nice video, guys.

And I agree, Alex Mercer had it coming.
That and the Westside story reference were my favorites.

Nice one.

But it doesn't work with a cutscene that's actually good, guys. And I disagree with you.

Francis' one-liner is perfect. He doesn't give 2 shits about being witty. :D

lol they killed alex mercer and yeah the black guy always dies great video

OK after seeing this I guess I understand why everyone hates Louis, he's an idiot.

Also "kids dont wait for too weeks after the infection, your penis might drop off", how sexist! equal rights!, I demand to hear of vagina's dropping too!.

Like its hot.

First off ewww, overall bad images, second, isnt unskippable about cutsceens you CANT skip, i recall skipping this everytime after the 1st of loading up the game.

l4d 2 will be grat you doing that next week or something elss

So you're raising money for a cheesy 80's horror movie about a doll possessed by a serial killer?

The L4D intro is one of my favourite cut scenes but this was still pretty good. Especially the part at the beginning when they realised it was skippable. Thanks alot sergeant buzzkill xD

Pretty funny vid. And Jeremy is really hot!!!!!! xD

Just not funny.

I just found this one very lame.. I was expecting better.

Great Job, I think a left 4 dead 2 one would be great. It would be great timing as well, since the game just came out.

Haha, I was thinking this was a bit late considering the sequel's already out, but after seeing this, you've definitely been saving this gem.

Loved it, which is surprising because the L4D intro isn't actually something you'd want to skip, and you still made it exponentially more entertaining.

Every reference, joke, or comment was pure comedy.

West Side Story, Prototype, Gothism...you just created the new list of all-time funniest things.

Loved it :) am I the only one who thinks that Louis looks like President Obama (I kinda laughed trying to imagine the President fighting off hoards of zombies, fail)

Love the party hat line. Awesome as always. I'm goin to go see the MST3K guys tomorrow at Cinematic Titanic and shall think of you. ^_^

Wait, wait wait wait wait.
Graham, Paul, what the hell is this?
I believe the catchphrase is "Bad cinematic have never been so good"? Then you show up with Borderlands, and now this? Both awesome openings to awesome games.

I'm very disappointed in you, guys. Very disappointed.
Tut tut.

True - its just not as funny doing good game cinematics; come on guys, you have the whole of the JRPG crop left - although admittly, I'd want to do something else myself after doing those and Metal Gear Solid.

What about the Witcher? It was a meh game with a mock-worthy opening!

Rock 'n' Soul:
I'm just going to go ahead and come to terms with the fact that I'm probably one of few that laughed at the "West Side Story" reference.

Personally that was one of my favourite jokes in the whole video, my brother pretty much laughed his head off at that one as well. :P

Alex Mercer, ah ha ha....

Evading a swarm of zombies mutants is just a matter of crossing the street.

They were explicitly called zombies in the game, so...

The Big Eye:

Evading a swarm of zombies mutants is just a matter of crossing the street.

They were explicitly called zombies in the game, so...

They are not zombies in L4D. They are officially referred to as the infected. Zombies is what they are called by the survivors.

"I can't even chew bubble gum and walk at the same time"
I was so stoked after I heard that.

Great work always guys!

Can't wait for the LRR takeover of the escapist.

"There's someone still alive in there!"
"Oh boy, let's kill them!"


Lol was one of the funniest vids done yet

"Well fine sgt.buzzkil now its jsut a 3 way" XD

"Okay sergeant buzzkill" Man classic

One of the best yet

I always thought the opening to borderlands and L4D were really good.. I havent played BorderLand as much tho.. I have however just got off a game of VS of L4D and i gotta say its hands down one of the best games last year..

I'll Leave The Unskippable To The Pros. My Friend And I Decided To Create Our Own Unskippable As A Joke I Think Offended People On Youtube. Anyway, I'm Commeting On This Video Because We Did It On This One. And You Guys Were Way More Creative Then Us.

Sorry For Fucking Shit Up!

This was awesome! I loled more then a few times. Good work.

i just realized, the 'Merry Christmas' bit wasn't the one-liner he'd been saving this whole time. He had just used so manny over the two weeks that he was starting to run out. This is why you should always have a three weeks suply of quips if you're going into the action adventure business.


We WILL have a party

and it will be off the hizzim

...What the hell is a hizzim, anyhow?

It´s the same as being of the chizziz.

I always thought he said hizzook... :/

I loved "Dude, there's two chicks kissing over here!" "Awesome, let's go watch!"

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