Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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He was rather nice to the game i think. Really the only complaint against the game was the story. But hey good review anyway. Better than any review from any other website.

Shepard was pained that he lost 30,000 of his men in the Nuke from CoD4. So, in order to get more recruits into the Army/Rangers whatever, he would instigate war with Russia. To do this, he hired Makarov, a very high power Ultranationalist to conduct a massacre on a Russian airport. He tells Makarov that Allen is an undercover CIA agent, and to kill him so that when they find the body, war would start(Which is why Makarov said that this would be sending a message, and that Shepard said "You will be saving the lives of many with what you start here"). Shit happens, Shepard decides to break out Price because he thought he could use him like he has been using Soap, Gaz, and Roach. Price copies MacMillan word for word the entire level, then nukes the east coast. Instead of the nuke detonating as a nuke, he detonates it as an EMP to cut off all electronics. This does two thing. First, it cuts all of the Russian fleet off from their homeland. Second, it was supposed to stop the carpet bombing of DC, which Price was believing was just about to start. Gaz and Roach decide to storm Makarov's warehouse, where they transfer all the files about Makarov, which presumably had the data regarding the deal between Makarov and Shepard. Shepard kills Roach and Gaz once he has the box, because they would know where it would be, which could boil over on Shepard if they were alive. Soap and Price go to kill Shepard, knife in eye, the end.
Funny part was, Shepard was supposed to come out a war hero at the end of this.
got this from /v/

This game was 'special'. Love the first Modern Warfare, but this one really fell on its face. Why can't we get both an epic campaign (meaning at least 10 hours) with an epic multiplayer? Not everyone has access to superman speed internet 100% of the time year round and not everyone likes that sort of thing. Hit the campaign players and the online players with one quick stroke and make everyone happy.

noo in mw III u should be the terrorists so you can die by blowing yourself up at the end of every level or maybe even more times in one level

Deffinitely did the ridiculous story justice.

Of course if Modern Warfare 2 is any example that producer logic seems to working quite well. And also the world seems to be inhabited by several million robots.

It does not have 6 hours of single player you retarted chimpanzee its NOT 6 hours I REPEAT its atleast 12 hours of solid game play

Your attempt at humour = Fail.

i did not buy that game for a realistic and gritty depiction of modern war i bought that game for intense gameplay and a james bonds esque story. I was not disapointed. you are critisizing this game for what it claims to be. thats just poor reviewing

Actually the story of this game isn't really that good, face it, if Modern Warfare was a movie it would have tanked in the box office for how cliched and generic the plot and characters

But then again people aren't exactly buying MW2 for its story now are they...0o

It does not have 6 hours of single player you retarted chimpanzee its NOT 6 hours I REPEAT its atleast 12 hours of solid game play

It's 6 hours if you aren't terrible at video games

How about an "edgy" military FPS where your fighting off American invaders? Or how about an "edgy" military FPS where your a freedom fighter in the U.S.A. (since the U.S.A. is really the center of the universe) fighting off corporate fascist rule? All these video game producers and publishers with their controversial military inspired video games all tow the same line: U.S.A. #1 and peace through superior firepower.

AMEN, Russians have awesome hats

We the people of America have in the past, by active mandate, or implicit consent pursued national security at the cost of foreign civilian lives through instilling despotic figureheads, followed by extraordinary renditions, followed by airborne drone strikes, followed by, followed by, followed by...
Actual national security policies of the United States have killed innocent people on a larger scale, or in a more callous manner, and often both at the same time. By putting people literally behind the trigger, Infinity Ward spills out the human cost of this kind of policy and revolutionizes video games' status as a form of art media.

well I think MW2 was great. Not the best of 2009, but great. However, I am concerned about how it is clearly turning into a franchise, setting up levels in the third Modern Warfare title like the invasion of russia hinted at in The Gulag, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, and Whisky Hotel. Its so obvious and you know something is wrong if the main draw of a game is multiplayer. I mean really, what is THAT new from co4? Axing the PC gamers? Shortening the campaign? Putting in a frankly ridiculous terrorist level? Sorry IW, I dont think thats gonna cut it.

Just finished...What the hell is up with the story? The US commander shoots you because his men were nuked years ago? Eh? And he had to personally do it, and then manages to beat up an SAS commander, after a helicopter crash how? And then the knife in the eye....Damn, possibly a story so tacky it's Uwe Boll worthy.

yeah, the single player was a big dissapointment, which is a shame because the scenery themselves in each level were gorgeous. But I just got tired of having to kill millions of enemies on every single map and die an nearly an equal amount of times because they never stop coming. There isn't time to appreciate anything because all the time you have to stay down while you are basically rushed through each level. IW dropped the ball in single player mode and just wanted over the top action all the time. The storyline is almost impossible to follow and after a while I just wanted to beat the game and gave up on following the story. I beat it on hardened, and I highly doubt I will go back and play it again.

The only thing that saved this game in my opinion is multiplayer mode, (both online and spec ops). If it wasn't for that, then this game could have easily been one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

^ yeah but even the MP in this game is disappointing: dodgy hit detection, lag, magic bullets and bullets that seem to "curve" around walls a la Wanted, campers, overpowered killstreaks, bad map design....

^ yeah but even the MP in this game is disappointing: dodgy hit detection, lag, magic bullets and bullets that seem to "curve" around walls a la Wanted, campers, overpowered killstreaks, bad map design....

Absolutely agree. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices the bullets curve around corners. This was also a problem was also a problem in COD4, but it just doesn't seem as bad a this one. Its like once you get shot at you are dead 95% of the time and you might as well stand there and fight since simply running away and ducking into a building or behind a wall will get you killed every single time. Campers are much worse than COD4, probably because there are so many places to hide in this game which is mainly due to bad map design.

Oh yeah lets not forgot the overpowered shotguns (especially Akimbos). I was at least 50 feet away from someone and just got to a window looking DOWN at him, I have a M21 Sniper rifle, I shoot him right in the head, the game registered it as a hit, but he didn't die, he pulls out his dual 1887s, and kills me in one shot; again 50 feet away and from below, now that is some B.S.

So I'm not saying by any means MP is perfect, but compared to campaign mode, its almost like night and day.

People wanking to the story being dumb have not have to deal with "what's best for the country" actions from their gov.

Also, why are people complaining about the game being too hard, just lower the dif. level. Was it too hard for you people on "recruit"?

There are no heroes in war.

First off "relisem" and "Video Games" can't really be said in the same sentence.

But anyways single player was fun and the level he is talking about is defenitly Estate takedown. That level on Harden and vetern is a hell hole filled with everything you hate.

I still don't understand why you don't want to play online Yahtzee, I know that at times it can be frustrating, but I'll give you as good of a reason as any. Remember in your review of Gears of War 2 when you said that sometimes popular things are popular for a reason? Well guess what Yahtzee, I'm pretty sure that applies to online multiplayer in atleast halo and modern warfare 2. Just becuase you've gotten frustrated in the past doesn't mean you should stop completely, I get frustrated all the time. No, it means that WHEN you get frustrated, you should stop, calm down, and play something else (or a different mode, ect). Online multiplayer is by far the most I play in videogames. It would be about 60% of the time I'm playing games. That's because it's fun.

I'm sorry but yahtzee this is just wrong, the story is quite good. Also not playing online is just dumb it's the only reason why people buy the game just play online then come back

hahaha story aside (epic, albeit not nearly as realistic and possible), I still found myself enthralled by this game

okay I suck terribly with the online multiplayer (meh...starting to give up trying), tho the campaign missions are doable even on Veteran as long as you take cover and ENDURE (ugh, two left, including the one Yahtzee mentioned)

I guess getting killed in this game is now less about shock, and just creating the sense of failure that gamers are not accustomed to
sure made the final level satisfying

but honestly...I too really wish the campaign had co-op
I mean, even if they only unlocked it after you beat it once solo (just for the whole "experience" they want players to have with it)
even with the thematic moments, they coulda worked it in for sure...

for a game that touts realism, you would think that wouldn't be there (weapon carry "realism") if you are doing impossible stunts.
and why do they hate player characters?
I might actually want to complete an entire game without my character being killed all the time.
and the multiple nukes he mentions? WHY?
the first game was great with that twist.
so the dev. needs to not do it multiple times in the sequel, but think of some other suprise twist that will amaze players.

[quote="joe51498" post="6.157469.3945117"]It does not have 6 hours of single player you retarted chimpanzee its NOT 6 hours I REPEAT its atleast 12 hours of solid game play

Hmmm, retarted? So, is yahtzee now an ex 'tarty' chimpanzee who got back in the game?
Pretty sure you meant retarded, but then if he was and an infinante number of chimps typying away could produce shakespeare's complete works in an infinate ammount of time and would approach the task like this; 'duivbe uvjolsdp dvjj', and a retarDed chimp would probably just chew on the keyboard how the fuck is he managing to produce comedic gold?

Don't take his word so literally he's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy! He also probably meant it took him six hours without all the 'die-restart mission-loading screen' nonsense also 'at least' is two words you didn't REPEAT the fact that it took you '12 hours of solid game play' to finish the game and I weep for your parents.

EDIT: By the way yahtzee if you see this, good work man keep it up for all the complaining dipshits there are ten times as many viewers who love what you do and thank you for brightening my week up that little bit more.

I know that this is a bit late, but i am sure that you will get a kick out of this, no matter how retarded it already is:

The story needs to be alot better, WHEN they create the next one.

Love the review, excellent as always, and I'm sure I'm not the only nerotic little bastard in this thread who has to read every joke in the credits, until I've successfully squeezed every last drop of tasty, tasty humor from Yahtzee's videos.

Nah, I love reading those too. It kind of like eating the cherry off the top of a sundae.

Yahtzee? Will you be my friend?

I squee'd at the picture of a chinchilla at the beginning.

I've been avoiding playing CoD because I'm a typical hipster who despises anything that's mainstream. Loljk, but still.

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