Stolen Pixels #146: The Reason for the Season

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No one in Britain wants to go outside during the summer. It's raining.

How's that different from Spring, Autumn or Winter?

Wind Chill. :D

But more seriously: I really hate the summer games drought and the flood at the end of the year, to bad marketing determines release date more than anything these days and the holidays are a great time to sell new shiny stuff.

seriously? just buy Dragon Age, over 50 hours and im still as hooked as when i first started. It is equal to, if not better than, BG:TOSC. but if you were hoping its not even in the same leauge as Arcanum.


Shamus Young:

When all games are being released on the same date, how are you supposed to choose which ones to buy?

Pick up a case of each game. Throw them at the store clerk. Whichever one concusses him you buy.

Obviously Guitar Hero/Rock Band and any special edition games have an innate advantage for this being that they're larger and heavier.

I've got a better system. Go into any major retailer, hang around the games section, and wait for the biggest, baddest-looking biker dude you can find to walk by. Shove him forcefully into the game shelves. Whatever game he picks up to beat you senseless, that's the game you'll want to buy... once you get out of the hospital, of course.

Mind you, there is a small but non-zero chance that you could find yourself beaten to death with Hello Kitty Island, which means that you will be condemned to an eternity of being Satan's spitoon. Seriously, it's in the New Testament, look it up.

Also, Shamus? That shirt design. Escapist store. Please to be making it happen.

Shamus Young:
Stolen Pixels #146: The Reason for the Season

When all games are being released on the same date, how are you supposed to choose which ones to buy?

You lost me at ODST (which was September 22nd, hardly 'Holiday' season).

On a personal stance; you buy what you like. Someone who prefers Ratchet and Clank's platformer adventuring might not enjoy the brutal FPS combat of Modern Warfare 2 in the same way the co-op zombie apocalypse might not appeal to either of them.

From a reviewer stance; well, no-one's asking you to review them all but then that's why we have more than one reviewer in the world. Once you segment the games by platform you see there's a lot less to go through. You don't have to review them all at once after all.

Compelling comic ... and shirt -- though we may have to have a custody battle, should you ever produce it for real-real ;).

Haha leads me to the escapist home page.

Oh God, it's tragic because IT IS TOTALLY FUCKING TRUE.


How compelling... ;)

Are you compelled?

I'm compelled!

Everyone is compelled, always.

What does it even mean anymore?

That is true y is that every thing good is released towards november, when the summer (when most teens have summer vacation) have no notable releases? when they have the most free time is when its all completely dry...its totally retarded. but yes much cockblocking to be had all around XD

Nice one, I totally agree. They just cant throw all this good stuff at us at once and expect us to choose, it inhuman!

Also, Lamplight?!

it looks like the Escapist News network has started a tend of ripping gamespot reveiws.
But to be honest, the only game I am looking out for is Stalker Call of Pripyat, and maybe L4d 2 when its goes half price on steam. Current releases may as well not exist for me at the moment, none of them interest me in the slightest.

Oh God, it's tragic because IT IS TOTALLY FUCKING TRUE.

I am compelled to agree.

Why is Arkham Asylum here? It was released in August. Before many schools started up in september. You know...that...thing you are yelling at the other games about not doing. But hey, if you want to make a half assed comic about a half assed complaint, more power to you.

As far as everyone else, be less broke and then the holiday game season doesnt matter. Noobs.

And THATS what true Christmas is all aboput : D

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