Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead 2 & New Super Mario Bros Wii

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My "Oh no! Someone will make a Bowser Vs tank thread" sense is tingling!

Bowser would win

Yeah, pretty much all these issues came up when my friends and I played these exact same games a few... days... ago... Does that mean I'm Yathzee?! No, im not that witty, or that British.

Could've mentioned that Bros. Wii Mario New Super 666 is fucking impossible when going solo.

Bowser would lose :( He would just fall down a pitt.

And now I'm still not sure if I want to buy L4D2 or not.
I don't own the original, so I won't feel screwed over if i decide to buy it :D

well waddaya say. the internet's most beloved voice is back to normal.
But why bash so hard on new super mario bros. even if its just gameplay copy of a snes title from 15 years ago, its still excellent. and no matter what way you play the co-op (i.e. WITH or AGAINST your pals) its as fun as a co-op game can be!

btw. Bowser vs Tank? Bowser wins! u cant kill a guy, who keeps kidnapping a princess for 20 years, fails at it and still refuses to turn honorable honest work

great episode, but the number joke got a bit sickening, and I think nintendo to this shit to delibratley annoy u, oh and bowser would win btw

I liked the number joke...

The comment on HL2 is a good one indeed... Lets hope that episode 3 get top priority from now on.

I have lost faith in Velve at the moment, what with L4D2 and the extreme cocking up of TF2. But I'm sure Episode 3 will renew my faith in them... It had better...

Loved the bit about losing 3 friends w/ the new Mario game.

I suppose your points are well-made, Yahtzee, but it seems like you were particularly angry this episode. Maybe it has something to do with that new mic you mentioned in Extra Punctuation possibly recording at a higher volume, but why do I get the distinct feeling that you were yelling at me during these reviews?

Seemed a little mad in this review, ey? What's wrong with having the same game play (I'm aware of how idiotic that sentence sounds), people loved it in the 90's, and people seem to still want it, so why not do it to satisfy them, if only to make them realize how much they actually don't? And I thought they actually were working on Episode 3, only that they're taking their sweet time. Maybe aiming for the big shot. Heard something about Gabe Newell learning sign language.

I agree that Left 4 Dead 2 had the same general feel, but that being of a zombie apocolypse doesn't make that a bad thing. While I was hoping for a little more extra content (Only one extra of each type of weapon? Wtf. At least one more of each would have made me happy), the fact that it was in a new setting alone made it feel like it deserved to be made to me.
And as for NSMBs, well I feel it perfectly embodies Nintendo's design philosophy. No innovation except where it doesn't make a single fucking difference.

God you must be getting sick of the number 2 by now. I mean surly you've been saving this rant for quite a while. Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, Assassins Creed 2, and left 4 dead 2 have all basically been released on the same general time. With all of your ranting about sequels in the past it just seems to be a little weird of you to ignore the subject now especially when its at its worst.

"Wasn't there a Half Life Episode Three you were supposed to be working on?"

YES!!! Finally someone other than me pointed that out! Why are they rushing out this game while we have been waiting for Episode Three for the past two years!?

To answer your question Mr. Croshaw; Bowser and the Tank would have a baby and it would kill both of them with awesomeness
So I vote for the BowserTank

Don't have a quote from this one, it was just awesome

I'm sure everybody is glad the old voice is back. Boarderlands, you need to review that. I cannot buy any game without your guiding sarcastic hand anymore.

Bowser VS Tank
I would say Bowser except by tank, Yahtzee means M1A1 Abrams tank that shoot Depleted Uranium shell.

video won't load, anyone else have the same problem?

Me too. Strange.

Jeesh, I can't watch the video cos there are so many people tyring that the server seems to have just given up the ghost! This guy really is popular!!!

Haha that was great, the humour value was golden due to there being two games to at once. I laughed then coughed at the l4d2;A2Z1 gag.. stupid sore throat..

I can't agree any more. L4D2 is just an L4D expansion, nothing more. Its just a a bunch of new maps, a few useless melee weapons and thats it. And about New Super Mario Bross Wii, well, its a ripoff from New Super Mario bross DS wich is a ripoff from Super Mario 3, so its not a big surprise that it dont have anything new(as the title says, btw)

Yes. Just more plot, new characters, new settings, new gameplay mechanics, new game modes, new weapon types, new weapons, new infected, new infected behaviour, new gore system, new uncommon infected, new weather effects, new use of variations in pathing, updated graphics, updated older game mechanics, a few different atmospheres for the various campaigns, wait... they arn't that similar after all.

Yeah, I was unimpressed with the demo, yeah I see that the CORE CORE CORE gameplay is the same. But what more do you want? Don't 99.9% of all sequals share the same gameplay mechanics?
Why not ask for Halo 2 and 3 to be an expansion to Halo 1? After all all it is is new graphics, enemies, plot, maps, weapons and characters?
Left 4 Dead 2 has so many new additions that it would not work as DLC since anyone who didn't have it would be pretty much unable to play with people who do.

Low Key:
I like Left 4 Dead 2, although I have admittingly never played the original. Are they really that much alike?

No, Left 4 Dead 21 is massive improvement upon the first. A lot of the new content in Left 4 Dead 2 fixes the problems from the original game and the new maps are far superior to nearly all of the Left 4 Dead maps. Plus the setting inLeft 4 Dead 2 is a lot more unique and entertaining than that shown in Left 4 Dead. I guess when you get down to it it's still just coop zombie killing, but why is that a problem anyways?

But Yahtzee's opinion on Left 4 Dead 2 doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that he reviewed Left 4 Dead2 a game that relies upon online multiplayer, yet he didn't review Modern Warfare 2's online multiplayer.

Oh yes and Yahtzee complaining about Episode 3 surprised me. Doesn't he hate it when companies just rush to get a new sequel onto the market? So shouldn't he be tolerant of the time it takes for Valve to make Episode 3?

OK yartzee, good review but your bashing of the recent mario games is just become stupid and predictable, matter of fact when you talk about the newer mario games, I just take a nap or stop the review or try and stick a pen up my nose, but really your review of the mario games might as well be 5 second reviews

haha, great. and i do agree that L4D2 fealt like the exact same as L4D1, with melee weps... oh well!

now we just wait for HL2 E3... cant wait!

Awesome episode. :)

Awesome, totally agree with the Mario comment. Worst is...why are people buying it?? Really? Last time I checked, nostalgia is best left as a memory. I loved driver, went back to it, and christ, what a mess of a game. I should have just left is as a pleasant memory...

Huh, Figured that there would be different stuff for the New Super Mario Bros. Wii....apparently not.

Guess I can try L4D2-etc. etc. Since I haven't really tried the first one. We'll see, though, we'll see >.>

Sequels aren't exciting, retro rivals aren't progress, multiplayer gaming is a crutch for subpar gameplay and slipped deadlines are a pain in the ass?

Perhaps I've been watching so long that its all becoming a little familiar, or perhaps its the industry that doesn't change and there's only so many ways to crit. Whatever it is, its all ringing a little familiar to me.

I don't blame Yahtzee mind. I mean, this was the first review of a censored game he's done (correct me if I'm wrong), so there's something new here, and he's reviewed a couple in one go (which makes the most of the review slot when only same-ol'-same-ol' games are released).

Wow! Yahtzee pretty much summed up everything I was thinking when I heard (and saw) the NEW Super Mario Wii. What a waste of space that is! If I wanted to feel nostalgia, I'll grab an emulator and play the old Mario games.

And co-op play is not a great selling point in my mind. I've noticed that more friendships have been strained or ruined by co-op play games than any other reason. Even playing with strangers online is a major test in patience.

ZP should do more of these double-bill reviews.

Grr, god damn video wont load, sounds like a good one too

Shit, no videos are loading at all, great timing

The little comic strip cartoon at the end was by far the funniest part of this. I guess mostly cause I wasn't expecting it.

Great episode as always.

Not surprised to hear that L4D2(insert random words and numbers here) is basically the same as the first one

It isn't. If you actually play it (at least on the PC... that's the only one I've tried), it definitely deserves it's own pretty box on the shelf with its own price tag. They would have been seriously cheating their developers if they had just released it as DLC.

I can't agree any more. L4D2 is just an L4D expansion, nothing more. Its just a a bunch of new maps, a few useless melee weapons and thats it.

I'm amazed how you missed the new infected, new crescendo event, new healing items, Grenade launcher and the new uncommon common infected. Oh and a new game mode that is actually pretty fun.

L4D2 is no where near expansion pack. It has more content wise than the first game had. It refined the things that was bad in L4D.

I don't agree with his opinion about L4D2, for me it sounds like someone is able to accept Gears of War 2 as a sequel but L4D2 which doubles the content and refine it gets classed "Expansion". Bull I say.

Actually Mario would win, becuase when Bowser wins Mario will come and give him a good old trashing.

Also liked the Shawshank Redemption reference^^

I do agree that New Super Mario Bros. Wii having two players play as toads is very stupid. Ya couldn't have picked anything at least a little more interesting, Nintendo?

No, because Nintendon't is too damn lazy to write a simple physics program.

They wouldn't have had to make a new engine. Just use the existing engine and have it accept the skirt as a seprate object. I'm not a programer, but it is simple logic.

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