The Escapist Film Festival 2009: Virtual Reality: Episode 01, Zelda

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Virtual Reality: Episode 01, Zelda

Two broke collage kids recreate some of the average actions of their favorite video game characters. Limited man power, funds, resources, and lack of artistic ability come together to create a train wreck piece of programming distinctly Canadian, and difficult to look away from.

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most original idea i've seen yet...haven't seen many but still it made me laugh a few times

i like this...oh and by the way the legend of zelda thing isnt public domain it wont be public domain until the guy who got the original copyright on that game dies PLUS 70 years so it wont be public domain till you and i are both long dead

Putting aside the fact that you don't have the best equipment for editing and your demonstration pictures are by no stretch of imagination fantastic, this was awesome.

It's very original and I'm always willing to see something as entertaining as this, if you're willing to keep taking the pain of experimenting...

Did you seriously stand there firing flares at a piece of freakin' glass in your friend's hand? So many things could have gone wrong with that...

Also, please do not kill a turtle!

Most original idea I've seen so far, though it's a shame about the equipment. You guys would be great to watch, though I don't see how you'll be able to do much more.
But I wish ye the best of luck, anyway!

Well, the idea for longevity is that we're going to tackle a different game each episode. So the next one would be Mario, then stuff like metal gear solid and the like. We're throwing different ideas around thinking of ways we can make sure it won't get stale, but if we get picked up we'd definitely appreciate your feedback.

Oh, and Punk, thanks for the info. I had no idea how much footage we could actually take from the source material without getting sued, hence the dog in the Link costume...

hm...A good idea, but poorly executed

This is total crap, i have neverbeen more offended im my life you should be very sad about what you are doing!

Mr. Blond:
most original idea i've seen yet...haven't seen many but still it made me laugh a few times

i don't think it is original, it seems like a jackass imitation. they are finding reasons to hurt each other

I loved it, very funny! Can't wait to see the next one =]

PLEASE IF YOU DONT WIN MAKE A SITE AND PUT THE SERIES ON IT I will toon in if you do...I cant believe it bounced of the sheild omg!


Hahaha Awesome job guys. Goodluck

You guys are wise. Well played. well played

Neat idea. Like Jackass, and Mythbusters rolled into one through video games! I like this one better than Dorian and Troll Cartoon. A+ for Balls to do those stunts.

This was very good and well made considering the budget, I was thouroughly entertained throughout. Well Done! :D

This was pretty well done.

I like the concept, but your execution scares me. I can't see this going anywhere that is safe. The

Like Jackass, and Mythbusters rolled into one through video games

idea is cool and all, but shooting flares at your buddy while he holds a homemade shield to his face is frightening. I was cringing during that entire sequence (well, except for the "pew pew pew," that was funny).

Is this the one where they shoot Roman candles at the mirror shield? Yeah, that was awesome.

I'm feeling somewhat guilty for voting for you, considering that it'll probably mean that you'll continue to do dangerous things for my viewing pleasure. Nevertheless, hilarious stuff.

I love Mythbusters. It's a great show. However, they do a really great job about explaining what the Scientific Process they used, the process to make it, and how they could prove it. At the end of the show, they completely reveal their results and give a final basis, Busted, Plausible or Confirmed.

It's a good formula. Needless to say, they seem to have a big hefty limit on how much money they can use to confirm a Myth.

Unfortunately, the Gaming Mythbusters you have come up with fails in a few of the finer points of Mythbusters. Also, fixed Camera Angles for every shot is cool, in some aspects, but you really need to have a Cameraman. You both don't need to be in-frame the entire time.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Loved it. Would love to follow it. Can't wait for better quality though :P. Also you're from my home town so even better.

You've got my vote for the flare/shield part. Well done guys :) Just make sure this doesn't turn into a video Jackass/La Bam.

The idea is cool but there are other entries I prefer. Good luck to ya.

Eh', it was alright can't say much else but wat the hay, ill help u poor guys out for the flare part

The nut shots....just great. I replayed that bit like 5 times.

Jackass for nerds, brilliant.

Nautical Honors Society:
Jackass for nerds, brilliant.

Go watch Mega64. They were the OG Jackass for gamers. I'd post a link for the quote but I'm on my PS3.

YA BOYS!!!!!!! Great god this is FAN-TASTIQUE

Despite the low budget quality and the fact that you guys didn't take it quite seriously, I laughed a lot! This series could have a lot of pontential in terms of exploring games to imitate. If you guys actually win I sure hope you can get better editing.

Did you seriously stand there firing flares at a piece of freakin' glass in your friend's hand? So many things could have gone wrong with that...

Also, please do not kill a turtle!

I second this, I seriously hope you guys don't actually hurt any turtles. That would instantly turn us all off, seeing as how we are all gamers seeing a real turtle get stomped would break our hearts and make us hate you.

Video Game "Jackass"ery aside this is brilliant!

turtle issue aside, i really liked this, and it got my vote :)

that was very charming :)

So this is pretty much Mythbusters Video Game Edition. Very nice/funny.

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