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Honestly, I don't take the VGA awards seriously, since it's mainly for people in their late teens to mid 30's.

well since the majority of gamers are in their late teens to mid 30's i think thats an perfectly understandable demographic.

OT: great episode, i really must pick up club penguin, i actually think it will be an great gift for my brother, thank you ENN.

Note:I said douche bag's in their late teens through mid 30's. I did'nt say perfectle reasonable people in their late teens through mid 30's.

Too soon Graham too soon. Don't you remember the 20 year rule?

Nice try pointing out the stupidity of these GOTY awards. Too bad it didn't take.

lol, I liked it...certainly made more sense than VGA's.

See you in 2 weeks ENN!

Such bullshit. Elite Pengiun Force 2: Pengiuns meet Puffins was SO MUCH BETTER than 1, it should have been game of the year. Easily!






That had me in stitches.

Anyone got any info on LRR coming to this hallowed grove?

I'm sorry, what?

When is Loading Ready Run coming to The Escapist?

Why would they fucking want to? They already have their own site.


Actually, upon re-reading that I noticed the answer to my question was in the article. They're coming in January.
I suppose the reason they want to is because on their site they have to pay for the upkeep and everything, whereas if they host on this site they don't pay a thing, in fact The Escapist pays them!

Interesting - I didn't know about this. Well, it should work out well for the LRR team to actually have a source of income for their EXCELLENT work other than the shirts; whilst I'm alittle concerned the LRR 'theme' might be broken alittle by the move, I'm very hopeful it'll just make the excellent work of LRR more widely known and appreciated. Seriously, most of their videos only get a few thousand hits on YouTube but they're frequently as or more funny than Yahtzee.

A surprising jab at Gametrailers and Spike here. Do I detect a tinge of envy? Also, the thing did run for a bit too long, particularly in the typically fast-paced show.

hahaha the last line is incredible. Just love the

"I'm doing cocaine with prostitutes"

"Ronald prositutes?"

"Yeah.. blah blah blah

... Then we all have sex for money".

With Stickers!

God that was just hilarious. And great choice for game of the year.

Apparently, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force actually exists.

I must have this game!

I have to say, that was the best one yet. The dialogue during the credits was hilarious.

I was there when Diablo II was first released! You young whippersnappers and your new-fangled my day we could barely make out what the character looked like and we would be thankful!






I'm 16 and I hardly ever think an FPS is The best of its year. It's like L4D2 getting nominated, that's ridiculous. Uncharted 2 is just the same game as last time but with pretty graphics. CoDMW2 is the same game as last time with more overpowered guns and a terrible campaign.

I never said I thought MW2 would be game of the year. Infact, I said it was just as bad as Uncharted 2, if your saying that I said MW2 deserved game of the year, which I did'nt say.

I also said your more high brow than the people who voted on the VGA's, meaning, that you had better taste than they do, and that you should'nt take the Spike TV VGA's seriously, because it's for douche bags.

I'm just saying that I think MW2 is pretty awful in comparison to the other GotY nominees. I don't take them seriously but when people use them against you to say that the game that I didn't buy is better than what I have, that takes the cake.

Are you saying I did that, or the VGA's?

People I know do that. Saying Borderlands and DA:O are rubbish in comparison to CoDMW2 and such.

Cthulu appreciates the PPLLLLUUUUUGGG...

- sorry, posting that automatically made me seem annoying. Modern Warfare was actually genuinely, very disappointing and bland...

lol.. stickers..
and ending quotes were fun as hell xp..
good ep..

Even knowing it's satire, this almost made me want to play Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Almost.


I didn't know you could get away with half of those references. That show was awesome!

Eric the Orange:
Everything is better with stickers.

Too right.

Also, the extended joke over the credits was well-done. "That's why we have to pick them up." Clever!

That Ryan Quickbender fellow is both talented and handsome....



Wow that was probably the best ENN to date. The whole last segment of GOTY had my eyes tearing up from laughing so hard. And then the shot at the VGAs was the cherry on top.

Kathleen De Veere, I wish you'd have sex with me for money.

Hookers and blow XD

"and then we all have sex for money"
Best finisher on a joke yet.

The ending banter put me to tears! Well done :D

That bit at the end with the saying "Merry...December apparently" was completely priceless. Even ENN can't say Christmas anymore, it seems.

Why does it look like Kathleen De Vere has a black right (her right) eye?

That was better than average episode imo, good job!

also nice VGA dig.

OT: great episode, i really must pick up club penguin, i actually think it will be an great gift for my brother, thank you ENN.[/quote]

I have to agree and say it would be good for my brother. Who is 22 and only plays shooters >:D

Great episode, I didn't realize Club Penguin was actually a game, must check that out. Also actually exists 0.0 I don't know what to say about that lol

That Ryan Quickbender fellow is both talented and handsome....



I see what you did there!

Yes. Yes he is.

That Ryan Quickbender fellow is both talented and handsome....



I dunno. I've met him in person, and his facial structure, while it bears a certain sense of appealing familiarity, doesn't really do it for me.

Glad everyone liked this episode! Can't wait for more in the new year.

These are getting better. Of course the credit roll chat was the best.

the mocking of mainstream review sites made me lol.(especially since all the mainstream games get an automatic 10.)

99 Peripherals but a Wii ain't one. Great Jay-Z reference.

Also, Kathleen is extremely attractive, and I would wine and dine her without hesitation... just putting that out there.

Of Course next year will be better!!

A full year of ENN, instead of a couple of months.

Keep going guys + Kathleen.... and Jeremy Petter.

O god, you guys just trashed the Bonus Round. :p and here I thought no one watched that show.

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