Escapist News Network: Year in Review 2009

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Who else ACTUALLY went to Club Penguin Elite Force's Gamespot and/or IGN page after seeing this? lol

Is that a black eye on Kathleen?

I am genuinely concerned.

"Then we all have sex for money". Priceless.

ah what a year

and i got a giggle out of the name Ryan Quickbender!





Nice shot at the VGA at the end, it was a nice and funny suprise.

Even more so than the fact that the people who voted in the VGA's chose the most uninspired, bland, most low brow, and medicore game as their game of the year?

By that I'm guessing MW2 won? I missed it because I was too busy flipping between the VGA's, NFL Network, and Cops.

No. Uncharted 2. MW2 was also bland and uninspiring, but apparently they went with the one with the prettier graphics.

That is so bullshit. Dragon Age should've won, in my opinion.

Aye, TBH MW2 is Good, but nothing special. Its a bland Run-and-Gun shooter with some gun customization to spice it up and thats about it. Uncharted 2 was probably better than MW2, but I wouldnt know because im an xbox owner, so I was busy playing everything else. At once. So In my opinion, Dragon Age was actually probably the best game I played this year, though I didnt get that stuck in I saw how great it was. Its very long, and very well put together, with a good story, immersive world and well, great everything.

You [email protected]#$*** Jerks!

Don't mess with me I really thought a new patch was released for Diablo 2 so I panicked for a while since I don't know where my Diablo cds are.

I only watched this now, good stuff.

They were right, though. The penguin-game is probably a better video game than the majority of other games released this year.

I loved the ending where they voted Penguin Club the game of the year HAHA I must say tho it deserves it just as much as any other game that came out this year.. Assasins creed eh just a failed version of PoP.. MW2 WAW and all the other COD games after COD: 2 eh whats new just another shot EVERYTHING THAT MOVES there a dime a dozen.. Only thing they did was make it pretier.. Uncharted.. 1 was OK i suppose but 2 was boring as crap.. At least to me.. Felt like i was playing the exact same game with minor tweaks.. All the other less budget games WHO CARES? No one pays attention to them anyway.. No one cares about good games anymore.. Its just bad to mediocre games THATS THE WAY TO GO! Follow Halos example there our guideline!

i think i know where club penguin elite penguin force comes from: i played it a few years back in middle school, it's a mmo for kids where all you do is run around, play minigames, and buy stuff for your house and clothes for your penguin. the thing i think elite penguin force worked off of though is if you had your account for at least a month you could become a secret agent. as a secret agent, you could do missions which were basically just point and click puzzles. i think thats what elite force worked on.

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