Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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cant believe i stayed awake an extra 20 min just for that

"You know when you're addicted when..."

enjoy your summer holidays, I will enjoying mine soon (also summer holidays)

Aww crap. Ah well. Merry...umm...merry Holidays Yahtzee?


Actually, this one is excusable, since he's never missed an uypdate before.

Yea, I'll let it go.

I'm sad, and he has missed updates before.

But my family sucks! ZP is my only escape from those rednecks. /sarcasm

But seriously, is there really a game worth reviewing left this year? He deserves this after about 56 weeks of reviews in a row.

I laughed, then kept pressing refresh hoping for the "real" ZP of the week. pretty funny though.

i do live in florida though, so my weather is quite wonderful.

Do we get a 2009 ZP awards?


Man this was the only thing I have been looking forward too...

this sucks ass.

Way to make my day worse!

Well some of us have REAL jobs and need to work until the last possible minute prior to x-mas. Now the one thing I looked forward to this week is gone GONE I SAY. Okay I lied, today is my last day of the week, and we'll probably get to leave early.

I can't say I'm not a little disappointed ;D

but Merry Christmas!

Damn, man, I was kinda expecting a new review, since I noticed it's Wednesday this morning... So I hope Yahtzee gets sunburned....

Lol... Looking forward to ZP today, but whatever, still awesome :D

Hehehe... you crushed my anticipation while still making me laugh bravo.

Enjoy your holiday vacation.

I haven't laughed this hard in so long. And yes, I love my northern hemisphere.

Easily the best Zero Punctuation so far.

Well, atleast it's snowing this year:D

Enjoy your Holiday away from messing around with Movie Maker and playing video games....wait video games are a huge form of recreation on Holidays what's a professional gamer going to do to unwind, get an office temp position?

Northern weather? What the monsoon yesterday or the temperate weather of today?

Anyway, enjoy the break.

Great now I have to make conversation with my girlfriend...........

Merry Christmas Yahtzee.

I just died a little inside.

Sorry Yahtzee, the 00:24 in the bottom right corner gave the game away as soon as I hit play. Still, it was funny. I enjoyed this better than I would have enjoyed a stinky "joke retrospective".

lol! win! have fun yahtzee!

Bravo good sir, bravo.

edit: Oh and tell me when you have a beautiful white Christmas like we do up here in Kansas City.

lol, aint laughed at a zp that much in aaages.
i too have a week off and will be spending that time with more games


Did that just happen?

Well done, sir.

I resent my family all year round.

I am amused.

Funniest ZP in a while. :)

Damn you sir. You got me. Sucks that it snows in June where i'm at. So there isn't really much of a summer for me to look forward to =P.

Argh! i was waiting all damn week for for ZP and now he pisses in our face :-D Well have a nice holiday and you better have a double episode next week!


*cannibalizes himself*


*falls into a narcoleptic coma*

OT: Merry errm.. Christmas in Summer? Well anyway you certainly earned it. Lord knows I've earned another probation for this post. Fuck it, I'm gonna post it anyway. Cya next year, hopefully with a verbal assassination of Rogue Warrior for us. ^-^

It's a good thing I don't look forwards to ZP anymore. Though It used to give wednesdays a meaning.
Anyway. It was a good chuckle.

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