Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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a bit pointless tbh

Yeah, I'm actually enjoying the snow here you smarmy douche-nozzle. Still, I can't blame you one bit. Enjoy the holidays Yahtzee.

Yahtzee Croshaw:
Holiday 2009

This week, Yahtzee takes a look at Holiday 2009.

Watch Video

MERRY CHRISTMAS you silly man.
Enjoy that hot sticky weather.
Ill be down here with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a woman.

When I first saw that it was 24 seconds long I reloaded my page twice cause I thought something had gone wrong loading the page.

Up here in Canada we have plenty of snow. We have water just piling up everywhere, better than the surface of Mars Australia has been the last half year or so. :P


At first I was like "The fuck?"
Then I was like "Oh wow."

Nice video Yahtzee. Made me laugh.

God damn it! lol

Have fun Yahtzee!

wow that was bad he killed my day too happy summer vacations

Ha. (low content, i think so. Neccessary? Completely)

Yeah, holiday. Because you had 2 days to prepare the ZP.

Why did he bother to post it at all?


cant believe i stayed awake an extra 20 min just for that

"You know when you're addicted when..."

And you know you're addicted to forums when you stay up even longer to post to the forum that you stayed up for that.

Kinda funny. I'm home sick from work with the flu and think "Oh, hey, for once I can see ZP when it's posted." and then this happens. Made me laugh though, so good show Yahtzee.

Anyway, happy summer and/or winter holidays everyone!

haha xD i want summer!

Me 2 xD

OT: have a happy Summer break Yahtzee! and may all your dreams come true :P

Wow... I actually COULD have commented within a minute of the video being posted, and not be accused of place-hopping this time.

Damn I was looking forward to a Yahtzee review. Ah well least the AVGN has one coming tonight or tomorrow. I GUESS HE'S JUST MORE DEDICATED AND PROFESSIONAL THAN YAHTZEE.

Nah just kidding, have a nice holiday.

LOL, I'd watch his scornful antics everyweek, and THEN THIS!!!

....Only joking, i giggled when he said "Oh WTF are you doing here?"

who needs a fucking vacation from playing videogames? not all people have vacations, at least he could have made a video anticipatedly to post it today.

Thanks Yahtzee, have a good holiday and make up for this by doing a killer next week video.

This Zero Punctuation was compelling.

gotta love him.

Pretty damn hilarious, Yahtzee. But truth be told, i even forgot there was gonna be ZP today, soooo... yeah.

One of the best viral "SCREW YOU" I've ever encountered.
Good show.

So i think it's official, this is the best review ever

OT: Enjoy your holidays yahtzee

Its ten degrees fahrenheit here, fuck you Yahtzee you Australian bastard.

Oh darn it.

No snow, just gale winds and very cold weather.
Still sunny, though!
SoCal is doing its thing again...

That was... unexpected. Well, have a good holiday anyhow, Yahtzee, just be glad you live where it's warm, it's like 20 degrees out where I live...

Proving, once again, how very inane he is.

Oh, boy! i sure hope he reviews something worht while!

"watches video"


"crys in a corner"

Anyway, happy summer (winter?) vacation yahtzee, youve earned it!

Oh Yahtzee, you card.

Well... damn.

And a very merry christmas to you too! /sigh

Ah well it would have either been something like this or another year in review that you did last year. Hopeing for a ZP game of the year episode on 30th december but doubt it will come sadly :(

And yes the entire northernmost hemisphere is covered in snow at the moment while you can have a summer vacation

Happy Holiday's Yahtzee! Hope you enjoy your vacation!

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