Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2009

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Well that was unexpected.

Oh well, 'Tis the season.

lame :\

BALLS. Oh well, next week.

Did anyone else expect something to pop up at the end? Even though it stopped playing...

Why yes i did. Anyway enjoy your holiday Benjamin. Yes Mr. Benjamin Richard Croshaw. Feel the pain bwa ha ha ha! Looking forward to see the Hilent Sill Mattered Shemeories and The Sabotuer review nudge nudge, wink wink.... I should get my pills now.

Okay, see ya later. Not that he reads these.

Man, even when he's on holiday, he still makes me laugh. Merry Christmas, Yahtzee.

Well that kicked me in the balls. You could almost hear him packing his bags as he was talking.

Did anyone else play it a second time, to see if anything else changed?

HAHA, enjoy your SUMMER holiday dude!


Haha, that was awsome. Enjoy the holidays sir!

I actually laughed and said "What a dick".

Have fun be safe.

Best video yet!:P

Oh well. Everyone deserves a vacation. Enjoy yours, Yahtzee.

Lol, didn't even bother to have credits. Have fun, man.

lol, we all got trolled.

Have a nice trip yahtzee

nice video,
althourgh it made me dead from the inside.

No zero punctuation today??!!!

*starts to cry in a corner*

"why Yatzheee why????"

Because he has a life ;)

Did they have to wait until the usual time to upload this?

Good review but it was a bit too long for my liking. Seriously, have a good holiday. You deserve it.

Damn you Yahtzee! You shouldn't be able to enjoy yourself! You are our slave, making funny videos for us as we sit in our Greek Emperor's chair, eating grapes off the vine as you tangle with film and editing! You don't get a break!

Oh well, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
(HA! Hanukahs over so now I can say Merry Christmas! Die political correctness, DIE!)

Happy Chinese food and movie day to all, and to all a good night!

Did anyone else play it a second time, to see if anything else changed?

i did, i can't belieavce there is no episode this week.

enjoy your vication Yatzhee

Ahh, that was funny, I don't even mind that I was just Yahtzee-rickrolled. Oh and since you asked, yes the northern hemisphere is quite lovely this time of year (incidently my favorite colors are white and grey.)



Actually, this one is excusable, since he's never missed an uypdate before.

Yea, I'll let it go.

I'm sad, and he has missed updates before.

I never remember him missing an update. I've only been watching since the GHIII Vid though.

Merry Christmas Yahtzee. Enjoy your beautiful weather while I'm frezzing my ass off in this snow.

Yahtzee just pwned us all.. I'm gonna go watch it again.

Enjoy the holiday Yahtzee, you sly bastard

Watch out for the brushfires.

Feh. Enjoy your sunny holiday, I'll enjoy my ... my ... shut up. It's too damned cold. :(

actually, yes, the weather is working out just fine up here. cause i get to enjoy my presents without sweating bullets. happy holidays, yahtzee. hope you return from holiday with some decent games to play.

Funniest one yet. That amused me greatly. Appeals to my assholeish sense of humour.

Well I do hope your back on the 30th for New years eve (2009 awards?)

And just for the record, why does yahtzee deservere a holliday after spending a year doing nothing except playing computer games and making flash movies.... Damn I wish I had a job like that....

Happy Holidays, Ben-Ben!
Video didn't throw me. I had read a comment or two before loading it.

That must have been the biggest slap in the face I have ever experienced on the internet.

Merry Christmas Yatzee.

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