LoadingReadyRun: iPotato

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As soon as poutine was mentioned I started craving it...

Good job LRR can't wait for next week

"This is more potato!"
Hooray for Apple ridicule.
Nah, I'm joking.
Great sketch, as always.

Thank you, guys and lady. I have been enjoying LoadingReadyRun. Keep up the good work. My toilet paper jokes please.

lmao. Very nice sketch on the iPad release...heh, hilarious

Good work all!

That was good.

Wasn't my favorite, but it was good.


I'm hungry now, DAMN YOU!

Hahaha, awesome episode! When next week can we get our hands on a ipotato? ;P

Awesome! What is the retail price?

that wink at the end is going to haunt my dreams. well done.

Didn't we have enough iSomething jokes on the internet by now? I'm surprised at LRR's unoriginality with this one. The only part which amused me was the interview bit after the credits.

I loved the "that's not really a market space we're interested in" part! The video was definitely better than the actual Apple presentation.

since when is a potato a legume?

I too, admit that I have enough botany knowledge to notice this mistake.

"The crossroads of Technology and Liberal Arts.." That was funny!

Great job again guys!

All jokes aside, I would be willing to have a potatoe-recipe site and larger potatoes, because that would REALLY cut down on the food bills in university AND have lots of delicious new recipies each day!

LRR may have stumbled upon a revolution in starch-based tuborisms!

Wow! It's 4% bigger than a regular potato! Must haz now!

But will it function in scenic Tenudo?


Wow, great new interpretations of the classic "standing almost out of shot, staring slightly upwards" role by Paul and James!

Oh, and I suppose the sketch was funny, too.

Wait.. James? Where'd he come from? It was Paul, Tim and Kathleen o.o

James (in Kathleen's shots) and Paul (in Tim's shots) were the ones just standing there providing the illusion of a crowd.

Oh, Apple. I think they could actually sell anything by tacking an "i" in front of it. Say for example, an iPanzerfaust! The ultimate in pointless consumerism! At a hefty cost, it comes with built-in iPod and Internet access, yet it has to be discarderd after one shot.

i Want one. :D
I'm so, so, SO sorry for that.

The worst part is that's exactly what Apple is like. I feel ashamed to be an Apple user now.

If you added that wink to the end of anything, I'm pretty sure you have a marketable product on your hands.

this episode had the material enough for two satires against the Ipad and probably would have worked better that way.

That was, well it was awesome.

Potatoes are in fact tubers and not legumes, however I believe the iPotato transcends such arbitrary nomenclature. Much like the iPhone isn't actually a phone but is in fact everything except a phone, with the option to buy an app that allows such functionality.

ahh the intro/outro theme is really growing on me :D.. anyone know the author name?..
and loved the episode xP.. ENN was about iPhonemenon LRR was iPotato can't wait to find whats the UnSkip be about harhar..

If someone can FIND the author's name, that would be fantastic. It is an unattributed chiptune.

Also, to head the question off at the pass: Poutine is fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.

Further: I'm not sure if the "Legume" thing was just a mistake, or if it was part of the joke (Redefining the potato!). I'll go with the second, because that makes me laugh.

Apple Up! Gateway Down! This proves we are great!

The delivery is absolutely brilliant... Especially when she accuses him of lying. It's so... Businesslike.

I love this! Paul did a great job with the script. FYI, our videos go live on Monday morning, but our deadline is Friday, so this was written, filmed and had all the special effects done between Wed and Fri!

No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame.

Does the ipotato come with a wall cooker or will it just have a usb cooker and we will have to buy the wall cooker seperatly

Edit: and I'm assuming the ipotato wont support flash.

You forgot to mention how much more expensive it is than a regular potato!

It's an equation liberal arts majors came up with, like all other Apple products.

4% larger = 400% more expensive.


(Nice work, guys.)

Ah, I see. It was the conversion into a legume that got them that extra 4%.

Someone was doing SCIENCE in here!

"Over 3.9% larger than a normal potato."

And the bit about liberal arts majors failing math was funny, too.

oh man i can't wait for the iPotato nano!

sorry, but I didn't enjoy this episode, just didn't have the LLR "feel" to me.

I like potatoes, but I don't like corporate potatoes.
I like my potatoes straight from my gf's family farm.
Straight from the 100% organic and nutritious soil that made them.
With the actual dirt that held them in it's motherly womb still gripping them as I drop the potatoes into my sink to wash and peal.

I think that was silly, and deserved more than a brutal trashing.

funny joke 4 minutes too long I thought

I'll take eight!

Also I noticed Paul's beard kajigger in "Just Drive"

Dammit, now I really want a baked potato.

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