Zero Punctuation: Dark Void

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YYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! Yahtsee also thinks Dark Void is shite!! :D Oh joy!

Never play the will make your brain fold up into origami shaped like a very pissed off person who's jumping up and down onto his controller.


Thanks yahtzee, you saved me 60 bucks once more :)

"It's down, then up, then down again, like an alzheimer's patient on a stairlift."

A great closing line, as always.

Went all out with the metaphors this episode, eh Yahtzee?

Huh, and here's me expecting Dante's Inferno would be up this week...
Also, I really don't think Too Human is the worst game he's reviewed. He's given other games a MUCH bigger thrashing, in my opinion. Interesting...

wow a Yahtzee used a lot of metaphors and jokes in this review. Great to see that

they should change its name from "Dark Void" to "Ass void"


Wide-screen review? I think so!

Pretty awesome, I was thoroughly ready for this game to be completely terrible, but at least now I know there's some small good part in it I may rent

brilliant review. Though have you noticed recently main characters in a lot of games are all starting to sound suspiciously like Nathan Drake lately?

Nolan North does the voice of everyone in gaming, apart from Solid Snake of MGS fame and Bender of Gears of War fame!

absolutely epic... it makes me want to purchase this game...then bitch to all my friends about it...then use it as a lightning flavored shuriken because... well what else is a ps3 game for when you noticably lack a ps3 to play it on! XD

Why do people insist on posting when they're obviously going to get banned?

Anyway, great review - I loved the 'Inspiration-o-Meter.' :)


"Alzheimer's patient on a stair lift." Brilliant.

Pure genius!

I remember thinking that the demo was too damn short but I guess that makes it an accurate representation of the final game.

Excellent review

was hoping you'd rip Dante's Inferno a new one, but still hysterical XD

It's funny, I tried the demo, and I got a feeling that this was exactly how it would turn out... maybe I'm psychic... (or maybe I just have common sense)
Funny review though.

Hes had alot of will smith references lately and as for the ispiration meter bit....It was over 9000!

I may rent this now. The jetpacks sound all right, and the rest of the game sounds shite, but we all love to play games that are so bad it's good, am I right?

Apologies for the hrrible rhyme. Completely unintentional.

Inspiration-O-Meter... hee.

Why didn't someone on the planning committee realize "Wait! The jetpack is the cool, innovative, fun thing about the game? Make the game about THAT! Ditch the story, forget trying to be Uncharted, just give the player a jetpack and have them fly around shooting crap at a whim! Like Grand Theft Auto but in three dimensions!"

I guess that would require a moment's thought, huh.

Man I played the demo for this, the flying around and killing things was hard at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was fun as hell! The indoor parts added to the overall depth of the game, but I couldn't help but find them a little overshadowed for some reason...

I had a lot of laughs with this episode! It was a nice refreshing jolt, considering that the past 2 episodes weren't as good in my opinion.

Then again, I was never a big fan of combo-bashing fighting games, so I think that might have hindered my interest a little bit, on the other hand, I was able to play part of the 2 games in his previous episodes so I had a pretty good understanding of what he was talking about.

The Inspiration-o Meter just added to the funniness.

From what I can see, it's a good game, it just fails at some key points, and I can forgive that surprisingly.

I think if I had money, I would probably buy this game, but I don't, which makes me sad.

Anyway, it looks like fun to pick up as a preowned game in the bargain bin in a couple of months, so I'll keep my eye out.

we need more jetpacks in video games! lol global agenda's jetpacks look good actually...

Have ragdoll physics ever not been fun? There's just something hilarious about seeing a guy spin through the air like a pinwheel in a strong breeze after jumping off a ledge and getting sniper-bulleted in the side of the head.

OMG, Yahtzee was on a roll with the analogies towards the end of the review. My faves were the "glimpse of something beautiful" bits. Scurvy! HA!!! :D

Wait, but if the character is a lemon then shouldn't that have prevented the scurvy?

Haha. The jet pack didn't cause the inspiration o-meter to go off?

Ever heard of the Rocketeer? It's not a game but still.
Seems like a good game to rent then with the flying mechanics and all. Good to experiment a bit with.

Huh... Yahtzee gives arguably the most positive review I've seen of this game. That's a first.

Sounds like it could be a laugh. Jet packs are always cool

Nice idea with the "inspiration-o-meter"... though I think you missed one with the jet-pack... there have been other games that used jet-packs before this one... like say that one James Bond game (never played a James Bond game, so I can't say for sure which one) and of course, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (you played as Jango Fett... admittedly, the jet-pack didn't so much grant you freedom as it did give you a rocket boosty up ledges and across chasms... though it could be used effectively indoors to dodge enemy fire.).

Good review though.

That was nasty. Very good.

pretty good yahtzee, shame that the game was way to short, i've seen other games like that, and when are you going to review mass effect 2 if at all?

While I can't speak in officially for Yahtzee I can say that he lives in Austraila, and it takes FOREVER for a game to get there, so maybe in about four months, after the australian government has beaten all the blood and sex out of it.

enjoyed the review

i'm still considering getting this game though, as he did say it was enjoyable at certain points, which is a hell of a lot better than many other games out there at the moment

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed when I saw Dark Void instead of Mass Effect 2.

The review itself made up for it.

I like Dark Void, but I haven't finished it yet so will reserve judgement for the ending

Thanks for the heads up. I hate short games.

Good job. Bioshock 2 comes out on the 9th so that'll be very interesting for me since I liked the first one so much.

Yeah...I wasn't too hot on Dark Void, and now I know I won't play it at all. Jetpacks sound fun AWESOME though.

so lose to my thoughts, needed one correction.

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