Game Dogs: Episode 10: E3

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That was terrifying, it made me cry. I'm going to go curl up in a ball in tho corner.

Why does everyone keep saying they're pandering to furries?

Y'know, the avatar really gives you away. Those on the outside see it RATHER differently.

I have to say, after a mediocre run which pales in comparison to Doraleous and Co. you hit the Zenith of your humor with "Cardiac arrest, Cardiac on parole, and Cardiac becoming a productive member of society" (I'm cracking a smile just remembering). And immediately afterward you throw it all right out the window with an overly long gag and some sort of trans joke. Just, wow...

The only funny thing was Pedobear. We are not amused.

pedo bear FTW


Why does everyone keep saying they're pandering to furries?

Y'know, the avatar really gives you away. Those on the outside see it RATHER differently.

You know, I'm not stupid, I can tell what panders to furries. I really don't feel like this is it. This is like one of those cartoons that ended up MAKING furries. You know, the innocuous kind where they use anthropomorphic characters because it seems like good marketing, but then certain people respond to it rather... uniquely.

Seriously, these all just seem like run-down animal jokes, not FURRY jokes. Although maybe people just think and hear what they want.

best episode yet, very good all round. I knew a good episode would come. the game trailer was funny, the arse-sniffing was funny. Good stuff

god this show sucks... but I think that was what they were aiming for.

Now THIS is how you should make this show. Parody Game development and use common Dog behaviour for comic relieve.

Best episode yet and it got me interested again.

Though what is with Nerd dog (forgot his name, it's been 9 mediocre episodes cut me some slack) and his hands. He keeps putting his middle... finger against his palms. Either he really likes metal or you should work on another hand animation.

How long can you drag an unfunny joke.

This E3 episode could have been funny. It wasn't. One joke dragged on like something "Family Guy" would have cut short, the dialog at the beginning didn't seem like it was anything but a script, and, really, an alcoholic dog is nothing to laugh at. The saving grace was just at the end and the "two girls one cup" reaction Bob has.

Oh noes! PEDOBEAR :'(

Definitely the best episode so far, keep up the good work

Wow... that got so awkward I nearly had to fast-forward... the cuts between the expressions was hilarious.

And damn! Silence of the Lambs for the win XD

Anyone else noticed Pedobear in the demo? :P

ed: Ninja'd

The whole sniffing thing made me feel so uncomfortable, that I curled up my fingers into a fist and grimaced

If I could have spoken, I would have said 'eaaargh'

I am missing Gary's sensative side a little though

What did I just watch?

It's as if the last nine episodes built up to this glorious episode. This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. The booth bitch, the sniffing that goes on too long and then long enough to become funny again, and then the "do you want to hump me?" Kudos to Game Dogs!

Fantastic episode!
Seriously, I cracked up heaps!

Anyone else notice that Bethany was missing in this ep?


Anyone else notice that Bethany was missing in this ep?

Somebody has to hold down the fort at Electro. :)

Ummm... okay. I watched this just out of curiosity, and i'm going to stop now. Sorry, it just isn't funny, is more.... disturbing...

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. I'm watching this episode and all this time I'm shaking my head. You've all but come out and flat out tell us that it takes place in the 80's. The 80's references are all over the place, the computer is one from the 80's, the PREMISE ITSELF (a tax software company shoehorns game-making into their repertoire) is something out of the 80's, specifically based in one of the major factors that caused the crash. AXL ROMA! THAT TV AT THEIR BOOTH WITH THE RABBIT EARS ON TOP!! 1980'S!!!

Yet here they are at E³. E³ was first held in 1995, not the 80's. That was CES.

It doesn't bother me so much that they're at E³ (everyone has episodes like this if it's a videogame show) as it does how you can run a site dedicated to video games and screw this piece of VG history up so badly. You could have slapped CES over the same episode and not change anything else and it would have worked out just fine. Yes, I understand that you're aiming for the teens that are idiotic towards this kind of thing but it's insulting to the people who actually know the past of videogames. If you MUST hold it at an E³-like expo, please just make one up or overblow CES (that last one isn't hard). This virtually ruined the episode for me.

Oh, and the rest of the episode...yeah. It was perfectly fine otherwise up until the butt-sniffing part, then a large man with LAZINESS spelled out in big letters with a marker on his shirt broke my door down, plopped down on my couch and started eating all of my chips. After the butt-sniffing started, it wasn't really funny anymore and screamed "WE HAD A DEADLINE TO MEET SO HERE'S A RUSHJOB ENDING HAHA IT'S FUNNY GET IT" to me. The entire ending after that point was like that, but most especially the butt-sniffing part. That was what, a few minutes to cut/pan the camera and move Yee a few pixels up and down every few moments? I'd expect that from NG or YouTube, not The Escapist. (maybe I should start?...)

There were alot of things wrong with this episode. It would have been good if it wasn't for those issues that I listed up there and won't list again.

It's been a good run so far, though. Ever since the show picked itself up from those terrible first few eps it's been pretty good.

@[email protected]


Naw, it was awkward, but funny, in an awkward way. God, it was so hilariously wrong on so many freaking levels :P

Wait what, that was actually good and funny. Maybe I should start watching again. Good job guys, knew you could do it!

Nerf Ninja:
So now you're actively targetting the weird furries?

You really know how to run a joke into the ground don't you.

the weirder the better.

I tuned out of this show after episode 5 but thought I would give it another chance. I don't think I'll be making that mistake again.

Oh lawdy, was that some Pedobear I just saw?

I understand Kimosaber's point about the history of video games, and perhaps they could've made up their own expo that's exactly like the E3 just to stay more consistent to the time period, but...honestly, with fiction you reserve the right to warp things somewhat as you please to suit your story...if they want that to have been held earlier in time, then there's surely no reason you can't accept that slight difference in their universe (especially considering it's a universe in which anthro dogs apparently replace humans, and where there are bound to be SOME differences anyway..)

Jon Etheridge:
Mr. Yee sniffing the booth bitches' ass had me crying. Good one guys.

Wouldn't you have written that, though?


Jon Etheridge:
Mr. Yee sniffing the booth bitches' ass had me crying. Good one guys.

Wouldn't you have written that, though?

Nope. Russ Pitts writes this show. I just provide the voice of Gary and Chet.

I help write Doraleous and Associates and Apocalypse Lane.

"Furpocalypse Now" indeed

Mmmm. i like the booth bitch. My gaydar went through the roof when i saw him at first.

At the end I noticed bob had the red swingline stapler from Office space.

Ehe, okaaaay? ^^

there it is.
this is the episode that makes this series unforgiveable.
pedobear? are you shitting me?
i'm not quite sure how to take that; you're either terrible people for knowing about pedobear, or you're terrible people for using something that kind of messed up without knowing what it is

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