Game Dogs: Episode 10: E3

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I saw pedobear in hell!

And, erm, that part after the credits, nvm.

*edit: srry for kinda necroing it, forgot that I was watching old episodes to catch up.

Well, that was certainly a, um, awkward episode. xD

I don't understand how anyone found this funny; awful overdone dog joke, gay joke then add pop-culture references to taste? I don't see how this is popular.

My favourite part was pedobear, creeping around in hell

Wow Yee sniffing the booth bitch was hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Only took 9 episodes for a dog-butt sniff... ha! But it's getting better. I still love the theme music.

Wouldn't Mr. Yee know it's a cross-dresser.

Alright they are dogs, so they should know the scent of female or male. I suppose you could argue that he's far too drunk to know or care, but still... scent is one of those "obvious" things that would be in a dog's very blood, much like a five o'clock shadow is (with VERY FEW exceptions) a male trait.

I don't think I could ever be drunk enough to not notice a 5 o'clock shadow and think "hey that girl's pretty".

So I'm just criticizing constructively.

Best Disclaimer ever lol
Also im sure 4chan love's to see Pedobear frozen in ice lol

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