It's Time To Forgive George Lucas

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It's not that I hate George Lucas, I just think his creative vision is better left to be interpreted by other people. No hate, he was involved in my three favorite movies, so I'll always love him even if he is responsible for some not so great decisions.

Realistically, was it ever his fault? There was so much hype surrounding the Star Wars prequels that it got Molyneux-ed. I happen to quite like the prequels, and have never seen anything wrong with them. Ever. OK, maybe lil' Ani's voice was a tad annoying, but come on, it's not Lucas' fault if we expected films made 20 years after the originals to be exactly the same...

I can forgive lucas for he prequals, they were not well written by any means, My friends and I still qoute the second one mockingly all the time, I thougth the first and third were actually decnent movies, the second was almost unforgivable. Maybe its becuase the prequals were released while i was still new to eh series so there is less hate. HOWEVER indiana jones had enough time to become nostaglic in my mind when they released the 4th, AND I WILL NEVER FORGIVE ANYBODY INVOLVED WITH THAT MOVIE AS LONG AS I LIVE YOU CANT MAKE ME, I AM CHINA BITCHES. err sorry about that last bit maybe it was my growing hate for shia lebouf, or maybe it was the refrigerator(dont pretend you dont know what im talking about), perhaps it was the lack of nazis, or the abundance of F*ING aliens, but I can never forgive, I can move on but I cant forgive that atrocity.

See, I'm the opposite. I never really understood why people seemed to hate Indy 4 so much; I thought it was fun. Maybe not the paragon of movie brilliance, but still a lot of fun. And since ancient astronaut theory is something that fascinates me, I didn't have a problem with it.

The Star Wars prequel trilogy, though, makes me want to punch small furry things. The first one I enjoy, and will always enjoy, mostly owing to the fact that it has Liam Neeson and Jar Jar Binks didn't bother me as much as he seemed to bother other people. (I also liked Jake Lloyd, which seems to be heresy in most circles.) But the second and third movies are not something I can really forgive - though most of that is the fault of Hayden C. and not necessarily George Lucas. Though he could have helped avoid some of that terrible writing ("'re breaking my heart!") and might have bothered to read his own novels (the RotJ novel now has several incongruities thanks to the Prequels that no amount of frantic retconning can fix) but I suppose that it's hard to see and manage your own faults when everyone else tells you how eternally awesome you are.

Had someone ELSE played Anakin Skywalker, I might have been able to handle the prequels with a little less rage. Alas, they were not, and I was only able to manage them because there were a few decent actors (read: Ewan McGregor) and lots of pretty lightsaber fights.

I'm a little late to the party not checking the escapist news for a couple days, but I'm here now.

I liked the prequel trilogy. No, I didn't like Jar Jar Binks or the Gungans in general, but I thought the movies were overall pretty good. I liked that the added effects gave a viseral feel to the lightsaber duels, I enjoyed seeing armies of clones and droids duking it out on other planets, to say nothing of the truely massive space battles. And now that it's continuing with the Clone Wars cartoon series, I'm glad to see more of the canon star wars universe being fleshed out. He's filling in the space between the new and old trilogy, and part of me hopes that after we've gone from start to finish that he'll continue on to the new republic era. Of course, Lucas has, to the best of my knowledge, denounced that star wars even exists after the last movie, but it could happen.

As much credit that I give George Lucas for the hell he went through making "A New Hope", I am even more grateful over the fact that he barely influenced the two sequels (he did some things in "Return of the Jedi" but that seemed minimal to me). Because if he would have given it as much attention as he did with the first movie we would have been given a very different, worse off trilogy.

Basically, he didn't know what he was doing. In a business sense he at least appears brilliant, but when creating a compelling, immersive story he clearly lacked expertise (and still does today). A New Hope worked because it was kept as simple and focused as possible, and the two following movies worked because he let over the reins to much more experienced people.

Clearly, his interests shifted from making movies to simply advertise merchandise after the original trilogy. Since he stopped caring about making a coherent and engaging experience, I stopped caring as well.

With the Theatrical version of the original trilogy having a place of honor on my shelves, I am more than content.

George Lucas forced Obsidian to release KOTOR II early with an unfinished ending which was supposed to add the idea of more morality than black and white to the Force, and then specifically had Drew Karpyshan retcon any complex morality from the Exile's adventures in Revan for the release of the TOR MMO.

Fuck George Lucas.

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