Zero Punctuation: Just Cause 2

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Wow, this game slipped completely under my radar... Not like I would have been interested in it had I heard of it, but was this supposed to be a big release? Most of the big releases I've heard of.

You are too hard to please and no I will not shut my fucking mouth. Still you make me laugh, so carry on.

What is it with Yathzee and cats? Sure he acknowledged it, but still, that's a lot of fucking cats!

I loved the Stronghold reference, 2001 was a good year.

"Your virginity for puns is obvious. Why would you steal a passenger jet and fly directly at a bum hole of some lady prostitute? JUST CAUSE!"

That was the most purest gold I have ever heard!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

Didn't think I'd ever see the day where Yatzhee actually succeeded where every other person in the universe has failed, and offended me, but the Columbine joke brought that one about.

Regardless, good review all in all.

"Some might say that's enough. Some might say I'm too hard to please. But some can shut their fucking mouths"

Most awesome line ever uttered.

lol so funny

Hilarious as always, but why is a pure, story-lite sandbox fine in Prototype but not good enough for Yahtzee in Just Cause 2?

Why?? Just 'cause!


I wonder, didn't Yahtzee praise Saint's Row 2 for the same batshit insanity fun that Just Cause 2 provides (which is arguably more)? Or did Saint's Row 2 also have a better story/characters (that is more amusing and ridiculous in a good way developed in a good way).

This sounds awesome.

Also, I'm a cat loving bass player (seriously!)

Haven't laughed this much at ZP in a while. Not as much genre analysis as usual, but I suppose it wouldn't have been worth it.

its funny because that was a good review

This has to be one of the better Zero Punctuations I have seen in a very long time. The ending is especially memorable

"Some might say thats enough some might say that I'm too hard too please but some can shut their f^$^&*g mouths".

Priceless. And I may just take comedic lesson 37/94 to heart :P

So its like the first one but prettier gotcha

Meow again! Did you and the LLR team have a little chat recently? Perhaps about cats?

I agree with Yahtzee's burnout on realism in shooters. When it comes to good game design, implementing realism should be a means to making an immersive game, not an end.

Ah, one of his funnier reviews. All hail Yahtzee.

"But some can shut their fucking mouths"

That made me chuckle all over my late night cornflakes. Sounds a bit like Yahtzee is slightly pissed off/stressed. Can't really blame him though. Anyway great review and the game looks like a bit of fun for a while.

Somehow i knew Yathzee was gonna like this game Cause its so unrealistic! >_<

So I'm kind of guessing Yahtzee is a cat person? Haha, awesome.

Funnily enough, and rather ironically, he actually made this game sound like something I'd want to buy. Not at full retail price, but I think I'll get hold of it once it's dropped. Blowing stuff up for no reason and doing generally crazy things is rather appealing after so many realistic games lately.

Joseph Murnan:

Huh... game I'm no interested in at all. Maybe he'll hilariously rip it apart.


Huh... still not interested, and now I'm also not entertained. Way to break an awesome streak, Ben.

Troll translation:

Ben didn't agree with me, I don't like this game wah wah wah.

Anyway, another great review yahtzee, maybe the best since borderlands.

No, haven't played it, so I have no opinion on the game, other than disinterest. I just thought he was on a streak of awesomeness for the past 4-5 videos, and that this broke it. So, I'll provide a translation of my own.

Dickhead translation of your post:

I call anyone who fails to worship at the temple of Yahtzee a troll. Please excuse me while I slob on the knob of someone who doesn't care what I think.
Slurp slurp slurp

Loved the snark in this one.

Is it sad that this is the highlight of my Wednesday? xD

Anyways, entertaining review still, though I don't know much about the game itself so I guess some of the points were lost on me.

Is it sad that this is the highlight of my Wednesday? xD

Anyways, entertaining review still, though I don't know much about the game itself so I guess some of the points were lost on me.

I own the game and yeah...what he said pretty much sums it up. All he left out were the ninjas and the really really really bad asian accents.

I am a bit confused about one thing...Yahtzee hates the stronghold sequences from JC2, but Saints Row 2 (which he loves so much) had practically the exactly same formula for their stronghold missions.

The enemy AI in this game is odd. Why have an AA gun in your base if you are not going to use it to shoot down my chopper, instead they rely on their puny little side-arms.

Why even bother having all sort of vehicles in their base and not use them, they didn't leave a tank there for me to steal it, right?

At least, the game world is pretty, I still can't get enough of flying around or driving along the coast, and that island with the

was a blast to play through.

A really funny review, the first game was good, the big map gave it a lot of life, I hope the same applies to this one.

Ifelt about the first pretty much what Yahtzee felt about Painkiller; a game for mere fun and everything else is irrelevant.

In his last couple video's he's starting he be a self parody.

the game blows. played the demo had a bad time playing it.

Great review. It's the funniest in a while actually, had me giggling like an idiot.

Wait, wait, wait.

Do you think Yahtzee's going to mention cats again in Extra Punctuation?

That's a lot of cats it is.

All I can think about is this how subliminal messages work???

Wow, Yahtzee liked this one... I think

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