It's Not a Game, But I'll Play It, Anyway

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Ohh this reminds me of a game I think it was called Progress Quest.

It was for the people that like want to always be leveling up. If you are a
power gamer that must have a PC gaining virtual XP or wealth somehow while you sleep,
then this is the game for you! It goes to the mobs, it kills the mobs, it farms the money
back into town, buys new gear and spells, and does it all again, automatically!

Why waste your time finding a group or hunting mobs? This game allows you to level
up as fast as can be possible, automatically! It practically plays the game for you!

No more waiting for mobs to spawn. No spawn camping. The game will have the fun for you,
so you don't have to! So why wait.. chek it out..

(I almost forgot about it until I read this post)

I don't think this game is something I want to try: don't know why, but I'm against facebook games on principle. I only use that site for socialising and stuff.

Onyx Oblivion:
That's still more of a game then Progress Quest.

Kinda funny that this game seems a bit similar, since Progress Quest was a parody (taking away all the grinding while you still get to feel good about your eel man successfully delivering that dirt clod...)

Susan Arendt:

Check my Twitter in a minute. ;)

Arrrr! There be Sackboy and Crew!


What tends to make or break web games for me is the quality of the writing.

Of course, none of them can manage to hold my attention for too long.

I loved Tiny Adventures - I was addicted to it for a couple weeks and nearly maxed out my character before I got burnt out on it.

My major complaint was the disparity between your class and your actions - my character was a fighter, but it was only infrequently that I would ever actually fight. A lot of the rest of the time it would be stuff that used my weaker stats, and so I would often fail. Variety in tasks is good, but if I was playing actual D&D, I would try to take advantage of my character's strengths more.

Meh, it was free, and fun for a good while, so no big deal.

I believe there are more elements contributing to the success of these games.
I have never played "Dungeons and Dragons Tiny Adventures", but after reading your article, I think I get the idea.

Of course, you cannot consider this game to be a role-playing game, since you do not play the role that you created; however, I think you still connect to your character, and therefore, Tiny Adventures is a simulation more then anything. The thrill of checking your characters current situation can be compared to taking out your Tamagotchi in order to see whether its sleeping or hungry, and even though it offers less interaction, your character still develops, and development is always interesting.

I mean, why are we watching cartoons even if we do not interact with any of the characters?

Damn you to hell for linking to Cute Overload. It's like TV Tropes, only REEAAAALLLLLLLLLLY CUTE!

Ditto. We will have our revenge

After reading this article I checked out the app, and I am (to my surprise) really enjoying it. I think the best thing is that it doesn't take itself seriously, and the writing is actually pretty good. While I'm sitting here doing boring university assignments, it's refreshing to have an amusing adventure update to read every so often.

D&D cool, famrville? bad...

"As Facebook games go"

This kind of says it all. Facebook games are funny, they have that social component that mmos have but unlike mmos they dont give that nerd image to it, cuz Facebook is cool (right?).

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