Zero Punctuation: Nier

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Wow, ive never heard of this game before either.

Very funny and loved the Puns thrown in. Over all a very funny review.

I think it's going to come to a point where square enix are going to try hide realeses from Yahtzee as long as possible... They seem the kind of people who would actually care about the verbal onslaught. That is the much deserved onslaught! name ever.

Yahtzee, all that opium you're smoking isn't doing anything for your voice. Also, a major problem when using non-symetric character models in flash/windows movie maker/whatever program you use to make these things is when you flip them horozontally, you end up with numerous continuity issues for example, Nier's eye-patch appearing to jump from one eye to other when flipped to face the other way. (Did I need to bring it up, no, but oh well.)

hmmm I might be interested in trying this game out
once I've played RDR and FFXIII that is
and that may take a whlie
assuming I ever get my hands on them

points for the IllBleed mention.

The whole "three bits of masking tape" thing is already quite prevalent in the realm of Japanese amateur and fan art. Actually, most of the time it's usually band-aids for some reason. Figure that one out.

I just beat the game, and I loved it, and I`m pretty sure that it was an homage to Zelda, because of how the king picks up the mask. They also do resident evil, with the manor that Emil lives in, with the damned fixed camera and the special keys.

Since I'm lazy enough to not read the last 8 pages of posts:
Had somebody already mentioned that 'hier' 'pier' and 'bier' are all Dutch words?

hier = here
pier = jetty or breakwater
bier = beer

Not that anybody's gonna read this, remembering how old this video actually is.

I prefer the Replicant look a lot more. Too bad there's no switchable costumes.

In terms of bad reviews I found this "Zero Punctuation" review particularly insulting as it was referring to aspects of the game like the Junkyard boss as "ripping off Windwaker" when it clearly is an allusion to it ("The mouth? What an obvious weakpoint!"). Another example is Kainé's outfit when Weiss is clearly making references to it.The review is rile with things like that and downright badly researched.

Made me stop watching this series altogether.

I wouldn't recommend this review for anyone who is thinking of purchasing this game and would like to refer to Seth Schiesel's review with the NY Times for a more unbiased opinion:

YOu know what's funny he never mention Grimoire Weiss the floating book?

Nier(Player character)
Grimoire Weiss(2nd character in your party)
Kaine(3rd party member)
Emil(4th party member)

and each one has a purpose in the stoyrline and they are useful in battle.

The Japanese version has a skinny teenage boy instead of a grown man.
Manly Men Doing Manly Things is doing a story ark about it right now.

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