Apocalypse Lane: Episode 48: Fin

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God i loved this episode, and i especially loved the ending. Thats some pretty good music right there. I also love the fact that now they are stuck in an infinite loop :P After a while, marty will get born with steve on him, willi will be thrown into acid after beeing made by zed, and the best, cuddles the mutated cat will come and find the skeleton of the trio, and then give it to steve as a gift! Super special awesome ending :D

Well done Jon. Seriously, well done. You have made the best series ever. Utterly, utterly beautiful.

This show was excellent! To bad that Steve and Cuddles died tho... And I loved pre apocalypse Hickey! :D

That was awesome, love the whole time paradox thing.

A great ending to a great show. I can't think of anything else to say, that was just fantastic and you brought a tear to my eye. RIP Steve and Cuddles.

Great ending, great series! Bravo.

Great great finish to a great series.

RIP Apocalypse Lane, I always loved you.

the ending was moving...

very sad...

it was indeed a sign of their eternal friendship...

Good bye Apocalypse Lane! It has been a crazy but fun ride!

RIP Apocalypse Lane, you will be missed.

Wonderful series, loved it. :D

Jon Etheridge:
Wow... What a ride this has been. I want to thank each and every one of you guys and gals who stayed with this to the end. After a choppy start I think we managed to turn the show around and produce something unique in the world of web animation. I can't fully express in words how much fun I had making this series, and how sad I am to see it go. Goodbye Apocalypse Lane. You will be missed.

But on to some good news... I have been given approval to join Doraleous and Associates as a full time writer/animator/wizard and that show has now been contracted for a total of 72 episodes! With me helping out Brent Triplett on the animation, we plan on pushing the limits on what we can pull off in a week and well as making the show faster, stronger and possibly the best web series on the Escapist or any other site for that matter.

I know a lot of you want to know about a DVD and at this time I don't have an answer for you. DVD's are really expensive to package and distribute but I would love to see one and hopefully we can get that out one day. keep an eye on the Escapist for any announcements.

Again, thank all of you for watching this show. I'm going to be perusing this forum for a day or two and i'll try to answer as many questions as I can so ask away. Also watch our QandA if you did not see it yesterday. It's a fine example of our ADD :)


The only thing better than ending this show so well, is helping Doraleous and Associates!?!?!?! I do not think I could be more happy.

Gonna miss this show, it was hilarious to the end. Now I only have Doraleus and associates to keep the thursdays brigth. Thanks.

Doraleus is going to be 72 episodes?! Halleluja!

Great final episode, never would have guessed that was how it'd finish up.

Wow, that was an awesome ending.

Such bittersweet irony.

To Mr Etheridge, Thank you for making such a great series, I am missing it already. Props to you man


Also, why does Hickey not remember those strange guys from before everything went to hell?

Because Hickey's brain was scrambled by the aliens when he found out about the vault (post-apocalypse, but pre-series in their timeline).

It's sad to see the series end, it was one of the first series I started watching here on the Escapist. The end was tastefully done (well, as tasteful as Father Dickslurper can be), and the final "ah-ha!" moment was fantastic. Bravo! I'll be looking forward to Dolarlingus & Assoc. new episodes.

Thanks for the series, you've helped make the internet a better place because of it!

The best ending we could have hoped for from this satisfyingly twisted series that had such a rocky start....

The skeleton Cuddles found for the house was his own 0.o. Wow if you really think about this the whole show is the movie 12 monkeys with Bruce Willis. If cuddles found himself then their would be another version of him that already went back in time and saved the world or whatever. So..yea infinite loop. Interesting.

Well I thought you couldn't surprise me with however you ended it, but you did. The only thing is that the ending made me feel sad, not just because it was the end. Maybe it was the music.

Alright, so wow. Tell me if I got this right... That whole time, those remains Cuddles found were actually the incinerated bones of their present selves going into the past. From there, Marty is born and Steve a little while after. He meets Cuddles and Cuddles ends up digging in the backyard where he finds the bones. But that would mean that they had already gone back in time and died and.. oh my head hurts.

This serious was great and finishes with beautiful closure.

Awesome series, great ending even if Cuddles is dead. Got to love Gulliver, still the same psycho after all

Great series and great ending :)

Jon Etheridge:

Thanks for making the show. I know I started WAAAY late but I have watched near all the episodes now. It's been a great show and I'm glad your working with D&A that show is awesome and I'm sure it'll be even better now.

Thanks for the entertainment.

Such a bittersweet ending, but a fantastic series.



Also, why does Hickey not remember those strange guys from before everything went to hell?

Because Hickey's brain was scrambled by the aliens when he found out about the vault (post-apocalypse, but pre-series in their timeline).

Aaaha. I figured I must have missed something, a plot hole like that wouldn't be overlooked by the creators of this awesome show. I'm sad it's over though.

Holy crap. The ending - combined with the music- is perhaps one of the best and most depressing endings to a series.

I've been with Apocalypse Lane since the preview and I'm glad I stuck by 'til the end. I loved the series and am hoping for a DVD release.

What a great episode and án end to a series. Altough im really really sad about the way it ended, im more sad about the fact that it ended.

i absolutley loved this show, and this was a great way to end it all, I'm sad to see it go, but I'm so glad it ended before it got stale, the ending with steve and cudels being the bones was a cute little nod but itsn't very original, still a great show and I look forward to your next product

P.S no chance of you guys releasing this on DVD eh?

P.P.S that song that played over the end was just beautiful and saddening to show it was over, do you guys have a chord sheet for it?

:'( awesome, just awesome! rip Apocalypse Lane

Just a great web show. I loved it. Keep up the good work. A.L. will be missed

Very enjoyable. I liked the tie in with the skeleton, and am glad you will be continuing work for Escapist with Dolorous. I have enjoyed Apocalypse lane from the very beginning, and it came as a surprise that this would be the series end. But it's all good, ending on a high note is a smart move...you should be proud of your entertaining achievments.

Just please...don't move to gamedog's ever....I hate that show, hope it is cancelled.

Just... wow. The instant transition from laughing to sadness... That was an amazing end to one great series.

On another note, is there a place to download that little song at the end? It's so sad, but great at the same time.

Great Ending to a great series. I especially loved the ending, it wrapped up a loose end I didn't even realise was there.

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