Apocalypse Lane: Episode 48: Fin

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You killed cuddles
Son, I am Dissapoint

I loved that show. Secretly, I hoped for a third season. Thanks for the show, keep up the good work.

I loved this little show from beginning to end. Sad about the end, but it's the right ending. On a lighter note, I already love D & A, and look forward to seeing how Jon will make that show even better.

Will miss you Apocalypse Lane.

So...Steve, Marty and Cuddles die?! NO!

Great series, I didn't even start watching it until you'd already started making series 2. Excellent stuff though, glad I finally found the time to get round to it!

Great news about you working on Doraleous and Associates aswell. That show is already great so with input from you guys it could potentially be the best show on this site!

About the DVD - maybe it would be worth doing a poll of some sort to see how many people would actually be interested in purchasing it? I know a couple of people who don't go on this site who would like it aswell.

Thursdays just became more boring :-(

Well, there we go.

It used to be three shows on the Escapist, three that I watched. This, Zero Punctuation, and Unforgotten Realms. When Unforgotten Realms left, this took the place perfectly and all was well. Other stuff has come and gone, but this was the kind of show I thought would never go. Now it has, and all I can say is...


And now we know what the weird skeleton was. Great.

Well shoot me in the face and call me a dead man...
I give kudos to everyone that was even remotely involved in creating an ending like that.
I would never have thought one could make this mostly comedy cartoon series actually pull my heartstrings with the ending *sniff*.

I might have missed the episode that explained this, but who was the robot that shot zed?

You know, when the ending rolled, I was forced to shed a single tear in remembrance of my newly-blown mind. RIP, mind, you will be missed.

Well, here's to high hopes for D&A!

Thanks for all your hard work on this, I really enjoyed it. I love Doraleous as well, and I look forward to seeing your contributions. Great job, and good luck!

Absolutely beautiful I'll really miss Apocalypse Lane, it was by far the best thing to come to the Escapist I was there the premiere came out and I thought well it was gonna be, 'meh' but it turned out it was one goddamn beautiful series thank you for this great year damn, it seems like much longer didn't it Hope to see you guys in another series congrats. Now go get a beer and relax you guys earned it!

Damn, it was really sad to say goodbye for all this charismatic characters. And if its hard for me, I don't know, what YOU two feel about it. But I love sad endings. If you care - you have one apocalypse addict on another hemisphere. I know, such inclinations must be broken as fast as possible, but I don't want to... This stuff is to good to forget. Thanks for that feeling. It costs a lot.
Series have some minuses, but... well... everyone have some of them. You did your best, and I won't ask for more. Especially, considering limited resources you had. Bravo!
P.S. If you will ever need to translate series to Russian - my offer still in effect, free of charge. Из России, с подлинным уважением и наилучшими пожеланиями, Рокфор Эвер.

Well I'm said to see it go but that was an excellent way to end it.

its a time loop, the story wil go on in a loop forever and ever because they went back in time, dies, they get post apocalypse, go bacl in time, dies, rinse and repeat

Wow! This series has been a pleasant ride indeed. I have followed it since the 1st episode and now when it has hit it's finale I felt that I needed to create an account and comment.
The show started out a bit weak but I kept faith in it. I mean, come on... apocalypse, talking, perverted animals and a gay zombie/robot thing! Those are some hilarious ingredients. And boy, did it turn out to be one of the funniest animated series ever!
The final episode was great, even if I found the ending kinda anti-climatic and not something that I would expect from a comedy series. But alas, it stayed true to the "Apocalypse Lane" formula: always expect the unexpected!
It's just too bad that there will be no third season, but I wish everyone that worked on the show good luck with their future projects. I checked out the first two episodes of this "Doraleous" show and it wasn't too shabby, so I still have faith in you guys!

I see you f****s in hell!

Great ending indeed!!!!

Although I was seriously hoping that you would kill that damn Lizard off. LOL!!!!!!!!

Jon Etheridge:
Episode 48: Fin

It all comes down to this. The future of the universe hangs by a thread.

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I...I.... that was really sad. Although this show seemed to be completely pointless at first, it has proudly carried the same point which Fallout series did. War, especially nuclear war, will never do anything good. And I need to say the bones of cuddles part of was a very good link and a very sad one. That was an amazing show and I thank you for making it. Great job!

So the animals talk because of mutations?

Ooooohhh... that makes sense now.

Thank you for the show, i really enjoyed it. And thanks for awnsering my question indirectlyª

Very well done season. I will miss it :(

So the animals talk because of mutations?

Ooooohhh... that makes sense now.

Thank you for the show, i really enjoyed it. And thanks for awnsering my question indirectly!

Just wow. great work i loved the ending that skeleton cuddles found was really his and steves! hahahhaha

so the bones cuddles digged up were his own...
that's a lil creepy

so they created a time paradox..... well.... great ending. actually wasn't what I was expectiong... but still awesome.

nice ending.
great series.
also, i TOTALLY CALLED the sad music.
(i cried at the ending, does that make me a wuss?

nice ending.
great series.
also, i TOTALLY CALLED the sad music.
(i cried at the ending, does that make me a wuss?


*he hides and cleans his tears where noone can see him*

...Gh...Guhuh.... BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


It's gonna' be rough... *cries*

Man I'm gonna miss this show.

I thought that ending was really inappropriate, but looking back I think it was truly the only way to really put a real end to the series.

Apocalypse Lane
"One beautiful son of a bitch"

that ending was just perfect for the series but the Gulliver thing really got be think he should have a spin-off or at least a a small episode to explain what the hell he does when he was not with the gang for he is just a big mystery.
But this was a great episode and a great show.

That.... just sucked... so much.

I mean, it was worse than the ending for "No Country for Old Men". Kinda angry that Steve, Marty and Cuddles had to die. I mean no offense, the series was great, but I am sad to see it end in such a way.

... I feel empty inside.

*cry* Whyyyy is it over :( *cry*

Ehhh... I hate it when my favourite series end. And this one was one of (if not the most) favourite animated series ever... HELL! It was my favourite show since all eternity!

Ehh... I kinda predicted the ending when the universe didn't screw up after the time travel thingie ;). Great way to end the series for good (no predicting "maybe they will survive" now).
... sooo... I guess I'll watch an episode of Duraleous and Associates... It's good too but...
It doesn't have cuddles :(

I'm glad I stuck around to the end. It was definitely worth the time.

Bravo to all involved, and good luck on your next project!

I think there is a huge lesson we are all missing here. Zed wanted to destroy the galaxy because he was a "Sonic fanboy". We all need to realize that with being a fanboys there is a thin line between whining and trying to destroy all of existence because your favorite series has gone downhill. Next time, you feel betrayed by your gaming idol just remember that ideas, like people, aren't always perfect and destroying the galaxy by going back in time won't change that fact and knowing is half the battle.

And so ends one of the best shows on the internet.

That was an awesome episode, and an awesome ending to an awesome show.

I kind of called that ending, though. They HAD to die, or else, due to the Butterfly Effect, SOMETHING would have changed. The only way they could have not died is to have secluded themselves in some lead-lined vault to escape the Apocalypse and then been out in the desert or something to not have any interaction with anyone else whatsoever. I'm glad you guys made a Stable Time Loop.
Though, they were screwed in any case. Don't go in? Universe blows up. Go in and change something? Galaxy blows up. Go in and don't change anything? Apocalypse still happens and world (kind of) blows up. Something they're in always blows up in any case.

Though, one thing I did not expect was Hickey's face being messed up BEFORE the Apocalypse. I always thought that's something that happened when the bomb went off.

Edit: Also, before I checked the status bar at the bottom showing where the movie was, I was expecting the end to be when Steve and Cuddles were sitting there drinking on the lawn. I wonder how many other people did a double-take at the status bar like I did.

hm.. now im thinking... if the bones of those two are in the future too... can't be cloned? they are in the future.

CHEER UP! We'll have another season in the future!

Nah, just kidding, but i will admit that it would be a great plot twist

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