Apocalypse Lane: Episode 48: Fin

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i just wanna express my gratitude to everyone involved in this project , that provided me so many good laughs .. so yea that's about it ^^

Undoubtedly one of the best shows I have ever watched.

What a touching ending an amazing end to an amazing series.
Good luck with your next project and thank you for the countless moments of happiness this series has brought me.

Absolutely awesome series, with an awesome ending. Shall be truly missed.

Great series. Thursdays will never be the same.

I totally saw that coming.
Great show, much thanks for giving us this fantastic series.

Well, it ended to the reason the series began. That's a great ending and my heart skipped beats when I saw the bones leftover from the blast. So thanks for the show and, "Your gonna carry that weight.

No it cant be over....it cant....NOOOOOOO

before I checked the status bar at the bottom showing where the movie was, I was expecting the end to be when Steve and Cuddles were sitting there drinking on the lawn. I wonder how many other people did a double-take at the status bar like I did.

exactly. thats exactly what i thought was going to happen.
but before the time machine went off, i thought the rest was going to be "cuddles ended up doing this" type of thing, where it says what all the charicters did with the rest of there lives. then i heard the "doodloop" sound.

What to say... what to say...

Well as you may already know Jon I've been watching and enjoying every episode made, and I can say without a doubt that Apocalypse Lane is one of the best internet series I've seen (like I once said before I refereed to it for an animation module) and I thank you guys greatly for it.

While the nay sayers got you down at first, pitty for them as they missed out on a coomplex narrative, colourful characters and some down right black humor. Seriously, I would buy a DVD.

As for the ending, yes it's sad seeing the two (three?) main characters go like that but to end a comedy on a serious note that works is no easy feat, so massive kudos to you. If I wasn't so busy today I would have watched it and commented sooner!

As I've been saying in nearly every comment on each episode, for the last time in its run...

Good times.

wow that was sad 8(

One of the best cartoons i have ever seen, great ending.....wait, ENDING!!!!.
What am i going to do now!
THANKS for all the hard work, hope to see more from you soon!

Thanks Jon. Apocalypse Lane was a truly great show. Just brilliant.

you should be proud of this.

I loved this show, what a great end, sad to see it end but its better to leave it on a high. Would love to see a spin off that would be epic.!

Nice job bringing everything full circle :)

And it all comes full circle. That last bit was a total win, by the way.

This series was perfect, congrats to everyone involved in this project you guys kept me entertained every episode and that is NOT easy =P.

Making his skeleton the one he had hanging in his room.....now that's one hell of a paradox!!!

Anyway, totally awesome show; I loved it.
During the final credits I was actually choking up....I'm gonna miss this show....

Wait... Didn't the Rooster said Steve wasn't going to die?

great series guys i loved it!

I posted a more extensive comment on the Q/A episode, but seeing as you'll be mostly focused on this forum, I will just copy the two questions I asked in that comment and post them on this forum as well. I'd copy the whole thing, but it ran kind of long and I don't want to waste your time... it was mostly praise and observational stuff anyhow...

Did you plan on bringing Hickey back as a ghost ahead of time, or did you bring him back as a ghost for other reasons, like to fill a plot hole or public demand? I ask because though I loved how that was worked into the story, it slightly dulled the shock of a beloved character's death. The same question goes for Stinky.

Also, what animators or animations have inspired you the most?

If I think of any other questions, I'll post them. Thank you to everyone involved, you all really pulled together to make something charming and unique.

Just wanted to say thank you.

Apocolypse lane was a wonderful series, and im going to miss it.

All the best with Doraleous and Associates John.

Perfect ending. A bit sad, but it was appropriate. The song was great too.

Oh, and bloody brilliant ending by the way. I would agree, a bit sad, but it tied everything together so perfectly. You guys may not have started off on the right foot, but this was a wonderful example of how a series should end. I have to say, the ending challenged me. I had to take a moment to figure out how I felt, mostly because it was sad. But, I came to the conclusion that if it had a super happy fun time ending, then it wouldn't be Apocalypse Lane, now would it? Haha!

I just catched up to the series after a lack of time. Just watched the final 10 episodes and I for one didn't see that ending coming. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I want to thank the team behind this (including Jon Etheridge) for giving me a bunch of excellent laughs.

Definitely a webseries to cherish. And now on to Doralingus!

That was one well thought out ending.

Brings a tear to my eye knowing this is all over. :'(

Excellent ending to an excellent series, good luck to you guys in all of your future endeavors.

Now I only have Doraleous and associates to look forward to on Thursdays.

Wait... Didn't the Rooster said Steve wasn't going to die?

Hmm... well, technically, he would be born shortly after dying, but then he would just up and die again later on, so you make a good point... I'm going to look up that line to see if what context it fit in with.

Will there be more extras like the Q/A?

Da Joz:
Excellent ending to an excellent series, good luck to you guys in all of your future endeavors.

Now I only have Doraleous and associates to look forward to on Thursdays.

Yep, but it will still have Jon on the team, so think of it like you're getting Apocalypse Lane and Doraleous hybrid on Thursdays.

Nice job bringing everything full circle :)


It really makes you think... It was Steve's bones they kept walking by all those times.

i dont think it matters on who commented fisrt...ever...

to anyone..but yourself..and thats pretty sad....

even so
that aws a lovely ending! preffered that ending to doomsday arcade's ending that was a huge load of anti-climax.
at least this wrapped up everything kinda quickly but it did have that skelly thread explained which was nice, the unimportant but still nice ending. good show

Thank you Jon and your crew

This has been an amazing series and you gave it a worthy finale. Sad to see this end but theres still DaO :D

Nice ending btw, I was wondering where those bones came from when I saw them in one of the earlier episodes

amazing show!
Sad to see it go but it at least had a great ending.
thanks for all the great times!
Long Live the rooster!

This series was amazing. Like everyone else has explained so far im gonna be sad to log on every thursday and not see a new apocalypse lane.

Great series guys cant wait to see what you'll add to my second favorite series on this site, "doralious and associates". Also I would pay top dollar for a dvd if you happen to put one out.

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