Apocalypse Lane: Episode 48: Fin

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I almost expected them to survive the bomb.

It's creepy, though. Whenever I saw that skeleton, I thought of Steve. And now I know why.

This has been a beautiful thing. Thank you for this series. I applaud you, folks!

And I'm stoked to hear that you're joining the Doraleous and Associates crew. Here's hoping you all can all work together to make another series that I adore even better than it already is.

WTF. I cried...

I'm gonna miss this series but epic ending. bravo

Great but sad ending, phenomenal show guys!

i watched since day 1

Goodbye, Apocalypse Lane, you're the reason I'm here at the Escapist, and I will always remember you as the best series on this site.

wow fantastic ending....would have liked to learned why stinky is black after the apocalypse, but w/e im more than satisfied

Jon Etheridge:
Wow... What a ride this has been. I want to thank each and every one of you guys and gals who stayed with this to the end. After a choppy start I think we managed to turn the show around and produce something unique in the world of web animation. I can't fully express in words how much fun I had making this series, and how sad I am to see it go. Goodbye Apocalypse Lane. You will be missed.

But on to some good news... I have been given approval to join Doraleous and Associates as a full time writer/animator/wizard and that show has now been contracted for a total of 72 episodes! With me helping out Brent Triplett on the animation, we plan on pushing the limits on what we can pull off in a week and well as making the show faster, stronger and possibly the best web series on the Escapist or any other site for that matter.

I know a lot of you want to know about a DVD and at this time I don't have an answer for you. DVD's are really expensive to package and distribute but I would love to see one and hopefully we can get that out one day. keep an eye on the Escapist for any announcements.

Again, thank all of you for watching this show. I'm going to be perusing this forum for a day or two and i'll try to answer as many questions as I can so ask away. Also watch our QandA if you did not see it yesterday. It's a fine example of our ADD :)


Who thought such a strange and obscene first few episodes, turned into a series I FUCKING HATE to see go. Wonderful work Jon and Co. Really great I loved it through and through. I'm also really liking D&A but nothing's gonna fill up that spot that died with Cuddles and Steve. Great job man great job.

I loved this show. But I suppose it was time. Sad ending though, I baaaaaw'd. But with you joining Doraleous, I'm sure many great times are to come.

Strange... Somehow I expected Big Worm to turn out to be Steve, after going back in time, and mutated further by the bombs.

But a great end to a great series!


I mean... it's just... I, like... that was...

My brain fails to find words for the awesomeness which you have brought forth.
In all honesty, you could've dragged it out for just a couple more episodes. =P

But nonetheless I laughed and cried the whole way through since show number one. *bows*
At least I've still got Doraleous & Associates!
While it may still be a tragedy to see The Lane go, I'd just like to wish you and everyone ya work with the absolute best of luck. Cuddles and Steve shall be remembered.

Which episode does Cuddles give Steve that fossil?

I can't believe it's really over now. This was the most entertaing web series I've ever seen. Thank you for literally making me rolling on the floor laughing every week.

*sheds a few tears*

Why, why, oh why is it over? I fucking LOVED this show. Jon, Bryan, others... Thanks for all you've given us, this show was the best!

Damn, another good series that's knocks off some people but what makes it good is that it works. It just gets my goat ya know. Oh well people gotta live and some gotta die. Ugh, all in all good show man. Good show...damn.

wow amazing show guys,really going to miss it,hope you make another series on here.

Ya made absolutely sure this wouldn't have much chance of coming back, eh?

And 72 episodes of Doraleous?! Daaaamn. Good thing I like it. :D

The great ending. I am a big fan of this show and I first time to sign because i want to applause the work you had done.

PS: Big things start off small.

That was an amazing end to an amazing series. I'm going to miss tuning in to this. I would also totally love to buy a copy of the series, either DVD or digital download.

Aww man, it was great while it lasted.

What a brilliant ending.

So Cuddles gave Steve their own skeletons as a gift. That's friendship

I posted a more extensive comment on the Q/A episode, but seeing as you'll be mostly focused on this forum, I will just copy the two questions I asked in that comment and post them on this forum as well. I'd copy the whole thing, but it ran kind of long and I don't want to waste your time... it was mostly praise and observational stuff anyhow...

Did you plan on bringing Hickey back as a ghost ahead of time, or did you bring him back as a ghost for other reasons, like to fill a plot hole or public demand? I ask because though I loved how that was worked into the story, it slightly dulled the shock of a beloved character's death. The same question goes for Stinky.

Also, what animators or animations have inspired you the most?

If I think of any other questions, I'll post them. Thank you to everyone involved, you all really pulled together to make something charming and unique.

Yes, we did plan on bringing Hickey back. Although originally it was in Cuddles mind, we changed it to Steves' because we felt better about it and it gave Steve an incentive to do something other than be lazy. Stinky was one of those ones we also didn't want to lose and in true AL fashion we brought him back as well.

I was heavily inspired by the old MTV days of liquid television and then later Beavis and Butthead. Also the old Nicktoons lineup like Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy and Rugrats. Recently the Adult Swim linup has been attracting me. I've always been a fan of animation but more-so a fan of comedy. However programs like 'Lost' got me thinking, why not mix these types of shows where you can have a funny setting/characters/situations but still tell a compelling story. Few shows have attempted this. Frisky Dingo is one of the newer ones I can think of but it was canceled before it got to wrap up. Lucky the same team is now doing 'Archer' and so far that has been brilliant. :)

this series was one of the greatest pieces of video ever... i even got my question answered on the Q and A, pretty sweet...


I never watched this series but i saw this episode...and I gotta say...I missed nothing.

I've never talked to you, but I'm doing it now, and I gotta say...
Based on this first impression of you, you're probably not a fun person to be around.

I actually think Skullkid may be on to something. From now on when I rent a movie, I'll just watch the last five minutes of it and judge the entire film based on what I see. Think of all the time this saves. With that much extra time I can put more hours into being a complete chode on the internet. It's a win win.

I applaud you Mr Etheridge, Apocalypse Lane was the first escapist series I was a part of from start to finish. In the first few episodes I thought it was...alright at best. But in the episode that introduced Buzzsaw and Colon my love for the shows clever humour, relatable characters, unique setting, enthralling plot and surprisingly emotional sequences (I still cannot believe the final image of this video) blossomed.

In short, thanks for kicking ass and still leaving some mystery surrounding Stinky even on the final episode.

What a fantastic ending! You guys did an excellent job with this series and I am reluctant to let it go, but the whole thing was a gas. Great job!

nice and unexpected ending, i feel like playing fallout 3 now...

I'm sad now...

Well, there we go.

It used to be three shows on the Escapist, three that I watched. This, Zero Punctuation, and Unforgotten Realms. When Unforgotten Realms left, this took the place perfectly and all was well. Other stuff has come and gone, but this was the kind of show I thought would never go. Now it has, and all I can say is...


And now we know what the weird skeleton was. Great.

Well, there we go.

It used to be three shows on the Escapist, three that I watched. This, Zero Punctuation, and Unforgotten Realms. When Unforgotten Realms left, this took the place perfectly and all was well. Other stuff has come and gone, but this was the kind of show I thought would never go. Now it has, and all I can say is...


And now we know what the weird skeleton was. Great.

i was like"wait...what the...holyshit! Liked the ending even thought they got killed but exellent work of this series.

Thank You for awesome series!

I have enjoyed the series all the way through.
great work guys.

Daiym, that's some heavy shit. Apoc lane is one of the funniest web series I have ever seen. Great job, though I'm gonna miss Cuddles.

It hurts. :'(

That was an epic ending, for some reason I didn't expect it.

Anyways, I have a question for a possible Q&A, what is Ms. Frankies (Is that her name?) food made of? :O That's possibly the only thing in Apocalypse Lane that isn't explained.

Man I even thinked the series was good from the begining and now it's kinda sad that it was the last episode. Congratulations for making the best show on the escapist.

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