Apocalypse Lane: Episode 48: Fin

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Been watching this series since episode 5 and i have loved every episode. Little sad to see this go but it will be fun watching your other projects so good luck and i hope you manage to trump this somehow.

Man what a sad ending, but an epic one. Thanks for the great show guys - I was here everyweek.

I have to say without a shadow of doubt that this is probably one of the best web cartoons out there, certainly the best on the Escapist. I remember when the pilot came out and all the shaky stuff, but you really pulled off a masterpiece here. Good job, and good luck with your future works.

Damn right beautiful ! The Fossil was the remains of steve and cuddles , such a great ending.

I can't believe the series is over already, well it was a great 52 episodes.

I have watched it from the very begining and I'm sad to see it go, but nothing last forever. Great job.

You know i remember about a little under a year ago, when this show started. I have loved it since and I am sad to see it end. Thank you for this, and i applaud you for an excellent and hilarious addition to the escapist. I will miss it dearly.

Jon Etheridge:
Wow... What a ride this has been. I want to thank each and every one of you guys and gals who stayed with this to the end. After a choppy start I think we managed to turn the show around and produce something unique in the world of web animation. I can't fully express in words how much fun I had making this series, and how sad I am to see it go. Goodbye Apocalypse Lane. You will be missed.

But on to some good news... I have been given approval to join Doraleous and Associates as a full time writer/animator/wizard and that show has now been contracted for a total of 72 episodes! With me helping out Brent Triplett on the animation, we plan on pushing the limits on what we can pull off in a week and well as making the show faster, stronger and possibly the best web series on the Escapist or any other site for that matter.

I know a lot of you want to know about a DVD and at this time I don't have an answer for you. DVD's are really expensive to package and distribute but I would love to see one and hopefully we can get that out one day. keep an eye on the Escapist for any announcements.

Again, thank all of you for watching this show. I'm going to be perusing this forum for a day or two and i'll try to answer as many questions as I can so ask away. Also watch our QandA if you did not see it yesterday. It's a fine example of our ADD :)


I'm so glad you get to work on Doraleous and Associates, keep up the amazingly good work!

- Founder of the Doraleous and Associates Fan Club

I never watched this series but i saw this episode...and I gotta say...I missed nothing.

That's like watching only the last 5 minutes of The Sopranos and saying that you missed nothing. You're not the sharpest knife in the drawers, are you?

Huh, I figured it made a horrible kind of sense that Gulliver had kids... imagine more than one little psycho Gulliver roaming around.

I thought that I hated sad endings, but it turns out I only hate pointless sad endings. This made a bittersweet kind of sense, and it's ironic that the characters I liked the very least (Steve and, by extension, Marty) became my favourites by the end. I didn't expect that ending, not even a little bit, but I love it. So it's a human skull with three-legged cat bones. Genius.

Now, I remember that ending song from one other episode, which was it? It's bugging me trying to remember.


It's the episode after steve starts dating Gladis and stops being cuddles' friend

Props. Great series, look forward to your next project John.

Anyone who plays guitar may be interested in these notes i just worked out. screw you if you spy a mistake :P

Sun Came up and the Bombs Came down,
Nuclear Fallout in a Southern town,
Apocalypse Lane you still look alright to me...

awh We Aint got tree's
lets take a walk in the Toxic Breeze
Apocalypse Lane you still smell alright to me...

The Mutant life is treating me Good
awh Apocalypse Lane
Your Still the same

Sonic's sucky sequels brought about the Apocalypse!

i am genuinely sad about this shows departure. but good news about doraleous and assosciates!

RIP Apocalypse lane :(

So glad I was here! 5-14-2010

Good times! \o/

Hm... So it is possible to change time without everything screwing up.

that was brilliant. I didn't see the ending coming. I'm really going to miss watching this every Thursday.

Which episode does Cuddles give Steve that fossil?

They talk about it at 3 minutes into episode 32.

Also, after watching the series through again last night (start to finish :P ) I do believe that the fossil is Steve's skull with Cuddle's body.

I have to say; the series was amazing while it lasted. It was great to see an epic, funny, and sad ending all at once. Far as animation is concerned, Jon, you are truly the van Gogh of our time.

Man what a great ending to the series. A darkly comedic ending, but great none the less. Now all we have to do is wait for them to make "Apocalypse Lane season 3: The search for Steve." Nah, no franchise would make a cop-out THAT obvious.


What do you mean? Who is he?

You throw them into the past just to kill them off???


I feel both impotent and thwarted.

Well guys it was an awsome series. Thanks for giving us a good ending and not coping out on us. Oh, and just when I grew to acept that stinky could always talk you had to pull this. Well I'll just pretend that nucular explosion caused the sock to grow a brain or something. Anyways thanks for the laughs.

Strange... Somehow I expected Big Worm to turn out to be Steve, after going back in time, and mutated further by the bombs.

But a great end to a great series!

That wouldn't really make sense since Big Worm is an alien.


Strange... Somehow I expected Big Worm to turn out to be Steve, after going back in time, and mutated further by the bombs.

But a great end to a great series!

That wouldn't really make sense since Big Worm is an alien.

I know, but we know so little of him, and his eyebrows kinda look like Steve's... Don't know, it was just something that popped up in my head.

Im glad i stuck through the start because a truely great show was made from it. the end was so sweet and tied everything up. Thanks for everything

such a sad ending! nooooooooo!!!

great show none the less

Having watched this show from the very first episode, I can't believe it's finally come to an end. It's such a fantastic series and the fact that every last loose end found its way back into the plot some way or another really tied up that bittersweet ending. Definitely one of the series I've ever watched.

Damn dude, that was a sad ending. I almost cried. =-(

If it wasn't for this show I wouldn't of ever heard of The Escapist. Loved it, everything wrapped up so nicely.

What a great ending. What a series! Good job!

its over?.... and thats how it ends?... thats what those where?... I'm gonna cry, great job guys.

How did I miss out on this show?!...You see I only just two days ago started watching and got hooked.When I watched the first episode I said to myself "eh,I guess I'll watch more later." well that later came and I wish I saw this sooner.I'm glad that you're moving on to Doralias (or how ever you spell it) and Associates, I've watched quite a bit of it and so far is funny as hell,Neebs is a bit of a self centered douche though. I just wanna thank you for making these past few days unproductive and entertaining. Oh and at least Cuddles will live on in the AL impossible quiz. Also I figure I should tell ya that a DVD,while expensive,is a good Idea seeing as how I'd love to see the whole series again on my TV.

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