Zero Punctuation: Dead to Rights: Retribution

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Well, this was rather Dead to Rights: Restaurant

(everything else is taken)

Cool another crossover hope becca's song is awesome.

Celebrity power move by Rebecca surley, but song about Yahtzee... Why do i feel it's just going to be sang in pace of "Im am the very model of a modern Major General"...



PS: You'r book does not ship to where i live. Damn you not taking my money.

"Sobieski" vodka For The Win, good polish quality :-)

"Or should I say: someone dog!" I actually laughed out loud. I haven't done that watching ZP for a while now. It was good : )

Also: With the help of the fanboys/fangirls, the Yahtzee song can be amazing.
(or a referencing sack of s***. Depending on how much common sense Ms. Mayes has in quoting the fanpeople :p)

EDIT: I've seen some other reviews of the game. It seems Dead to Rights: Repetetive.
Just sayin' :p

So, Yahtzee, apparently the only really good thing about Dead to Rights: Retribution was that intending to buy it the other week inadvertantly led you to Nier. That's what I got out of this (and I guess last week's) review. (Or is that Dead to Rights: Review?.... Was that already said?)

Hmm, the figure of the (pro)/(an)tagonist looks a lot like Nathan Drake (Uncharted). /Shrug, I guess this is the problem in games today.

Any chance on reviewing 3D Dot Game Heroes?
I'd love to see what he has to say about that one.

That was the funniest one in a while.

Has anyone else said this review makes the game sound like a Dead to Rights: Rental?

If not, I'm owning that one.

aww look at his widdle face...AHHHHHHHHH my nads! I need some Dead to Rights: Reconstruction XD

also hooray for shameless plugs x2 (sarcasm)

The usual hilarious brilliance.

Plus the pun at the end with Sharon Stone et al...excellent.

You're just milking those puns aren't ya?

I should probably Dead to Rights: Reconsider that thought.

Writing Mr. crowshaw a love song? Normally I don't watch rebecca's muses but this I gotta see.

a song about a mighty Ocelot God, Yahtzee!
Ohhhh, hes an Ocelot and he don't care, he'll keep reviewing until the deadline dares. . .
>.> FTR, I never claimed to be a songwriter.

really really really really really really EXCELENT!
another epic review!
Hopefully Alan Wake for the next one!

Mogworld available for preorder! Someone may want to jump over to Wikipedia and update Yahtzee's page. Right now it says "Currently still in the works, Mogworld is "the story of Jim, who, sixty years after dying in a magic-school mishap [blah, blah, blah]. Although unlikely to be ever published, his site hosts two other novels [blah, blah, blah]." Oops.

Dead to Rights: Review... is awesome.

Sorry, couldn't come up with anything else for that. Great review! Really enjoyed this, and I know not to get a game that I only heard about when I saw this review...


Fable 2 tried to add a dog and failed, but in this game it sort of worked(emphasis on SORT OF), maybe they could just forget the story, revamp and rename the game: The Adventures of Captain Canine! (and his crazy human pal)

this was a really good episode. And a song ? I have no idea what a song about yahtzee would be like but I'm sure it's going to be A.Awesome and B.Unpredictable lol. Can't wait to see that come out, and can't wait to check out yahtzee's book.

I really could not even imagine what the fanbase is going to contribute to that song. It's gonna end up like that game contest. Silly referential minutia.

That's a fuckload of re's.

"Bang punch bang punch bang punch woof".

Wow. Silly me for thinking the remaining video at the end will be decent extra content. No, just shameless self promotion because a certain book isn't selling as well as once thought and some chick saying "I wanna write a song for Yahtzee - can you guys write it for me?". Outstanding.

The book hasnt been released yet, he is merely using his own showto tell people that its now avaible for pre-order, its the only way he gets to promote it. Though Mayes could of kept her part in her own show

That was actually a really really Dead to Rights: Remarkable episode actually. One of my favorites now I think.

Mayes is making a love song with Yahtzee as the theme? Awesome! I gotta look up some rhymes.

rebeca was the best part
now yahzee has to make an apearance in one of her videos, what could obviously be the one video she is making especially for / about him

RE variety

This is such a minor release due to the slow April month. I guess it was either this or an older game that may have slipped off the radar.

Perhaps Monster Hunter Tri, although I have it on good authority that you'd hate it, so much you wouldn't get past a few hours.

Oh face hurts from laughing so hard.

The "Pain is God and Jack Slate is Pope" absolutely killed me.

Glad to see that Yahtzee can still make me laugh. Some of his most recent reviews have been kinda hit & miss.

Yeah Hope Rebecca song turns out really great, Hope Yahtzee features it at the end of a new video once its finished. Think ill be having a read of Mogworld over the SUmmer :) will probly be a great laugh ^_^

That was the best ZP of the last couple of weeks. I actually laughed out loud, good job!

Hopefuly Alan Wake will hit Australia soon.

Hmmmmmm...will yahtzee accept rebecca's date proposal,will shadow ever realize that he'd work better without the nuckhead cop who follows him around,will I ever get that chip-butty I want but can't be arsed to make...find out next week on the escapist
OT:Great review although personally the moment I saw dead to rights I knew it was going to be the samey shooty-melee combat in every third-person shooter nowhere days oh well here's to Rebecca's song may breath life into the black-shrivled husk of a heart that is yahtzee's heart(but serious I hope this ends well)

Dumb game? As opposed to clever game? Damn, I haven't played one of those since...uhm...Portal I guess. Sort of. A bit.

I like the jokes that are Dead to Right Reoccuring.

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