Rebecca Mayes Muses: Heavy Rain

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That was a very unique and artistic style you presented.

I personally don't grasp the entire meaning of the lyrics...I have not played the game. However, I get the impression that its about the emotional and psycological journey of finding ones loved one and ones own self. I enjoyed the oddly eerie feel of the music mixed with humanity. Not sure if I am accurate with that, but its the impression I got.

Anyways, thankyou very much for trying out a different sound with your music. And looked very lovely. :)

I gotta admit, I didn't get it at all (Until I read her post in reply to someone on the first page).

I like the idea - the message you were trying to make with this song, but I feel you could have expressed this a little differently, as doing it this way went over most people's heads (Mine included).

And as other people have said you have a great voice; don't drown it out with the music :)

I really enjoyed the song. I like the funky groove matched with the sort of experimental structure and sounds and slightly acid jazz vocals. Reminded me a bit of Portishead. That's a great thing, imo. I find myself listening to the song over and over...though...I think I should really listen with headphones...I suspect there are some really neat things going on with the stereo mix.

Hold on, let me plug in my headphones...

Wow, I was right. That is pretty amazing once you put the headphones on. Really good stuff. Probably one of my favorites so far. Everybody who hasn't done already should listen again with headphones.

As for the visuals. Hey, you've got some awesome modern interpretive dance moves--big ups! I suppose I should comment on the armpit hair right? Rock on! My mom was a hippy. So, I find shaven armpits a bit disconcerting, to be honest. I don't see why female beauty ideals should included looking prepubescent.

Anyway, I support you in your creativity. (Already bought both your albums and love them)

Oh! And I want you to know that you've inspired me to get back to composing. Though I have to do a bit of writing first and I want to diversify my banjo technique...

But support to you!

Took me awhile to get it, but I liked it :)

Although the video seemed more on the lines of Bayonetta then Heavy Rain XD

It did start out a little creepy, kind of silence of the lambs creepy...
"She rubs the mud on her skin, she does this whenever she feels like it."
I wasn't very shocked by the unshaven armpits, didn't notice until it was pointed out.

Uh... the second I saw the default image for this link I immediately had a good idea of the comments people have said or are going to say.

Rebecca Mayes:
No one has mentioned the armpit hair yet.
I was expecting some kind of outcry.

Over here in Canada, it's not a big deal. I'm guessing it isn't in America either. Maybe Australia, maybe not.

If it's just an England thing, then maybe that's why no one has said anything.

As I said earlier I thought it was a pretty amazing song and video, but I do agree with some of the comments that say it would have been nice to see subtitles again. :-)

It was shocking in the good way and sexy in the better. The song was quite scary like a Xenophobe song. I missed the real rain from the pics, but I guess you cant make one, however tried to dance it closer. :D

Come on guys no one trying to achieve something likes to be told they've got a nice bum by an anonymous on the internet.

Interesting mix of constructive criticism and perversion in these posts, but atleast most everyone seem to be well meaning.

Draws up the argument over whether guys can/should control their balls and essentially eliminate them from existence when they are not needed. I haven't made up my mind yet. I think if some of the audience perceive erotic overtones in it you can't blame them for it as that would only be elitist, and I don't think that's what your about. Anyway, If they just spend all the time in videos having the hots for you, it's their loss. So establish an audience using tight fitting clothes then when you want to really take them places wear baggy unnatractive jumpers? Ah, gray areas.

Would Yahtzee do a piece where he strips down to say, a too-small Roman Centurion outfit and turn out to have a wonderful singing voice and dance technique for Girl Gamer? We can only hope so. I can see why you've got the hots for him (if I was bi I guess it would be him, then Eddie Izzard then Charlie Brooker then Gabe Newell) but celebs don't date mad fans do they, so take it easy. Angle to meet the guy for collaborations or whatever and hold no preconceptions about his personality. Worked for me and Peter Mandelson, but a few other crushes turned out to be too short/not as manipulative as I had previously suspected. Peter is more on my levels. But I digress. That's my advice- otherwise you may become to Yahtzee what Boxxy is to 4chan.

Also I'm not sure if people are confusing experimental with plain abstract. I personally prefer the ones where you tie your thread in closer with the game, give it some context. It's still impressive for a week's work and creative and productive and everything, but I'm not sure if you really met your ambitions with this one. Did you really want to weird people out?

I thought I caught a look that was a little non commital in your eyes. Had to wonder; was that supposed to represent love and nature (which felt like it clashed with the Heavy Rain footage- & btw I like most of the audience haven't played it... Maybe we'll keep an eye out for such overtones when we get round to it) Or was it just a woman reluctantly covering her self in mud? Do people reluctantly cover themselves with Love in Heavy Rain? It's thought provoking stuff.

Finally I'm not sure the idea of not buying anything especially for your art makes it any better. Unless your worried about the environment? This one could really have done with a blue screen so at the start you'd be against a proper black background instead of a garage, and maybe a lens filter so the footage has the same color quality as heavy rain. That would have been amazing. As it stands your medium is limiting you, like Vivian Stanshall was limited, to not be taken seriously by the actual hordes of Art people you'd next like to reach.

I am amazed by your work, specifically by how musical tributes to the wonderful world of eclectic, obscure and beautiful games can entertain even non-gamers like my mother. Make them want to play. Is quite an accomplishment. Nay, a real inspiration. When you pull it off XD

I liked the bit at the end with the cows. They were adorable. That said, cows can be terrifying.

Good job though, a little hard to hear yeah, but it was neat. :3

Great song. A bit on the dark side, but I love it when artists get experimental.

Also, I have to say, I was so desperately resisting the urge to fap to this...because that would be rude.......

Great song.

dirty girl.

but i don't get it.

the music is nice as allways.
different, but still good.

I enjoyed this, it was definately a break from the norm. I also strangely enjoyed the video, you're a pretty good dancer.

1st of all...OMG what an epicness!!!
2nd, I <3 your work Rebeccca, I fell in love with the album and especially the 'bonus track' and I hope you'll stay youself throughout all the negative critics.
3rd, be glad you don't live in my hometown otherwise I'd be all over you :P

That was certainly... different. I appreciate it when people go out of their "comfort zone" and try something completely different, something that could go horribly wrong instead of what they always do and what they know will work. However, the style of music in this song is not entirely my cup of tea, and the video (which, of course, is incredibly sexy, and I'm sure most people will agree with me on that) is a bit weird. Even more than in most songs, the whole thing was very cryptic, and I didn't get the message at all - but I don't know the game, so that may have something to do with it. But, again, I appreciate the fact that this is something completely different from all the previous songs, and I'd love to hear some more "experiments"; while I may not like every single song, I'm always looking forward to listening to the latest one every week.

Well, after reading your blog entry I think I understand the message now, and it even makes perfect sense to me. I don't get why you keep mentioning "armpit hair" though, I don't see how the fact whether someone has hair in their armpits is significant in any way. Also, I don't get the argument that it's "natural". Of course it is, but just because something is natural doesn't necessarily mean it's good - dying from an infected appendix is natural, too, and still most people prefer having it removed. If people prefer not having armpit hair (or prefer women without it), how is that a bad thing? (I'm not arguing for or against it, all I'm saying is I don't see how it's significant in any way and why people even care about it in the first place)

Anyway, trying to get away from the topic of hair... I think the meaning of many songs, while perfectly understandable after being explained, is much too hidden, even obscure at times. Not sure if that's a bad thing, this way, people are forced to make their own interpretations, however, my first interpretation was "Okay, what the hell is this?"

And another thing: I don't get the banning going on here all the time. I certainly don't agree with Grand_Pamplemou's statement, in fact, it seems like they take their own "reduced" of Rebecca Mayes's videos (i.e. that they are only interesting because she looks good) and claim that this is what everyone sees in them, but that is just not true. Also, Grand_Pamplemou was a bit rude in their post, they could have been more polite, but ultimately, all they did was state their personal opinion, and I really think people shouldn't get "banned" for this, you could even go so far as to say it's borderline censorship.

(I apologise for any language-related mistakes in my post, feel free to correct me)

Very nice. YAY! COWS!

Probably the weirdest song and weirdest video so far, but then again Heavy Rain is a pretty weird game so a good musical review would have to be so also.

The beat and baseline were especially rhythmic, good job there.

I watched the video once, then I played it again while browsing another forum. The experience didn't get any worse or better without the video. That means that the song and the video both fit and deserve each other in a pretty good way. The only things a little off about the whole thing were that the song 1) paces itself a bit too slowly at start (though the intro WAS a nice touch), and 2) some of the sound effects obscure the singing a tad. Point two may have been intentional, and an artistic choice, though.

Still, it was a good song even in spite of those two points.

Whoa...I think I started tripping just by listening to this. That's not to say it's bad-- because it's definitely on the "good" side of things-- but it's really, really, wacky. I can't imagine what this would do to a guy if he was high at the time...

.. WTF?!?

Sorry to say that was my least favourite song of all.

Maybe the Heavy Rain was also that insubstantial. But frankly I though that entire song was terrible.

......... indeed.

honestly though, I didn't even notice the arm hair until you pointed it out.

Wow. Catsuit. I wouldn't typically expect that from you.

It's not uncommon to see Catsuits in high art videos. It was a good song even if I had trouble getting the lyrics. You didn't post captions this time for some reason. I haven't played the game but I'm sure the song respresents it well.

Rebecca, you naughty girl. trying to garnish our attention with sex appeal are you? ;-) me likey.

Another fantastic video by you Rebecca. My only comment would be the lyrics were quite hard to hear. I can't say i noticed the armpit hair either but we're loyal fans who love you for your creativity so who cares about armpit hair :)

Keep up the great work !

Mud in a river near cows! Eww, ew, eww, eww, eww. You're going to get some kind of ear or soft tissue infection for sure. I would've had a Purell bath after that shoot.

One of my favorite things about Rebecca is that what she does is not obvious. It is nice to have someone create something that forces you to interpret its meaning rather than have it spoon fed to you. On the surface, the first thing that I saw wasn't a sexy woman in a tight leotard, I saw a very brave woman not afraid to look foolish in front of a camera. I cannot imagine what it would be like to edit a video of yourself dancing in the mud or dancing like no one is watching. Very brave.

I also think this brings up a good question about sexuality. An attractive woman in a tight outfit appears on camera. We see that she moves seductively through gray skin and atmospheric music. We have stopped caring about what she is doing because an attractive woman dancing in tight clothes can only be displaying her sexuality. She could be soliloquizing Shakespeare's sonnets with a pure conviction of love, but her slender shapely body drowns out her voice and all we see is what we choose to see. An attractive woman has no voice in mainstream world and her shouts through damp mud and cold still water boils down to the one thing that we expect all attractive women to be, and that's why we do not see women but sex.

Again, very brave.

Admittedly I only know what the game is about or like vaguely, but this didn't seem very relevant to it. As an experimental video it was interesting, but I've no idea what it had to do with Heavy Rain. Perhaps if it was easier to hear the song...?

Why do all of her other videos have the words on the side of the screen, but this one, where you actually need them, doesnt? Does she even know what the words were?

I'm going to be (I think) the first to say I actually appreciated the lack of subtitles.
I found them distracting in a few of the other videos, and they *really* wouldn't jive with the repetitious and quick techno-beat displayed here.

"What does it. Wh. What does. What does it mean to."
I would find it quite irritating to have this flashed on the screen :\

That being said, loved the song, didn't really understand the video (but I haven't played HR), and I'm not going to jump into the debate on sexuality.


Everybody else thinks intellectual things about the song.. I look at the cows near the end and go *squee*.. I don't think i'm as smart as the rest of Rebecca Mayes' fans :(


I don't think you mean what I mean, so please explain what it is you mean by saying 'what the hell'?

Is this just an active reference to personal expectations?

I know I'm not impressed, but that doesn't mean the masses aren't impressed.


Also, since you all seem to kiss a certain amount of ass..... I feel obligated to mention that we are all subject to opinions more than other websites.

The majority seem to project (like I do!) opinions on anything that might challenge your thoughts.

That being said, can I get another soul to give me props for being more socialist?

Didn't think so (Thanks for the offer!)....

That being said, realize your place in the world please.

Rebecca Mayes:



My fiancée is a trained singer, and she adores Rebecca. So much for your theory, then.


Well my dad is a better trained singer than your fiancée, and he thinks she sucks.

Look guys, just look at how in almost every single one of her 'songs' she gets loads of comments saying


In fact the post above me (from dex-dex) pretty much sums up what I want to say, nobody is looking for her pretentious bull-shit, all they see is her unitard.

Why did she have to explain what she was trying to show us? Because her message is shit, and the way she portrays her message isn't particularly clear.

Why do people keep saying they can't hear her, and then say what a great singer she is?

Buh, I dunno, probably being too harsh but y'know, at least she is better than 50 cent or something.

What you say makes me feel sad, but I'm glad you brought it up. Women are panned for being attractive and panned for not being attractive. I feel your anger at the idea that a woman would use her appearance to be loved/achieve fame. My music, my appearance and who I am are pretty interlinked. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea.

To be honest I didn't think you would like the outfit, the armpit hair or the mud. My boobs were squashed into oblivion and I danced like no one was watching. I had mud in my mouth and I smelt like a pond. When I was making the vid a guy turned up in a van with a parcel for me. I was in the garage. When I appeared, with leaves in my hair from the garage floor, he laughed at me for maybe ten minutes. Great! I thought. I look ridiculous.

I had the outfit from a ballet show I did when I was 11years old. Just found it a few days earlier amongst my old stuff. Was pretty excited. I make a point of not buying costumes but just finding what I can find, or making it, so this was gold.

Ok the charger on my laptop's just blown peeps and I'm out of battery in five seconds, it's been nice chatting with you, three seconds, and I like hearing your volatile views, two, bye

Bah, don't even bother justifying yourself to that troll rebecca, you are a great artist and all though I might not always understand your message, I understand your love for music.
your costume was amazing I loved it a lot (and not for sexual reasons) the dancing was fun to watch, and I really enjoyed the music. keep up the good work and ignore people like this.

and PS, for me arm hair is no big deal, like you said on your blog its natural.
that said, I can't bare unshaven legs on women if you danced around in a mini-skirt with unshaved legs I would probably cry.

That was different.
You looked good, obviously. I think some of the comments you are finding crop up have a lot to do with the fan base you have picked up in the States. In huge swaths of the world, what you were doing is pretty tame from a vaguely sexual standpoint. Over here it would get a PG-13 rating all by it's lonesome. It boils down to the reality of growing up in a country that was originally largely settled by people that had to leave the Catholic church because they were so anally retentive about their religion that the Pope picked on them, and has since become a place that feels like something is out of place if we aren't at war with somebody. To one degree or another a large part of the population fears the opposite sex and worships violence.

I am sure to get hate for that, but oh well. I guess I may get to live up to my moniker without actually trying today.


PS: My favorites of yours or "Bionic Commando" and "Overlord 2." I am sure they weren't your favorites to make, but I loved the beat and instrumentals/sounds in those.
Just saying. :)

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