Stolen Pixels #200: Breen Fortress, Part 6

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Omg no I don't know that robot (it's from borderlands? ) but I hate it now already D:

Very funny, well done. I even almost fell for your evil fake link. Unto another 200? :)


except for the part where i also tried to go for the link. i usually skip that part, so i had to go "back" and lul at that extra part. xD

like the other dudes posting... i hate clap trap HERE. but unlike them, i actually don't mind them in the game. *unts unts unts*

Dit you go all XKCD on us again?

I'm annoyed that I now have the voice of claptrap in my head.

That, was brilliant.
Congratulations on getting to 200 Shamus.

Damm that Claptrap! He got in the way.

Also, that comic was epic all the same xD Bravo!

I dare you to make the entire story! Without interruptions!

Shamus, that's not how you spell defuse.

Diffuse means to spread out.


Kidding. Congrats on the 200! Very clever comic. Here's to another 200!

You evil, evil man.

I see what you did thar shamus.

I hate that robot soooooooooooo much right now

Damnit, I wanted to see what happened to Breen and Metro. Stupid robot.

Congrats on your 200 comic. Here's to 200 more.

Best comic ever. Happy SP anniversary

Ha, nice one, Shamus! Teasing us now that Valve is preparing a suprise for E3. :P

Screw the Episode 3 info, I want to see the adventures of Metro and Breen. It looks glorious, and I want to be a part of it =(

Definitely the best Stolen Pixels I've ever read. Incredibly funny, all the way through. The Half-Life interview thing had me laughing out loud several times. Brilliant stuff.

Congrats on reaching 200 strips! I'm looking forward to the next 200.

Also, can I blast Claptrap with an acid shotgun? Please? PLEASE?

Great comic as usual Shamus!

Claptrap is generally obnoxious, but these are worth watching:


Hah, nice one. Dang annoying Claptraps...

Brilliantly done. Been a while since any comic made me laugh a little out loud as opposed to merely smile

I thought we were friends T_T.......
anyway congrats on 200, this webcomic is awesome

Ooooh, very cunning. /applauds

You epic bastard. (I almost tried to click the link... then I finished reading.)

Congrats on making it to 200.

"I'll never forget you, Metro."

Metro, you playa!

Defuse, not diffuse.

Sorry to harsh the 200-strip mellow.

BTW, my company offers a proofreading service for publishers. Not to put too fine a point on it, but your comics would be a great fit.

I was going to point this out, but only because I'm curious as to what the effect would be if you did in fact diffuse a nuclear bomb. I suppose that just means that you use it, moving it from an area of high nuclear bomb concentration to an area of low nuclear bomb concentration.

Woah that was an epic hodown. Either way, congratulations. I hope I get a badge for reading them all so far!

I don't care about Duke Nu... err, I mean, Episode 3; what the hell happened in the missing boxes?!

"Goodbye Kasumi"
I loled so hard.

And i read the claptrap panels in his voice......

Great job man!
And here's to 200 more!

Quite simply epic. Happy 200th Shamus :)

Very nice work, you evil, evil man.

Congrats on #200 and I can honestly say I've loved every one

Damn. Tried viewing the page source to see the bits of the writing on the side obscured by that robot, but then I realised that said text was also part of the image. Then again, I should have realised that sooner though, to be honest, since I'm not sure if web-pages allow images to be overlayed on top of text like that. Also I didn't read the last bit that actually told you that the text is an image. "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity, especially one's own."

Oh well.

Anyway, very entertaining strip. There was some seriously random things in there, though. Especially Kasumi... whoever that is, anyway. *Never played the game she was from. Is also assuming she's a character from a computer game.*

Great comic as usual.Congrats on reaching 200

*Digs out weapon stockpile from borderlands

I still got unfinished business with that annoying tin can.

Congrats on 200 comics man.

You mispelled 'worldwide'.

...and I wish I hadn't clicked on the link now, only so I could read this from the future.

masterfully done, Shamus :)

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