Sony's Phil Harrison Shreds A Picture of The Pope

I'm seriously trying to avoid building a career based on discussing the ridiculousness of Sony's business philosophy and the outrageousness of its bannermen, but COME ON, PEOPLE! I mean ... COME ON!

Sony's Phil Harrison recently sat down for an interview with Der Spiegel Online. He had a lot to say, but little of it made sense unless you're from outer space. Or perhaps German.

"We don't need the PC."

For example, is pretty strong language. I don't know what Sony pays these guys, but some of it has to be in crack. This from a company that makes PCs.

Original Comment by: Jon

Let's not forget the chance and cost of failure with these all-in-one devices. Multiple functions necessarily introduce more vulnerabilities, especially in software, and now a problem on the device you need to view email will wipe out your ability to play music and games and watch movies. Not good! Unless, of course, you buy multiple PlayStations as redundant backups - which I ended up doing for PS2... I can send whichever one's got disc read problems off to the shop - although that's a fairly expensive proposition for PS3.

Not that I would mind if something came along and replaced my PC. Somewhere along the line of age, software installs, surfing the net, etc, it turned from a workable machine to a total lemon. All my family uses it for is browsing, email, and freeware gaming... honestly just about any computing device on the market has the power to do that.

Original Comment by: cibbuano
I'd rather have a PC..I don't want to have my entertainment all centralized in one box. I want liberation from Sony!

Original Comment by: Brian Easton

Of course if you just want to browse the web on your TV you can get a Wii at less than half the price and use a real browser (Opera) instead of what ever jewel-encrusted turd Sony cooks up.

Original Comment by: Mitch
If the PS3 cures cancer then I may... wait a sec, I still won't be able to download porn on it. Whoa, almost got me there Sony. Good one.

Original Comment by: Darius K.
Actually, Harrison is not THAT insane. If you've ever done any business with Sony, you'd know that they treat each individual division (music, gaming, consumer electronics, etc.) as its own sub-company. These sub-companies often COMPETE with one another, and in fact, often hate each other's guts. Circumstantial evidence: some Sony-published games have licensed soundtracks featuring songs from practically every music publisher except Sony. I've been told that this is due to the fact that Sony music would like Sony games to go away forever.

So the fact that Harrison is acting like Sony doesn't make PCs is not too crazy. As far as Sony games is concerned, Sony doesn't.


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