Unskippable: Lost Planet 2: Part 1

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Lost Planet 2: Part 1

The sequel the pilot episode! And yet, the armadillo...

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Buffer video... Dang you slow internet

LOL at final fantasy III joke

I miss Berine as well no one could surround a Akrid like him.

Pirates? they looked nothing like Johny Depp. Anyone else getting a Dune vibe from that 'harmonizer' conundrum?

That last comment is my all time favorite unskippable joke.

Burnie is never around when you need him

Back to Lost Planet Again? Full circle in away, huh?

Good job, funny as always.

Those pirates and NEVEC guys at the start don't seem to know what game they're in because they were fighting Halo style.

I was waiting for a third voice to pop in on "Harmonizer" but there was none. Sad.

When I saw those guy's back- uh things, I thought maybe those guys were wind up toys.
So it seems Unksippable is coming full circle. Started with Lost Planet, now is doing Lost Planet 2.

curse those snow pirates!
also i dont care about the helmet hair anymore

Burnie is never around when you need him

Didn't Burnie die in the first Lost Planet opening? Show some respect!
It is fifty years after colonization began. I'm not exactly sure when the first game is set but he might have died between games anyway. Bernie isn't superman ya know.

The pirate jokes made me laugh, good job as always.

Oh, I miss Bernie.

Great episode.

The description is wrong, it's missing a word.
(Funny video. The Pirates jokes made me laugh.)

Trees! Great episode, looking forward to the second part.

Alas, poor Biggs and Wedge.. We barely knew ye.. Sort of. But wait, there's only one mech there! So who'd they leave behind!?

And y'know what, fuck it. Next forest I find myself in, I'm yelling THE SHIT out of those blasted trees! How DARE they be there!?

Swab the deck of their snow galleon. :P Glad you guys did another Lost Planet episode, can't wait until part II.

I was unaware that Graham was a mech passenger(riding as a passenger on a mech) expert.

Oh, I miss Bernie.

Me too, no one could sourround an Akrid like him...

Just a question though, were they completely dead when the harmonizer kicked in? If so it one of the rare games that use "revive dead" in the intro.

Nah, that can't be the new iPhone. He was holding it in his left hand, and yet it was still working. Must have been the iPhone 3GS, or maybe that fancy new HTC thing. Couldn't be an iPhone 4 though. ;)

Arr. There be Akrids off the port bow. Prepare the Snowballs! We'll plunder this Thermal Energy.
From their booty... (tell me that's not a coincidence, I won't believe you)

Haha, good one. The FF6 joke made my day.

Can't believe you missed a classic "weak spot for massive damage" joke right there.

I find it interesting that you boasted our apologetic nature just a few hours ago yet you don't show it here.

*Puffs pipe*


Seriously though good video, snow pirates are a fucking menace man!

If they were pirates, where was their ship...this confuses me

But seriously good video...

By the way you were right, it didn't sound good.

Nah, that can't be the new iPhone. He was holding it in his left hand, and yet it was still working. Must have been the iPhone 3GS, or maybe that fancy new HTC thing. Couldn't be an iPhone 4 though. ;)

that made me laugh. :) it was also what I was thinking at that part.

You should be sorry for not making this one really long episode


Btw I think that thing on that guy's back is supposed to wind him up.

Ok guys, that Harmonizer joke was brilliant. I cracked up. I had to pause the video for several minutes til I stopped laughing :)

Genius, can't wait for part 2! Oh also, like the FF VI reference.

lmao, loved the iPhone joke...

Glad to see you guys doing this one, making me remember your first~

Ajnd those poor FFVI mechs XD

Reminds me of the time I went to a foreign ice planet and cut my arm cut off, followed by me freezing to death. Good times.


oh man, I was overjoyed to see you guys return to Lost Planet. I still remember the first Unskippable...you're all so grown up since then..*sniffles*


I was gonna post alot of lame jokes about how it's been so long since the first one etc. but, I thought I'd make another lame joke about patting you on the back:
Great job guys! *pats back* or should I say... Bernie's... back?

It does raise the question of how the hell they made it this long on the planet without Bernie there to back them up?

Also, Snow Pirates cracks me up, awesome episode once again guys.

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