Zero Punctuation: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

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I would pay to see Yahtzee do a review of Resonance of Fate.

I'm pretty sure he would hate it... It has everything about JRPG's he hates and the innovations probably wouldn't be innovative enough for him. Personally, I loved RoF!

What is it about Swindon? And which Swindon is he on about?

Is it wrong that I found the corkscrew joke fully as sin and laughed even harder the more the guy screamed in pain?!


If a sequel is indeed supposed to add features not delete them, someone should've told that to the team at Bioware who were developing Mass Effect 2 eh?

Now that I finally have a working PC again and don't have to rely on that crappy Internet channel on my Wii, I can finally say this: Apparently Yahtzee doesn't know of something called "addition by subtraction" and the fact that it's sometimes better to remove certain things then risk trying to improve on them only to fail at it.

EDIT: Oh I'd also like to take a moment to touch on something I missed: I don't get how you keep having trouble working the wiimote, Yahtzee but using the Classic Controller on NMH2 is a joke. The Wiimote & Nunchuk works alot better.

My advice people, don't let Yahtzee's critiques discourage you. Considering that he's taken points off of games for open world elements before, he's not one to bitch about NMH2 resorting to a menu system. The core gameplay has been improved so much over the first game that you won't really miss the sandbox elements. It's clear that Yahtzee just doesn't want to admit that a sequel, let alone one on the Wii is good.

don't want to get this game! I hated the first one! great review!

in my opinion, the first one is a terribad game for this several reasons:

-earning money is quite annoying
-the "bosses" sucks, they are all like regular people but with an INSANE ability skill, such us fire-bending
-you have a vehicle for transport in the city, and people would expect something like "atleast I can run over people from the street, which is fun" but in this terrible game, you CAN'T

I bet the game it's actually a "Desperate Struggle" regarding to the 50 ranks

You've clearly never been to a party on the International Space Station.

I would say it's too bad the 360 port never came about...but no it really isn't much of a shame lol

esp seeing similarities in Lollipop Chainsaw, and I kinda quickly lost interest in that game

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