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The Arms Race

While Graham tries to fix a real problem, James and Matt are locked in mortal idiocy.

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Absolutely brilliant, I love me some Commodore Hustle.

hehe Sir James von Landlord... nice

Oh, poor James von Landlord.

I now feel an urge to buy a massive toy gun now.

James Von Landlord does not seem that bad.
also i was laughing so hard when Paul was saying he needs to give a beet and then revolve it.
It is very apparent why Matt does not have a girlfriend.

EDIT: Tim does have a lot of nerf guns.
also Arthur b. Borington opened up a creepy doll store? it must of not worked out!

I lost it at the Vanilla Ice thing. Brilliant! I love how Graham just looked like he wasn't expecting the beetroot.

EDIT: Now that I think closer, isn't it a misquote? Doesn't he actually say "Check out the hook[1] while my DJ revolves it"?

[1] In a musical context, a hook is a musical riff or the like to make the song more "catchy."

That was a great episode of Mythbusters.

Nerf Hwachas triumph over all other weapons!!

Man that's a lot of Nerf Guns there...I want all those Nerf Guns.

Well it's nice to see Tim was prepared at any rate. And you seem to be keeping with the tradition of regular movement of the moonbase. Is somebody chasing you?

Yes! Another cH! Easily my favorite LRR series, although it all is brilliant.

I particularly liked this one, as I actually recently rediscovered Nerf guns with my friends as well. Is it bad that I own and could name all of the guns used in this video? (The Recon, the Longstrike, Longshot, Vulcan, and the clip from the Raider)

Also, an error: Matt brings in a single box, but has the Longstrike and the clip from the Raider when assembled, which would require 2 boxes.

Also, I want Paul's design for his missile rack.

The LRR crew should come down to Minnesota and have a Nerf war with my friends! Or maybe a tournament, of Home and Away games. This could become an international sport!

Fresh new cHustle makes me happy.

Those Nerf guns were scary looking. And people say Video Games cause violence.

Ahh, so thats what decimate actually means... I've learned something today :)

Almost split my sides laughing at the 'beet'

Anyone else get Predator flashbacks once Paul was holding that sweet-ass Nerf gun?

Paul: Man of Science, and of Manliness.

Does this ocunt as a Commodore Hustle?

This is my favourite episode in ageesss! I loved James Von Landlord AND I love Mythbusters AND Kathleen is great AND Matt wasn't just being a douche AND Paul got to invent stuff! (More successful stuff than the Underwater Tree Top Eutopia).

You guys are totally on a role at the minute! My long term love of LRR is greater than even my love of Yahtzee. SHOCKHORROR!

...Are you really moving the MoonBase for the thrid (fourth?) time?

I almost forgot! I loved the beet/beat joke! Paul+ Graham > Morcombe + Wise


*fangirl happiness*

Wow. This has to be my Favorite LRR So Far!

Revolving Beet was classic. as was the creepy doll!

I love me some new cHustle!

The Vanilla Ice bit was the best. And so topical for me as I have had that part of the song stuck in my head ever since The A-Team came out. It's kinda hard to explain...

Anyways, great episode.

cH! Yay for more cH!

That nerf missle launcher was nice.

Also that doll is REALLY creepy.

It's a shame the war's over...

Saunders with Dartageddon vs. Sevenhuysen with a shit-ton of guns would've been uber-epic...T_T

Aw man, the vanilla ice quote was epic win.


Secondly, creepy doll will haunt my nightmares.

I love Nerf Guns :D I collect them. The Longshot is awesome.

Fuck it, I declare war on those doll-things. Freaky little fuckers. I want one...

Never understood the appeal of NERF guns and the like myself...

A lot of people on the Escapist seem to enjoy them, I just don't see it.

Also, you reference "The Warriors". I must go watch the movie, and then play the badass game again, too.

I love me some Hustle-verse, I can't believe you guys are moving office again though. Also: Man these Beets are so fresh!

What a grand Hustle that was, bravo brave sirs (and madam) bravo.

"Check out this beat (beet), watch the DJ revolve it" was pure brilliance! This was by far the funniest episode I've seen of this show just because of that line. Good job.

hehe! Brilliant! <3 CH, and the new format as always is awesome.

XD at "Sir James Von Landlord"!

The heat comment was so true too, huh? =P

God i love commodore hustle and in the words of vanilliam ice if you got a problem yo, i'll solve it.

"In America"...i want that shirt.

This just proves (once again) that Paul is the definition of awesomeness! Love the episode, better than Gay Chicken o_O That says a lot!

First: NERF!

B. One of the best mashups of 90's pop-rap and vegetable interpretation I've seen in a long time.

III. Notice when this childish (read stupid but fun) things go on the women folk are far from it?

Finally: NERF! *twitch twitch*

Good to know there are other people who know what the word decimate means.

Vanilla Ice: You have a problem? Yo, I'll solve it. Check out this beet while the DJ revolves it.

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