LoadingReadyRun: The Arms Race

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Loved the Vanilla Ice part. Also, my little brother has one of those Nerf guns, the one with the belt magazine.

I have two Nerf guns on my desk right now, largely because of Tim posting pictures of his arsenal on Twitter.

Also, nothing makes a Monday better than a new commodoreHUSTLE.

Dude, that episode of Mythbusters rocked. It was awesome.

I love the Vanilla Ice spoof. "Yo, you have a problem, yo, I'll solve it. Check out this beet while the DJ revolves it."

You guys were just looking for a place to put that, didn't you? Haha.

didnt they move out of there a billion years ago?

You folks have really stepped up your quality lately. :) I love what I see! Also, I'm curious; did you buy the small armory of nerf weapons, or did you just pool everyones personal stash that works with LRR? Cause that's quite an impressive array of choices. :)

didnt they move out of there a billion years ago?

Not exactly, Moonbase Mk. III is pretty much complete and moved in since about.. April? I think it was April. Definitely recent, so this must've been in the works for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

I had many lulz, all of which I have shared with LRR's Twitter account, as I'm barely going to post here anymore.

Oh I love Commodore Hustle so much.

This was so funny.

Another awesome video. Love LRR

I would have to say this is the funniest episode yet. Nerf gun wars are amazing.

Possibly the best one so far.

Gotta love Nerf guns.

Also, that thing Paul built, does it actually worK?

The beet part, unexpected and very funny. Great Commodore Hustle episode.

Haha loved the creepy doll thing. Japanese ghosts are always creepier.

WTF was that creepy doll???

LOL at Matt and James having a war with nerf guns

I also love the Vanilla Ice part with the "beet"

cH is the best thing you guys do - i kinda wish the escapist bought cH and not LRR, so we got epic lols once a month, it's been getting crap since cH S2 E1... but this episode was fucking epic - although as usual it was 10 - 15 minutes too short... cH Season 1 was the most brilliant show on the internet, and i've seen every episodes at least once to every other video, especially cH: S1 E6 - Viral.

Have I ever mentioned Borington is the greatest villain ever!?! .... Well I should have.

The Arms Race

While Graham tries to fix a real problem, James and Matt are locked in mortal idiocy.

Watch Video

I want a GEARS OF TIM T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!

LRR I'd like you to know that I and my Nerf gun sweetness very much enjoyed this video.

Yeah, I'm not usually that creepy.

hehe Sir James von Landlord... nice

Even better... check out the closing credits! He's even credited as James von Landlord Whitney!
Incredible episode of cHustle there. I couldn't stop laughing!

That WAS a great episode of mythbusters!


The Milli Vanilli reference had me laughing so hard my ribs hurt...

is it wrong that I've always thought of Graham as handsome?

Loved "Check out this Beet". The James von Landlord thing was great too. Great cHustle episode this week.

Haha awesome! It looks like CH has got a direction again and that makes it even better! Did you film this when you moved to the new moonbase, or is the old one still intact just as you left it? Also, poor Stockholm :P

Creepy doll is also a song by Jonathan coulton who wrote still alive for portal. Smart

The creepy doll that Graham gets scared of is a real stuffy I made based on a character I drew in a comic long ago:

Best one in a while, but cH normally is. The centimate conversation was the best.

Nerf guns are always fun, Kathleen and her creepy dolls (sorry, figurines ;) ) was hilarious, and when I saw Paul arrive with his snazzy goggles and superior firepower made me think: "he *is* the Supreme Commander".
Thank goodness for the Commodore Hustle, it makes Monday bearable!! =D

no oneder:
Vanilla Ice: You have a problem? Yo, I'll solve it. Check out this beet while the DJ revolves it.

I have to go out and buy a beet now just so I can carry it around to make that joke.

Also, best episode in a long time, I think I'm the only one who gets that the space of time this is set in is when you guys were moving out of the second moonbase

The beet bit was so random.

Nothing can compete with Dartageddon.

Loved this video guys... I just recently started checking out NERF guns again. They are quite fun indeed...

Creepy doll needs to make another appearance...

Now I really want a Nerf gun. I wonder if I still have some in a closet around here...

Also, that doll will haunt my dreams.

Paul is badass

Nerf guns make any office better.

Is that the THIRD moonbase? I thought you JUST moved in to the second. Or am I getting this mixed up?

Also, that Revolvin' Beet was the funniest thing I have seen on the internet. I cannot remember (though there doubtlessly was) the last time I laughed out loud at something on the internet.

So is this a re-enactment of the last time you moved? And was Graham wearing a Little Kuriboh Shirt... in America?

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