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Ways to Use a Vuvuzela

Admit it, you went and bought one. Now that no one cares about football anymore, what do you DO with it?

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Edit: No Sam Raimi :(

Bubbles! Brilliant! *goes to buy a vuvuzela*

Hilarious, now if only I had bought one...

All of those umuch better than the original use!


I got 3... For free... Because I had to deliver 3 parcels... And they actually stole the flower vase idea from me.

I Want to try the bubbles idea!!! It looks so fun!

I notice there's no "Instrument" one...

Peg leg! That was awesome.

Tim's face with the cold medication was so cute!
unfortunately i did not buy one now i can't make bubbles!

Maybe I should start measuring stuff in vuvuzelameters (vm) now.....

And....OH SHIT!! It's a Dire Vuvuzela! Everyone RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! >_____<

Anyway... you really think they'll still use vuvuzelas four years from now? I personally doubt it. We shall see...

EDIT -- And I thought the only good use for a vuvuzela was this:

What happened to Paul's leg?!


laughed all the way through

So, were you able to disconnect the bubbles? Or were they just stuck there forever?


Anyway... you really think they'll still use vuvuzelas four years from now? I personally doubt it. We shall see...


Being that Vuvuzelas were primarily a South African creation, I doubt it.

Brilliant! I must say though. no Sam Ramis? I suppose the first person running over of paul was a pseudo-Sam Ramis but not really.

"How far is it to the 7-11 do you think?"

"Oh... probably about 10 vuvuzelameters."



Personally I think giving the world cup a soundtrack of tortured goats was a good move on South Africa's part. It gives it a bit of that "je ne sais quoi".

No Sam Raimi!? How dare you! How very dare you! Get out of my sight!

As per usual, incredibly funny.
Little sad there was no Sam Raimi though...

I loved it! This was probably my favourite Ways To video yet!

The shot with Paul pouring the cold syrup into the vuvuzela was classic :)

Loved Kathleen's reaction to the wandering Vuvuzela.

Sorta combination of confusion and horror. Very suitable I think.

funny, very funny

'the legend of the Dire Vuvuzela spread like wildfire, that whole cities ran in fear from its sonic destruction.'

if i played d&d i would so use this

The bubbldes were totally my favourite, however, Romeo Graham and Juliette Kathleen come a very close second!

I haven't bought it but you get used to it, especially near the half-finals of the WC.

hahaha! excellent peg leg at the end

paul was on fire for this one and old cathleen was hilarious!


Ha! Vuvuzelameters, perfect! screw metric thats the proper way to measure,

Vuvuzelameters: The measurement of distance that is approximate to one vuvuzelameters

Vuvuzelaliters: Approximate measurement of liquid (to the equivalent density of cough syrup) that would fill up a vuvuzela.

Onyx Oblivion:
What happened to Paul's leg?!


Must've been Tim. He did run Paul over.

Looks like Tim needs yet another vuvuzela head-bonk from Graham and/or Kathleen.

Wait a second! Why wasn't James the police officer?

They better ban this insidious instrument in brazil! D:<

I'm off to buy a vuvuzela- bubbles!

Well. I'd probably actually use it just for the hidden weapon.

I can see how the volcano looked like a good idea at the time, but in practice...

Or do I just have a filthy NSFW mind?

That was the funniest one in a while.

I hope you shot the plunger one after the others!

So I guess there was no work safe way to say gigantic dildo?

Loved the video as always, and I have one last suggestion for you, which is not actually mine, but stolen from a recent xkcd comic.


Click it, it's funny

Moose call and Wandering Monster for the win! The first time I heard one, I thought someone was torturing a moose.

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