Zero Punctuation: Viewer's Choice: Duke Nukem Forever

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So... I voted for this, does that mean I won?

Not really... If you entered in the contest, you have one chance of winning for each vote you placed. They just wanted to see what our favourite episode was. THe only problem was that they didn't choose ALL the episodes, so if they had, the outcome might have been different

Oh... nuts.

My personal favourite is the Zack and Wiki review.

Common Gearbox. Make me happy in the pants.

for god sake yahtzee review some better games! regret to inform you i havent actually watched a vid of yours since red dead redemption! always seems to be crappy wii games you review lately.....

It's... kinda sad that it took me a while to realize he was reviewing a game that didn't exist (I thought he started reviewing a previous Duke Nukem game), so I didn't get half the jokes :P

Time to re-re-watch...

A gun that shoots dogs vs a gun that shoots shirukens and lightning.

That was and epic battle indeed.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the gun that shoots dogs also had tits and was on fire.

(late to the party, but that rarely stops me.)

This review is awesome! That's why it won.

It's really hard to chose between his best reviews, Myself I adore every single one of them. But this one sure had it's moment of glory when you read the reactions by people who actually thought it had been released.

Totally called it.

Now wheres my badge?!

I'm gonna repeat what I said in the finale thread since there probably isn't anyone reading that.

Aw man, I missed the finale! I don't get it, round 4 was up for like 2 days, this one not even one. I hate time zones >.< Oh well, what can you do?

I would have voted for painkiller. It simply made me laugh more. DNF was more interesting than funny. But I gues the gaming industry has been fixated with DNF for a decade or two, and everything that references it is automatically awesome. I would of course rather play DNF than Painkiller, but this is about the review, and though I enjoyed listening to what Yahtzee made up about DNF, I didn't laugh at it.

Painkiller is the iconic ZP, IMHO. If I recommend ZP to someone, I post a link to painkiller. It represents what makes ZP great, and that is why it deserves to win. The winner shouldn't be a novelty that will never be repeated, it should be a reminder of why we come back every week to watch the new regular review of games that actually exist. Painkiller FTW!

This is my personal top 5:
Just Cause 2
Demon's Souls
Halo Wars

So congratulations, you are the winners according to one dude on the internet. Still, I'm fakkin' A-söme, so you should feel proud.

I would like to finish by saying to Yahtzee, now that you see how much we care, please do more and longer videos! I just can't get enough!

But I would like to comment on the contest itself. I did make an account in order to vote, so I feel obligated. The fact that we won't be getting a new episode sucks, but this gave me another reason for rewatching these awesome videos. And it also forced me to evaluate them, which gave me a nice insight into why I love ZP.

Now comes the time where I complain about stuff, this is a forum after all. My favourite, Darksiders, didn't stand much of a chance since people didn't realise this was a contest about the reviews and it went against Bioshock in the first round. The west division was overpowered and Mailbag showdown sucks, the only funny part is "Go team retard!"

I wanted Blood on the Sands to win, that review cracks me up every time

One of my favorites. What other game is so good that it was released with an "RP" rating? Here's to you, Duke!

YHurray! My choice passed the voting :D

Jedi Sasquatch:
Honestly, did anybody not see this coming?

I think that is kinda the point.

Wait so you know how your suppose to get awarded a prize or something because your most faourited video/watched, when do i get to recieve my free copy of yhatzees auti biography or whatever the fuck it is :D

Further more i find it quite remarkable why is name rhymes with Nazi lol.

*laughs* I had forgotten about this review. It deserved to win.

complaining that its a review of a game that doesn't exist is missing the point.

It's a review of game industry hype and its fans and the idiots that poor money into the machine. The fact that he used a non-existent game as his device, makes the review no less important his other best reviews. Its winning is not an embarrassment for the escapist. Complaining about it winning however.....


yay...... I mean I voted against Duke Nukem in every round but still.....yay
i was glad to be part of the democratic process
I learned an important lesson; your vote only counts if you side with the astoundingly thick majority.

Not that your bitter about your defeat or anything.

This post proves that it's the small things in life that really matter.

I knew this game was gonna win. Duke Nukem would be so proud.

Out-fucking-standing, an entire contest just so that they wouldn't have to bother deciding which video to repost.

I don't really understand why we had this voting thing in the first place. Couldn't we done something a little bit more clever? Like say I don't know hire somebody to do a zero puncuation for Yahtzee so while we understand that Yahtzee's away we still get a new video? Sure people wouldn't like it as much but it's better than giving people a video to watch that's still exist to be viewed.

Or like how about a extra special zero puncuation roast where fans can send in all sorts of searing and yet hilarious complaints about Yahtzee with members of the esacpist pitching in.

Or! Or. We could just leave the entry for zero puncuation empty for this week. I mean rehashing a video is right up there with clip show in terms of season padding. And this isn't even a tv series so why does it need a filler video?

this is deffently one of my favorite videos,
abosluty "Sub-Lime" from start to finish and if i will jam forks in my eyes if i ever use those words to describe anything else every again!

Pity about Wolfenstein gone so early but Duke deserves it.
P.S.:So? Who are lucky winners?

I dunno, but I liked this review, though my favorite was Dragon Age review. "Shadowhumper" stills makes me chuckle after oh-so-many many times I have watched it. Oh well...

So does this mean that Yahtzee is not in fact a successful games critic or reviewer but instead comedian and satirist?

Hmm, methinks he is having his cake and eating it because he is both.

So... what happens if Gearbox actually does finish the "Duke Nukum Forever" project and release it? Will he do another review?

Unlikely on both counts I know, but fun to think about.

Loved this one. Great exploration of what a 'perfect' game would be like while mocking the whole DNF fiasco. The sheer uniqueness of it easily made it a favorite methinks.

Wait, so his best review is of a game that doesn't actually exist...?

The world doesn't make sense to me anymore.

if you did not vote it voted duke nukem forever i think.

anyway, for some reason, i have not seen this one before... even though i thought i have seen them all already. odd.

I noticed that he said it had 6 axis control and achievments. what strange magical console was he playing.

Sorry the fact that it doesn't really exist made it funnier ^_^


Wait, so there's no new ZP this week? Wait, he's on holiday. Right

That's exactly what I was thinking, this whole tournament was just so he wouldn't have to work this week... damnit.

at least 10 people will win his book,so it wasn't a total waste of time,right?

Of course this was going to win, only Yahtzee would make a review like this.

Meh, definately one of the good ones, but not the best.

I seriously thought shurikens and lightning was going to win. :P

Maybe if the game had actually had the flaming-tits gun, it would have won.

What I love so much about this review is...
a) it is funny (obviously)
b) it is ball achingly nit picky
c) that in the next weeks review someone ACTUALLY emailled to ask where to get it!

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