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Wang Wei:
I don't really see the point on trading in a fps when you can just as easily kill your enemies for the stuff they have. Funny stuff, keep it going.

you clearly don't have tf2. Valve cosidered people getting the items the other person has by killing them, but then whenever someone has a new, interesting weapon, they become public enemy no 1, and everyone will ignore the point of the game even more, just to chase down the lone sod

do NOT make fun of ol' guadalajara!

Don't have this problem on the CnB servers :)

But yeah last thing I want is to deal with people like that in a game, though at least I can burn and shoot people in a game. Can't do that to Egyptian touts around the monuments. I hate those guys.

Grey Carter:

Sir John the Net Knight:

Oooooh, I like this one!!! It is so true!!! I've been playing since trading was implemented because of work, and ever time I get on a server now, I feel like the chat's flooded with trade offers. Thankfully, the Escapist server is not as bad as others.

Of course it isn't. They're too busy playing grab-ass to do anything remotely productive.

One thing that should be kept in mind about Team Fortress 2. In the wake of any major update, you're going to have a majority of the populace focused on the new content. Don't worry about trading, it will die down eventually when people run out of shit to trade. And dedicated trading servers are already emerging.

Side Note: Clutch being a horrible gamer is shown here again. Sniper does not push cart.

If you look at the panel you'll see Clutch making a statement indicating he rarely pushes the cart. The idea is since every other player is busy a sniper and medic have to push the cart.

Yes, but I was trying to point out the running joke of the series that Clutch is out of his element in the gaming world. Unless he's playing M:tG then his Seagull is making you it's bitch.

Sorry for the necro, but my heart skipped a beat when I read the "may not know any girls" part. No idea anyone had even still heard of Flashlight Brown!

Song in question is ready to roll, for who's interested.

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