A Handy Glossary of Yahtzee Terms

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A Handy Glossary of Yahtzee Terms

Yahtzee explains some of his most commonly-used phrases.

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Brought a smile to my face and made me question the size of my gut as usual.

Fat? I am not fat.....ok, I am a little bit.

Yahtzee praising Uncharted?

I bet he's going to be sore in the morning.

The comparison of Space Invaders and Kane & Lynch made me giggle. Other than that, getting out of ideas of what to write, hmm?

Damn you sir! You make me lose The Game and insult my waistline in the same article? You, sir, are no gentleman!

I always thought it was pretty clear what you were talking about with Depth and Immersion, but I really needed that clarification of what you meant by Fat.

I wasn't aware that weighing 105 pounds qualifies as "fat" nowadays. Ah, well. To the liposuction clinic!

I stopped taking wasteline-critique years ago :o.
Very enjoyable article, really liked the bit about immersion personally.

Casual Shinji:
Yahtzee praising Uncharted?

I bet he's going to be sore in the morning.

He liked the game itself, he just hated Nathan Drake.

I'm fat? Well you sir, are fat and ugly. Also, your hat is stupid.

I think Yahtzee has reached a new low. Trying to give us a vocabulary lesson like a cheesed off English prof who's run out of tea and then tagging it with a schoolyard insult. I'd post another pic of The Fonz, but it doesn't even seem to be worth the bother, at this point.

I think I'll go play FFXIII.

I'm not fat.


I've not had any trouble understanding much of the slang you've used, but that might be because of my British nationality as well as my families obsession with Australian soap-operas.

So...Was this intentional?

I only ask because Spider-Man 2009 featured worshipers of Thor who believed Spider-Man to be the herald of Thor.

So the idea of talking about getting it wrong, with Spider-Man merch no less...

This, I liked; It definitely seemed wittier than usual.

And the Space invaders remark was awesome.

I understood what you meant most of the time. Can't think of any time you haven't made sense. BESIDES the MGS4 review, which I hold against you to this very day. The "Booty" line made me chuckle. I wonder how many people are going to scour through your articles to find that one word just to laugh at the differences in culture for five seconds before making lolcats or something like that.

Oh and by the way, my gut only overhangs by a fraction of an inch. According to Wii fit, I am borderline underweight.

Calumon: But Jack keeps feeding me!

Jack: I don't! You steal food from the pantry.

"Damning with fine praise"? I think you mean "damning with faint praise".

And if you take a look at my profile pic, you will see that I am in fact a very lithe dragon and not overweight at all. Not like that fatass Smaug.

It's true about Space Invaders. Well, I assume...I couldn't get through the first Kane & Lynch and couldn't be bothered with the second.

Also, I'M NOT FAT...I just have the uncanny ability to down an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting...it's talent, not an addiction and I can stop any time...preferably once this Boston Cream Pie is gone.

Shame people don't understand some terms and forced you to do this. Found it funny anyways. P.S. I am not fat, just well rounded.

We don't take kindly to your complexicated foreigner talk round har!

This was just a creative way of saying you lost the game, now, wasn't it, Yahtzee?

How did you know I'm fat? Did you check me out on my webcam again?

Sorry, no Webcam jokes yet? Well, I'm making one.

It was really interesting to see what you mean when you explained these definitions, it certainly adds more depth to your reviews than just prattling, and you happen to make judgment that is more than condemning the many games you play (or praise for those select few).

Hehe I stopped being fat a long while before I pretty much stopped playing videogames alltogether,I 've been even better ever since.

Still it is a fitting general term for a good stretch of the gaming populace I suppose...

Casual Shinji:
Yahtzee praising Uncharted?

I bet he's going to be sore in the morning.

To be fair he never really said the games were bad in his reviews, he just disliked the writing and sticky cover system. When it comes to actual gameplay, he did say they were unoriginal, but not bad by any stretch.

I was listening to you until you said you were off to play FF XIII.

Tut tut

The only thing that's really thrown me off is "thick."

Now I get it in the sense of "thick skulled" i.e. stupid or a self diagnosed austistic.

Thick to me ment someone slightly overweight, but it's cute or at the vevry least not unattractive. Like the cute boss you so desperatly want to get with and would gladly loose your job over.

What were we talking about again?

Yahtzee, what have you done?! By calling everyone fat, you've made fat average, so now obese is fat and average is skinny and skinny is anorexic thin which has now become "How can you even exist?" size. The measurement system is now ruined!

Also, because you made me lose the game, I must do this

I spent six years of my childhood in England before moving to Texas so I've never had an issue understanding what he's talking about. Plus, British slang is funny.

Hey, I'm not fa-...wait, yeah I guess 'kinda am.

I think we have undeniable proof that Yahtzee avoids the forum of his videos. He wasn't sure if he could just claim all of his viewers were "unread thickypoes" and had to do a lackluster job of preventative defense.

Here is some helpful advice, most of them are.

The comparison of Space Invaders and Kane & Lynch made me giggle. Other than that, getting out of ideas of what to write, hmm?

How did you get that impression?

I'm not fat, I'm muscular. Not the same thing.

I found this pretty useless, because the way you use the words is not that different from how everyone else use them. Well, at least those of "everyone else" that aren't stupid.

I was listening to you until you said you were off to play FF XIII.

Tut tut

Well he said he'd be taking a piss through about 60% of it.

I can understand how someone without an English degree, or a Master's in some other wordy social science based topic might have a hard time getting what you are talking about from week to week. Your vocabulary probably brushes up against the 20,000 mark while the typical troglodyte that manages to bring up your reviews via banging the keyboard with their primitive truncheon after having tried unsuccessfully to eat it is still at the "ook-grog" stag of word development, yet they have enough of a lizard section to their brain that they can appreciate the flashy colors of Final Fantasy.

It is good that you care so much for these verbally downtrodden to give them a guide to your brobdingnagian thesaurus like spiteful ramblings about a medium that remains only slightly above the animation age ghetto in utilization for serious story telling experiences.

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