Zero Punctuation: Fallout: New Vegas

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Ironic Pirate:

Damn, I was hoping he would review something new and interesting... like Vanquish...

Why does everyone say Vanquish is new or interesting? It's maybe a tad more interesting than Army of Two, but so is paste.

Yahtzee has mentioned in the Cain And Lynch 2 video that third person shooters are dull and boring since you spend your entire time sitting behind cover taking potshots at enemy's heads in dark rooms. By comparison, Vanquish has you in a brightly lit series of stark white environments gunning down enemies at mach 2. It only forces you into cover in order to let your suit recover, and for the most part it rewards speed and skill and discourages sitting in cover.

I figured he would take the opportunity to mention a new IP that actually managed to make an entire game based on third-person shooting interesting (essentially making it a counterpoint to the CaL2 video). Unfortunately, a massive amount of quality games have come out recently so he could only do one or two of them before the Black Ops review (since there is no way his fans would let him wait a week or two on that one...)

So I haven't even watched this yet, but I almost shat myself in uncontrollable happiness when I played the clip and it was NOT prefaced by someone yelling "Were YOU just wondering who created the ULTIMATE MONSTER MEAT STICK???!!!"

Or whatever they say. I'm glad to be rid of those Slim Jim commercials. The Old Spice ones have always been a lot funnier anyway.

Interesting variation of your reviews


I'd actually enjoy and entire sereis of yhatzee doing a per (in game) day narrtion of his gameplay for this for 3 months.

Dante Spears:
While good comedic value, where the hell was the review?

Basically he was saying, it's the same as Fallout 3, no review needed because he already covered it.

I watched my friend battle the mutant, bee/fly things and watched him reload about 18 times as they swarmed him and a person he was guarding while trying to get to a Ranger station. It would have been hilarious if I were a jerk, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for him having to reload and reload and reload to just try to get to a ranger station.

"And then the game froze up."

Adventures in Fallout's world end like this, whether it be in the Capitol Wasteland or New Vegas or California.

I find it creepy that his story is pretty much identical to my first game file, minus all the "hardcore' stuff. I find that to be more a pain than anything else.

Yahtzee should stop making reviews and start making feature movies in this style! ^^

Props on the different take on the review narration. Two thumbs up.

I have yet to try hardcore mode, mainly because I like to dick around and steal shit. The enemies, well, the monstrous ones, are a bit harder this time around than in Fallout 3, which isn't a bad thing at all, I guess. I still hate killing mole rats. Fucking cyber dog killing the mole rats. Also had lots of sex, as a woman. Really, you call them Charlies?

Hahaha! I saw the ending coming from a mile away!

Dante Spears:
While good comedic value, where the hell was the review?

It was basically in his Fallout 3 review.

A + is bad when it has to do with a disease, so I have the same problem as you do while thinking about HIV, but really a "yes" or "no" would work with "do you have that virus?" Soda makes you hyperactive, so you lose water, but really you didn't mention doing any extra activity that would cause dehydration.

Oh dear god, I can relate so much to his experiences in the game except I was taken down by giant radscorpions before I could continue north. And dang it, the game has froze up on me so many times it is about to overtake Naughty Bear's tendency to freeze. Still, I can't help but love this game. I really don't know why I'm so addicted to it but time literally flies when I play. Enough ranting, more complementing. Great review Yahtzee, keep up the good work.

so did he enjoy it? because I sure am!

HAHAHAHA, this has got to be one of the funnier ones. You know I am almost willing to bet 2k caps, I mean dollars that Hardcore mode came from a mod my friend told me about someone made for Fallout 3. Also you forgot you ammo took weight. I remember the first time I tried to go to new vegas got my ass malled by Deathclaws (...damn). But yeah I had it freeze up on me one time fast travel (happened to a friend to). My favorite was when the game dropped to 1, yes I am not kidding 1 FPS on my xbox. I had to restart my console to play. Game is full of glitches, your commrades might as well kill the enemies, mods for the guns are okay, and weight of the ammo sometimes is bull. Oh also the Wrangle casino needs to get their blackjack tables monitored, I only won 2 hands out of 20 (there were draws in there included one where the dealer pulled a blackjack when I did). Also if the dealer is on a 3 card hand you pretty much lost

There is no review here, it's back in his Fallout 3 review, obviously. I liked the story, though.

And yes, this nonsense that soda dehydrates you more is getting tired. If soda didn't actually hydrate me, I would've died back in 2006 (the year in which I drank nothing BUT soda).

Also: It sounds like they were half-assed about the hardmode thing. Sure, you had to drink and sleep, but is there a stamina meter for running in which you have to stop for breath? Did you get fat and move slower when you ate too much?

I'm going to go ahead and equate the changes from Fallout 3 in New Vegas to the changes made in San Andreas as compared to Grand Theft Auto 3.

Both games used similar graphics engines and game mechanics to their counterparts except the sequels added stuff about bodily funtions. All the elements acted the same except the whole "being in a new area with new people/monsters" bit. The difference here is that San Andreas added more inovation to GTA than New Vegas did to Fallout.

That was great. I hope you do a video like this again, at least for a Role-Playing Game.

Haha, funny review as always Yahtzee.

I suppose this means you found it "alright" like Fallout 3?

Hmm. How many games exactly do you think are more than "alright"? I know you're a cynic, but other than Half-Life and Silent Hill... are you not impressed with anything?

He is impressed with other games, hes smart in keeping high standards because frankly, most games are pretty bad these days. I remember he enjoyed the thief games, spoke well of mass effect, and iam quite certain hes a Deus Ex fan. Among others iam sure. Ill bet he likes Homeworld btw, looking at your avatar.

This felt more like a story than a review, lol.

That was one of the best reviews in a long time.

Nice review, loved the music.

Still might buy the game since I haven't really played fallout 3.


so a game regardless of how good can't be a game of the year?

I can just as easily say "Despite how bad it is." and mean the same thing.
See how it works both ways? I'm being objective here, not subjective.

When a game has measurable, technical failures like all of these Gamebryo-Engine games have, do they really deserve those accolades year after year? I honestly can't say they do.

We've lowered our standards so glitchy, unfinished games can take on the mantle of "Best of the Best".
Today, as long as it works on the Xbox 360, and sports the latest Dynamic Bloom Lighting and Pixel Shader 2 tech, it's excused from having technical issues because DAMN IT LOOKS GOOD.

Real story: You remember Fallout 3, and how it sported those amazing Havoc Physics?
They were so buggy, that when I entered the Capital Building and the Congressional Hall, the corpse of a dead mercenary glitched out, stretched into a thin human boomerang, and FLEW AROUND THE ROOM SPINNING VIOLENTLY due to shitty programming.

I laughed my ass off, and then cried a little because I realized what I was playing was a gilded turd. By this point though, I hadn't finished the RUSHED-OUT-THE-DOOR-IN-A-DAY script and ending for the main story, so I was still optimistic.

Back on topic...

Bethesda has had EIGHT YEARS to iron out the bugs in the Gamebryo Engine (starting with Morrowind. Oh yes. The Oblivion engine is a direct descendant of Morrowind's, plus the Radiant AI.)
In that time, DOZENS of solid, works-out-of-the-box game engines have rolled by in the mainstream. Hundreds, if you count indie-projects like "Spring".

They have no excuse for that. None. And yet these assclowns keep awarding GOTY to them.
Why? Well, it's great marketing for one. And I remember the marketing blitz they did with Fallout 3. I watched the live demo, and thought it was awesome.

Little did I know that they crammed all the best parts of the game into the first 30 minutes of gameplay. And there's no plot threads to follow apart from the main story, so once you've done your mission, that's it.
No more characterization. Just get yer reward and it's out the door. Have fun doing Bethesda's Job with the GECK though! They know we did in Oblivion!

And just to drive the point home, there is an example of a game engine that has evolved and improved over the years, and is still in use today despite being 8 years old: Valve's Counterstrike: Source Engine.
It's multi-platform. It very VERY RARELY crashes. It too, uses Havoc Physics.

So I ask: Why do we lower our standards like this? Why should we expect the game to crash every 30 minutes if we didn't win the video card lottery?
How long are we going to tolerate this sequel exploitation model until we all wake up and realize that we've been playing the same fucking thing for 3 years?

Well, as long as recycled products like New Vegas and Black Ops continue to win accolades and churn out money, forever.

And that's just fucking depressing.

Much as I love the game, this review comically highlights many of my frustrations with it (though not my biggest one: shitty map physics. If I'm gonna be stopped by a wall, it had better be visible).

Dante Spears:
While good comedic value, where the hell was the review?

Back in 2008 for fallout 3 or better yet, back in 2007 for oblivion.

That was a great rant, Atmos Duality.


It still amazes me that people give Yahtzee's opinion any sort of weight. He's a comedian not a critic, folks. He may point out things that are worth your time to consider, but if you base your purchasing decision solely upon his 'reviews', you're really doing yourself a disservice. You may bleat now. Thank you.

Isn't that a bit contradictory? If he brings up points worthy of consideration, why does it amaze you that people give his opinion "any sort of weight"?

I have a feeling there's much more to the game than what Yahtzee experienced. I did say he's gonna hate it though, looks like i was right.

Really Yahtzee, you should stay away from hundred-hour-long RPGs. I have a feeling you won't ever like anything that doesn't live up to your gameplay standards, regardless of story, content or anything else. So otherwise great games like Planescape Torment and Legacy of Kain are forever lost in your cheap thrills mentality.

Entertaining, but I feel he should wrap things up a bit better on next week's Extra Punctuation.

Dante Spears:
While good comedic value, where the hell was the review?

Refer to Fallout 3.

That review actually gives me the impression you enjoyed the game, until it froze on you.

I've waited forever to see you review that game, and it still makes me excited to get my hands on it, Am I right to do so? or am I not interpreting your review properly?

Eclectic Dreck:

Goodness, Yahtzee was rushing through that game--I thought I got to New Vegas a bit ahead of schedule, and I had about 5000 caps and a couple of weeks of game time under my belt beforehand. Great review, though -- it's great to see a review that isn't just complaining about the bugs.

ED: I'd kind of been hoping that Yahtzee would get jumped by Deathclaws rather than Cazadors on his northerly shortcut...I was really wondering what ZP art he'd break out for a Deathclaw...

On my first play though I was broke by the time I hit vegas because I always felt the need to purchase every Stimpack and doctor bag I could find and constantly bought shiny new things that were only marginally better than my rusty old things. On my second play through I had enormous piles of money because I realized if I was simply not stupid when playing I wouldn't need a billion stimpacks and doctor bags and felt no need to check out shiny new things when I could just find a version of it eventually for free anyhow.

Admittedly, my experience might have been due to the fact that I specialized in energy weapons right off the bat, so I was using only a laser pistol for the first part of the game. There weren't really any interesting armor upgrades that couldn't be looted (and, seriously, you get more armor than you know what to do with), so really I didn't have much to do with caps other than ammo you couldn't buy for love nor money.

Also, while I understand where Yahtzee is coming from, it's really funny to hear him say that 2k caps seemed like more than there were in the whole world, considering my current character is sitting on 23k after a big spending spree (had to invest in ammo & repairs before clearing out The Fort), and I've probably 40-60k of collected loot I can't be bothered to sell. I find the economy marvelously realistic: it works about as well as an economy based on bottle caps would IRL. :-) A few high-stakes games of Caravan (even with a default, randomized deck) will get you several thousand caps in no time, and you get so much random loot that I tend to clear out the merchants' supply of cash, leaving me with what's basically a barter economy.

Also, it's odd he didn't realize there were other ways of getting in The Strip -- he seemed to mostly miss out on side questing or, for that matter, gambling. He also seemed to miss out on the little things that make NV so much better than Fallout 3 -- being able to specialize in energy weapons right from the start, the map feeling *huge* precisely because of the Cazadors and Deathclaws in the middle, the fact that the factions are actually pretty realistically defined, with no clear "good" or "evil" factions (even Caesar makes a convincing case for why he's doing the right thing).

Oh, and remember how you complained in your Fallout 3 review about big-name voice actors having bit roles and falling off the face of the planet? NV lets you have Felicia Day following you around punching things and Wayne Newton reading your exploits on the radio. They addressed your first complaint in the episode! I'd at least think that deserves a mention...

All in all, a quality ZP episode, but one that didn't really delve that deep into its subject material. Still high-larious.

This was a fun review to watch and makes me want to unpack my copy of New Vegas, install it and steal everything that is not nailed down!


Soda has sugar in it which dehydrates you, its common sense.

You mean common knowledge.

It still amazes me that people give Yahtzee's opinion any sort of weight. He's a comedian not a critic, folks. He may point out things that are worth your time to consider, but if you base your purchasing decision solely upon his 'reviews', you're really doing yourself a disservice. You may bleat now. Thank you.

About all that was really relevent was the bit about how it's basically 'Fallout: More Edition', and the lock-up... which, come to think of it, isn't really all that accurate, because the damn thing locks up on me constantly. If he only experienced the one, and it was that far into the game (at least 4-6 hours of playing), he should consider himself lucky.

Actually, he says in his SSBB viewer comment review that he's a critic.

That's it, I'm not buying New Vegas till they fix all the bugs.

Wasn't much of a review, but hell, who cares?

It's Yahtzee and it's hilarious.

I think after hearing about so many game crashing glitches from all across the board I think I'm going to wait for the game of the year edition to come out with all the DLC stuff as well on it. Still, awesome change of pace from your normal reviews and the music was a funny as hell touch.

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