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Why do I feel a sudden urge to force-feed Kathleen?

I'm dislike the bi-weekly change, but I can live with it. With things like Daily Drop and their own comedy shorts, the LRR team has their work cut out for them. I kinda hope we see a bit more variety in their posts now, though. I was getting a bit (only a little, weeny bit) tired of: 'ENN, Unskippable, ENN, Unskippable, ENN, Unskippable, ENN, *SINGLE RANDOM BONUS VIDEO*, Unskippable'.

Thanks for all the hard work during Desert Bus, LRR!

This was posted last week on their site -

Just a quick update to let you all know that ENN will be going bi-weekly for the foreseeable future. The plan at this point is to skip this week [today] and have the the first bi-weekly episode up next week. We and the Escapist both love ENN, and we're hoping the longer timeframe will give Graham, Paul, Kathleen and myself the opportunity to do even better things with the series going forward.

Although the Tetris story has been exaggerated for comedy value, it has been used to psychological testing and has been studied using HCI (Human Computer Interaction) techniques. If I remember rightly, there's a book written about it.

For example -

dont they mean bi-monthly as in twice a month
bi-weekly means twice a week

For you Graham, I would be Bi-Weekly =3


Right...because Bi-weekly doesn't mean twice a week, by proper use of language constructs...Instead, we use agricultural terms, where bi-[time period] means it happens once per two of said time period. Because that clearly makes more sense.

i want a smile ball

1000+ cars?

it's called DLC...

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