Name Game: Luke's Legacy Part 3

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Luke's Legacy Part 3

The story that really went nowhere.

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It may have went nowhere but was entertaining nonetheless...

Run, Lola, RUN! *German techno music blares*

Wish I was part of that family!

That's a pretty neat backstory....
And I wish someone in my family, or me, got a chance to punch Gaga.

Well, she had it coming...

I'd punch Lady Gaga too! Heck, I wanna punch her right now!!!

an actual punchline. fantastic!

Was not expecting the Lady Gaga bit... but it was a welcome surprise. I wonder what would actually happen to you if you punched her... Hmm...

i'll give a cake to anyone that punches lady gaga

Why is he not smiling in the last panel?

Last pixel had me in stitches! xD

an actual punchline. fantastic!

I c wut you did thar

And it was funny ;)

I think everyone wants to punch Lady GaGa, even those who "like" her xD

How do you make Lady Gaga cry?
Poke her Face.


Was it a crying game moment though?

Best name game so far imo :)

thats why lady gaga fainted. she was suffering from a hemerage.

Was this whole story geared towards that whole Lady Gaga joke? If so I think the whole comic timing thing needs to be refined a tad.
On a side note: I'm not quite sure where all the Lady Gaga hate comes from. Okay, her music is mindless, yet insidious dross; she's overtly sexualized, yet only averagely attractive; and she is little more than a mannequin for her own ego and its media bandwagon; but I seem to remember another woman doing something similar about 25 or so years ago, I think her name was Madonna, I might have to look that up though as she wasn't hugely successful.

Well that explains what's with lady gaga, but what's wrong with jack?

Jack should audition for Spiderman the Musical. Working in theater is hard: Sometimes you just have to knuckle down and bare it!

I've read a few of these now, but it just seems like another "we work in a game store cuz we love games, but we hate the store and the customers" comic. Which is something that doesnt appeal to me.

Wonderful buildup to the ending there.

an actual punchline. fantastic!


And who WOULDN'T punch Lady Gaga?

All that build-up for that last punch-line?

Fecking worth it.

Lady Gaga Totally deserved it.

I feel like this entire comic was a long set up for a punching lady gaga joke. Would that be considered a punch line? Anyhow, that was worth it. I lol'd.

Yes, part of your family did punch Lady Gaga.

And that part of your family is AWESOME.

Wow, this was a whole new kind of pointless. Still funny, though.

I love how, after all that... Lady Gaga being punched by Jack is all that stayed in Lando's mind. To be fair though, I'd love to be part of a family that includes a member who punched out Lady Gaga. And I'd love to work in a video game store (my current job in a supermarket is decent, but nowhere near as good as working with games :D). If only life was like fiction... :(

I don't know if I've ever stopped to say that you have a great series, and you should keep up the great work.
Just some words of encouragement.

I'm not asking for a deep, dramatic, miscarriage-related backstory, but if you're going to start a backstory-arc, you may want it to actually have some payoff.

Seriously, that wasn't even an ending.

The Cheezy One:
Wish I was part of that family!

Indeed, I wish I could have the opportunity to say "Part of my family punched Lady Gaga"

XD Priceless

i guess we all would punch lady gaga then

If someone in my family punched lady gaga I think I'd worship them like a god

it's just family skeletons... juicy family skeletons XD

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