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i really enjoyed this format. maybe i was getting sick of the news desk format but the best difference was how much more open this is. you actually get to see the groups reaction and you dont have to give that stoic delivery. I would like to see this more often, Especially since the ENN has only been released once every two weeks lately. This seems like you could keep it up without it taking nearly as much time

The Newsroom was still funny, but I feel like ENN has a lot more punch to the jokes and it flows a lot better.

While it seemed a little bit more natural then trying to do a newshow, it didn't seem completely "free-form", as in it still seemed like a show, rather then capturing the process of you guys coming up with funny jokes. If there was a way you could get that more across, I would be much more interested in that rather then doing a cross-breed between the two ideas.

Just a comment: Bungie does not own the rights to Oni. So, no Oni 2, at least, not from Bungie.

The rights to Oni and Myth passed to Take Two in the Microsoft buyout.

That was incredibly enjoyable, thanks.

Love it! Keep this stlye! (or switch between them week to to week)

I liked and enjoyed that, Good job

its really good i really like this but its too much like phail hous'

Hilarious. Do more.Your god demands it!

(ps I'm in ur hevins, beeing ur god)


Unfortunately the super dry delivery of the early episodes wasn't clicking with most of The Escapist audience, so we switched it up a couple months ago.
This is just another, more substantial switch-up, to see if it would work.

We're trying new things!

I think this format works. I enjoyed it.

Part of the enjoyment is seeing the crew react to their own jokes-- something probably inappropriate for the more serious newsdesk setting.

It might work well in a rotation with the regular ENN format.

This was fantastic.

Seriously. So much better than ENN.

Oh wow that was awesome, it felt totally personal and completely random, giving it a real authentic feel as well as allowing you guys to talk about some of the topics from a completely different perspective. Well done I hadn't laughed that hard in a while. thanks.

Go back to the more "Professional" ENN - it makes Kathleen look way hotter! Oh, and for some reason, the jokes seem much better...

I LOVED IT! IT WAS GREAT! especially the cock-screen!

ewww, comic-sans....

Paul's disgust with Comic Sans made me laugh quite o lot. Great episode guys!

I actually enjoyed the format more than your previous videos.

My wife and I watched this together. She likes the other format better, but I think the newsroom gives us more jokes-per-minute.

So how about a compromise? Keep doing the newsroom - which obviously takes less time to produce - and go back to a weekly schedule.

I loved it, funnier than usual. But at the same time, /sad face, i like Comic Sans.

I loved this one. =D
Cockscreen. LOAWL

That was great, not as comical, but more charming. I think you need to do this as well as your normal show!

I need the fantasy back.

I like that episode, it was different and still funny.
Is that Mark Sauceman's iPad, in front of Jeremy?
If so....that's hilarious.

Eh, i prefer the other approach, it seems more organized and professional, it seems more like a brainstorm than an actual show, would be understandable if this was a weekly show, and the good thing: after a looong day of graphic design classes pauls comic sans joke had me laughing uncontrollably.

I like it, its phailhous and enn mixed together in a synergenic way

The thing is.. even though it was funny and quirky. If I had a choice to watch ENNN vs. ENN, Id always pick ENN.
So, great format, but its not as funny to me.

VectorZero likes this.

Yeah, that new THQ logo is kinda hard to look at. And Q in THQ is Quality now? So, as you said, it's supposedly now Toy Head Quality (instead of Toy Headquarters)?

...You know what, Totally Hot Quidditch would sound lots better than that.
(For anyone going "WTF?" to that, that's from the "Darksiders" episode of Unskippable.)

But anyway, Jer's aged (H) guy in a queue (Q) while drinking tea (T) probably wins this episode.

I think this could be used for s separate series. I enjoy the ENN series and whatnot, but this idea works as well.

Maybe they can drop ENN and do PhailHaĆ¼s from now on :D.

Still ENN but also ENNN

all is funny

all your funny are belong to us

This is great! I have to say much better than ENN. Not like that was bad but this one feels more relaxed and much more free to communicate with the audience. :) Also, I laughed my buttocks off at the whole THQ thing. Very original! Liked Jeremy's and Graham's the best! :D so unique and mickey-taking! :D Great job!

This did remind me alot of Phailhaus, but I have to say that I prefer the regular ENN format. Now if you did this in like a "every so often" sort of way, I wouldn't mind so much. I like ENN the way it's normally presented, but this was still entertaining. It was definitely different and a fun experiment, and I think it could be brought back, but that it wasn't quite your normal feel.

No offense, but to me this seemed like a regular ENN where you hadn't bothered to dress up, set up the set and do the graphics. Jokes were pretty much like I expect from you guys, so at least the core was there. But honestly, I just got a "screw it, let's just do it half-assed and be done with it" vibe.

Feel free to experiment with the format - that's all good in my book. But don't leave it like this.

"It's an aged person in a queue drinking Tea!"

I took me a moment, then I got it :D.. I blame that on not being native to English.

You guys are consistently releasing the most enjoyable content on The Escapist site, and this was no different. Please keep up the good work.

That was a lot funnier than previous episodes! I particularly like the cock screen, "5 guys blocking you: in formation"

Keep it up with the diagrams and other neat visuals like the copyright stamps.

I do however, miss classy-looking Graham.

Yeah, that new THQ logo is kinda hard to look at. And Q in THQ is Quality now? So, as you said, it's supposedly now Toy Head Quality (instead of Toy Headquarters)?

Toy Head Quality had me thinking two things. Head Toys, which one would obviously be used for smoking all that Grass THQ seems to be inhaling, and something made with the same quality as Toy Heads, i.e. of plastic and rather low quality.

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