Show About Games Show: Kinectimals & Big Planets

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The furry bit scarred me for life. The LBP setup was quite impressive, however.

First half SUCKED acting was terrible, and not even funny terrible, just overacted by morons terrible. The second half....was glorious!

To those saying the Kinectimals segment is creepy..

...have you just now discovered the internet...?!

First half SUCKED acting was terrible, and not even funny terrible, just overacted by morons terrible. The second half....was glorious!

^Exactly. It's like the 1 episode in reverse, where the beginning was good but the finale was meh.

The LBP part was AWESOME! Keep it up!

I love the way you were like 'yeah I guess I can throw in some LBP to kill time' then proceed with awesomeness.


First half SUCKED acting was terrible, and not even funny terrible, just overacted by morons terrible. The second half....was glorious!

^Exactly. It's like the 1 episode in reverse, where the beginning was good but the finale was meh.

yea im actually really sick of these kinds where these non actors try to keep jokes running that had no fuel to begin with. It seems like some guys getting together and having a five minute convo about kinectimals would be funnier than the opening of this ep. and then almost all the fanboys go and say how funny it was, therefore it never improves. that being said however the little big planet part was brilliant and should probably be made into a completely different video so people dont have to suffer the first half.

Not terribly impressed with the opening skit. Again, I thought the comedy was rather bland, and the deliveries were weak and awkward, making it very hard to be funny. The 'maniacal laugh' at the very end of that skit made me facepalm.

Aside from that, the Little Big Planet section was very impressive. Bravo on that. I can't imagine how many takes of that you guys went through.

The Little Big Planet bit was absolutely awesome! You guys have way too much time on your hands and I'm jealous...

Only criticism: Breaking the "180 rule" @ 1:25 wasn't cool...

I've never played Little Big Planet but that was awesome guys. The rest of the video was pretty o.k. but the ending was the best out of that entire video. Keep up the good work guys.

As a film maker, I'm very impressed with the fluidity and bravado with which you accomplished that one-take shot at the end. Brilliant, cute, epic, and fun. A faithful and just representation of the game. :) *tips hat* Until next week.

That was freaking amazing. Awesome work guys, the kinect skit didn't really do it for me but the LBP really makes me want to follow this show

I had trouble sitting through the first half, I don't know what it was about it. I just didn't enjoy it at all.

However as everyone has said, the LBP thing was just amazing. I somewhat doubt you did that just for this weeks show though.

God damn that was freaking adorable.

The first part was weird, and I didn't much enjoy it, but as a fan of LBP, that whole segment was completely awesome.

What... what did I just look at.

That was...beautiful

The "Kinectimals 'Furry' edition" really just.....

The unicycle part just didn't make sense to me...


I've just had my mind creeped out, then blown to pieces. Great episode!

Ok, that whole kinectimals thing creeped me the f--- out, but the LBP segment was completely awesome and I'm not even a big fan of that game.

Okay, it go's without saying that the LBP thing is awesome xD. But I think I need to putting something in context for all you fine people.

I'm a furry, made a lot of friends through it, don't wear the silly, and from what I've heard hot as hell mascot suits but still. and that sketch creeped me out BIG time. Really I'm not sure WHO that sketch was for. Normal furries would be annoyed, most normal people would cringe. Then there's the Trolls, and the "Creepy furries", and there reaction.... Is worse then the sketch itself xD.

Anyhow, flame me if ya like for being odd, I'm just here to say, if it wasn't obvious, we're not like that xD, anyway, have a nice day and all that ^^

I have never played little big planet (or kinectimals for that matter) but the little big planet sets were amazing. You must have filled half a house with them. I'll definitely be checking back next thursday. Look forward to seeing more fellas :)

Opening skit, doesn't do it for me.

Transition, not as good as the pilots.

Live-action LBP? Simply superb.

LBP-a capella? You own me.

I, like the most of us, thought that was the most amazing video for LBP that I've ever seen, heard, or ...tasted? I also thought the unicycle was pretty funny, cause unicycles are funny.

Little Big Planet FTW. I thought the Kinect part was creepy and smelled a lot like fail. The video has rewatch value and forward on value, but I would skip to the end and would recommend other viewers to do the same.

That little big planet scene was insane.

The LBP stuff was indeed awesome.

Agreed! It was well worth sitting through the first skit to see.

I really didn't like the first skit either. I think that skits should only be that long if they're utterly hilarious the whole way through, or if the final punchline is extremely clever (and neither of these were the case in the first skit, I'm afraid). Otherwise, I would just suggest a quick flurry of short, humourous clips/skits - there's not enough time to allow anything to get too awkward, there's bound to be at least something in there to appeal to each individual viewer, and, if nothing else, it will at least remain entertaining and avoid being tedious.

I'm not saying that the first skit in this episode was particularly tedious, but it was getting there.

Yes the Kinectimals set was funny. but you blew it out of the water with the Litte Big Planet secion. That was quite simpley one of the best things I've seen all year, and I've seen a lot of things...

That was funny stuff.
LBP scene at the end was amazing.
Good Job

I kinda want that LBP acapella thing as an MP3 file. And subsequently my ringtone :p

Very impressed with the LBP scene at the end. First skit was also not bad.

I'm looking forward to future episodes now guys! Keep up the good work!

I want that song at the end as an MP3... <<

Du eet nao.

Kinectimals part was funny but creepy. But was it me that thought he was going to beat the crap out of the furry guy at the end? The LBP part was awesome, so much work put into it. Great job guys.

I was about to write this off after last weeks, but that little big planet sketch was unbelievably cute.

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