Zero Punctuation: Minecraft

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This was the most amusing review of a game that Yahtzee liked yet. I note with pleasure that he didn't take the obvious "Creepers = Dongs" joke route as it is well overdone, but nevertheless rendered them just differently enough to make their appearance ever more suggestive. And now I want to suggest that Fisher Price take up his call to make Baby's First Shoggoth. I'd get it for my kids... maybe a mobile of the Old Gods? You know, something along those lines.

Well, I have to say this is pretty awesome. I'm sure Notch will appreciate this.

Overrated Minecraft is overrated.

So, former convicts, murderous wildlife, inhospitable deserts, and now, Poseidon's wrath? Sounds pretty bad. If I didnt literally only have about $200 in my account, I might consider helping out.

anyway, minecraft seems to be about what i expected, a sort of find your own fun, dont expect the developers to hand it to you sort of thing, aka, not my type of game.

Ah Minecraft, that game I'm actually not too bothered about right now because I have other things to play. Shame all my Minecraft playing friends keep having a go at me and assume just because I don't play Minecraft means I hate it with a passion. I'm sure I would like it if I played it but there are other things to do.

No you don't need to go to sleep. You can stay up, play Minecraft, MINE OBSIDIAN, LOTS OF OBSIDIAN.

OT: *sigh* oh I wish I wasn't so fucking poor, I want this game so bad :(

From what i can tell Minecraft is like Little Big Planet without all the cuteness and it seems to just give you the toys but no instructions on how to build the damn thing. But still good review and good luck to everyone affected by the flood.

I still wish I could get the fucking thing.

I wanna make an actual castle in the clouds... Followed by the minecraft world's first subway system.

But no, it's paypal only, and fuck me.

What? Did Yahtzee review something? I'm too busy building my sky fortress...

Was expecting him to wait for it to actually come out before reviewing it, though if I remember correctly his first video here reviewed a demo as well. All well, not a big deal.

Good video, look forward to next week's.

Maybe the minecraft multiplayer would appeal. Sure, you CAN build marvelous structures with the help of friends, but why do that when you can travel the land with a torch as the herald of fiery destruction, or build a lava canal under your friend's house, then dig him a trap door.

YES! I have been waiting for this one! Too bad it had to happen because Australia had a flood and Yahtzee couldn't get any other games, but it was good nonetheless. Why do I have a strange feeling he won't touch any server with a ten foot pole?


I've got enough shit to do without becoming addicted to Minecraft :(

Wow, didn't see that coming! Nice episode, but not enough hate :(

Fuck my overenthusiasm. Got so exited I posted before the 5 min banhammer was gone. But it's nice to know even Yahtzee is not immune to minecraft's infinite piles of joy.

I might play it now, if only to build a skull fortress in glasgow on a heroin binge..

Of course Yahtzee would make a giant skull fortress.

Every time I hear people talk about Minecraft, I oddly hate it more. Now I know how others fell when everyone talks about CoD.

Amusing episode overall.

I was wondering if we'd ever see a review of this. I figured it was impossible because there is very little "game" in Minecraft, and it's still only in beta anyway.

Anyway, it was quite funny, and I certainly know the feeling of having been struck by inspiration, only to look up 9 hours later from the top of a Doom Fortress.

Yes, Minecraft. The lego of the gaming world. The creepers are just like your little brother, ready to surprise you and destroy your giant tower which you spent hours looking for specific parts to build.


Great fun! I've seriously wanted to buy this game ever since my friend showed me his worlds.

oh noes shrubberies

Everybody hates creepers.

Oh God, the gold... I found gold once. And then I fell in lava.


Man, This last week I've spent more time playing Minecraft in school than doing schoolwork. It's exam week, and I don't study, but the teachers think I do. Only one left to go, and I'm doing fine.

Until then, I'm going to make a small villa in the deserts, for me and only me... unless someone can direct me to a multiplayer server, because I am a sad lonely soul.

I think EVERYONE has tried to build a skull fortress, hence why they are epic...

Now I just need a mod for sharks with laserbeams on their heads.

Notch has implied that sharks will be on their way. Are lasers really a fantastic idea...?

And about the tutorial: Notch has also implied adding one of those.

Gotta love the comparison to a Zelda/there will be blood hybrid.

Awesome as usual.
Was thinking of trying minecraft, best book a free weekend for myself.

I recently got addicted to Minecraft, myself (and I don't normally get addicted to games).
I quite enjoyed this review's use of cawk jokes.

I'm pretty sure there's a special place in hell just for the suicide shrubs. Not that Hell could keep creepers from exploding and setting their remaining brethren free. I've only ever played the old free version but I've watched friends with paid accounts play and it's tempting to buy it.

Looks intriguing, but I can't get any info on the hardware requirements..

Yet another review goes without mentioning the "Peaceful" difficulty option in which the only danger is sitting in lava for more than a second. It leaves out the monsters, though, so you can't make fertilizer nor TNT.

I've never thought I'd get angry over him not hating a game.
Seriously, Minecraft's alpha is an overrated POS.

Alright, I never played that game and to this day I still don't know what the fuck it is about. But when even extra credits and now (to some extend) yahtzee say it is a good game, I guess I need to finally give it a try.

Even people who are convinced that they will hate Minecraft become addicted. My girlfriend was vehemently against the idea of playing it, saying she doesn't like it when the game is obscure about its features, not liking open sand boxes and preferent having directions, and being completely grossed out by the graphics. yet, she tried it because I insisted. 10 minutes later, she bought the damn game, and now she is insisting that we play more minecraft instead of eating or sleeping.

Usually, I comply. I need an unhealthy dose of minecrack.

Nice SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSkullfortress you have there.

I love Minecraft because I love building crap but I also get distracted by my compulsion to punch sheep whenever I see them. I was getting better but then the sheep starting to come in more colors and it only got worse, way worse. Must...punch...sheep...

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