LoadingReadyRun: Discount Deities

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I knew smart phones and snuggies would bring about the apocalypse. Good thing I am prepared and have two of each!

good ol' arMEGAdon.
mind if I steal the catchphrase "get out of my cult"

I always knew Snuggies were meant for cults

...and Graham with a Southern accent is the natural choice to sell demonic deities

I can't tell if Graham has problems maintaining a southern accent, or if the accent suddenly cutting out is part of the act.

Haha I didn't even realize they were in Snuggies until the end.

dang it jerr finally got into a occult lol

I would like to see them make a story, like a 3 part sketch or more, this has some potential to become a story.
I would also like to see what happens to the cult.

lol! that was awesome.

just a niggling question though...
how can something be a pain in the dick for a woman?

Kathleen makes for a great Happy-Go-Lucky Cultist!


Kathleen saying "pain in the dick". Just awesome.

Top notch. Easily the best use of snuggies I've seen.

I do have one minor comment though: the pronunciation of 'Cthulu'. I've never liked that relaxed pronunciation most people use; its just not 'evil' enough for my liking. I prefer CTulu or Khloolu. Not a problem with the video, just something I wanted to mention.


So that's why LRR needs *additional* Jameses.

Like Commodore Hustle!!

Hm. I am in dire need of a haircut.


A. You're right, there is not fucking point then.
2. Was James cuddling with you improved?

This made me happy :) very very happy...

This is the first LRR I have seen in quite awhile, glad to see its just as hilarious as always.

Great job! Loved all the little jokes like the poisoned drink, adding in the silent 'h', and the joking about how you were wearing snuggies. "Newthulu", priceless.

Although Graham's Texan accent wasn't the best...

Great skit. I was happy you all realized you were wearing snuggies, because for the first few minutes I was watching thinking "Why are they wearing snuggies?"

This one was clever, but the acting really took me out of it. Morgan looked like he just didn't put much effort into it, and Paul's constant finger waving was distracting. Maybe transfer some of Paul's excess enthusiasm into Morgan.

I didn't think anything could make me not look like a massive Lovecraft fan boy. Thanks guys you've somehow taken the spotlight off me for my friends, I appreciate it.

That...that's a terrible accent...by the power vested in me by living in Texas for a time, I hereby excommunicate you from Texas, as well as ban you from all cowboy hats, lassos, saloons, rodeos, and wrangling of any sort.

That was hilarious. "What... no cellphone reception below 73rd street? That's terrible I live on 84th street."

I love that they snuggle at the end.

I can't say what I call Snuggies here cause I'd either get banned or just come away sounding like a douche.

But this was a cool episode, it reminded me of the "lesser greek gods" one you did waaaaaay back when. Only slightly, though, lol. Also, Yay! Morgan! And Yay internal references!

I like that The Escapist seems to have realised that the Internet is for big boys and girls and actually doesn't seem to be censoring swearing anymore.

Great performance Graham!

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