Anthony Saves The World: Episode 1.5: Pearl Harbor

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I was enjoying it until you guys got drunk then I just didnt find it funny.

The past few episodes were crap, this was the first one I actually liked. Yet, I keep watching them. Why do I keep watching them? Oh yeah, because I'm at work and have nothing better to do.

I really liked Anthony fumbling with the gun. I remember one of the first times I looked down a rifle sight I got my eye right next to the scope. The recoil slammed that scope right into my face. I would've given myself a black eye if I hadn't been wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Thanks for the nostalgia. I don't know how you guys make this show work, but you do. Keep it up ;).

heaps better this week :) i can hear whats being said AND the writing was heaps snappier!

I'm with the camp that says best one so far. As a gun enthusiast myself I thought the scene though highly disconcerting when thought about in real life, was hilarious in the episode and within the context of the series! Loved the drunken conversations. Also nice effects on the stabbing.

Why do you have so many versions of Monopoly? That seems redundant.

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