Zero Punctuation: Kirby's Epic Yarn

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It felt a lot like Yahtzee found out you couldn't actually die and just got pissed off and looked for other things to be angry at throughout the rest of the game. Yes, you can't die; if you really want you can just waltz through every level up till the end and beat it. I'll give that it's easy, even for a Kirby game (which rarely have much difficulty outside of say, Superstar Saga). Especially so if you decide you're above trying to collect everything and trying to get enough gems to achieve a gold medal on each level just because you decide the apartment bullshit is the actual endgame; if Yahtzee hadn't complimented the awesomeness of the Metaknight boss fight I might've doubted him having played it. But it's still an extremely fun and charming game if you're not just trying to hate it for being a fairly easy and absurdly cute 2D platformer (on, oh god, the Wii). The graphics are very nicely done and yarn theme is done well throughout the game and never swept to the side. It's sad that a lot of the hate in the thread seems to be directed toward the graphic style/cuteness of it all, or at least uses that as part of the excuse to hate it. It's not like playing and actually enjoying a cute game is a threat to your manhood. I admittedly found it endearingly adorable since due to how stupidly cute it is, it crosses the line twice: from just "cute" to "way too sickeningly cute" to "so god damn sickeningly cute that it's fucking adorable and irresistable."

Seven pages and not one person pointed out that he got the warp nacelle on his desk the wrong way round when he mentioned Captain Picard?

I must be a bigger nerd than I thought :(

Can't die? Sounds like this game should be called Kirby's Epic Yawn. BUDum-BING!
Anonymous: GET OF THE STAGE!!!!

Name a game in which your character can die. As in, if you mess up your game is over.

No. Almost every game, if you mess up you start back a little, with some minor penalty. Kirby is no different. You lose your beads and you respawn.

If anything, the death penalty in Kirby's Epic Yarn is greater than in most games.


Now name the games where you can grab your team mate and toss him at your enemies. Or grab your enemies and toss them at other enemies.

If nothing else, that is fun.

HE put the Necell on the desk backwards

wow he really did a nice little hypothetical analysis for this review :p seriously, hilarious quips all the way through I missed when I first viewed it

Just watched this one again, still funny as hell! One of my faves :D

love the moral oral joke that show rules

Watching this video makes me glad that I do not own a Nintendo Wii.

so apparently if you go to Yahtzee's house/apartment and mess up his DVDs that includes 3 copies of Black Hawk Down? :P loll

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