Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

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Meh, it was ok I guess. I will decide whether I like him or not after a few more episodes.

Also, I thought he was supposed to answer user-submitted questions? :S

Have to agree with some of the others here, your points are fine, but I feel an article would be equally effective in this situation. Also it'd help to begin delving into certain ideas and examples of video games using their unique features for artistic expression. Otherwise a great listen, so I'll continue to follow, even if you just feed us what we've already and wanted to hear.

Bit of a whiner to be honest. Basically said games aren't movies. The title was enough.

Maybe for the next video, try actually making some points. The entire video was just "games aren't films" repeated over and over. Well, aside from the fact that most people can pretty much figure that out on their own, how about illuminating how they're different, and how certain approaches to films don't work in games, and why they don't. Because as it is, this episode wasn't funny in the slightest, and didn't make a single interesting point that added to the whole video games v films discussion. It's neither here nor there.

Yahtzee does troll humour ten times better and Extra credits does insightful commentary ten times better, so right now this show seems pointless.

Games are not films and films are not games, yeah, what else is new? I`ll wait till he has something interesting to say.

I hope this guy ups his ante. Lately Escapists new weekly entries have been quite dull, save Extra Credits, which is quite awesome and well done. Jim doesn't add anything new to the roster...

I... what?

... well, obviously, I just... what?

It would have been an interesting article, if a kind of obvious one, but the video felt sloppy, like a YouTube rant. Splicing in random clips doesn't make it entertaining enough to watch.


I don't get it. Why do we need more videos people rambling into a microphone and calling it "commentary"? We have Yahtzee, Movie Bob (twice a week), and Extra Credits.

Well.. Maybe because more is better? Because people want something to chose from or even *grasp* watch it all.

Yay, a yahtzee and a movie bob hibred. cause that wont be troll feed.

Anyway, this one didnt impress me, but I dont like the argument. I'll have to wait and see with the next vid.

I thought the same thing if I'm honest.

On to the video though... Hideo Kojima is the Steven Spielberg of films you say?? Then what is Steven Spielberg the Steven Spielberg of? Think you meant games there. I'm done randomly nit picking, onto the more important stuff.

Iron Lightning:
Jim did make a couple audio flubs, though, such as: "Hideo Kojima is the Steven Spielberg of film." I recommend that Jim be a little more careful in the future.

Damn ninjas...

This seemed like a rant that anyone with any insight into gaming could have made. The fact that Nintendo started as a toy/card company is well known and you simply spend more time saying that everyone is stupid for wanting games to be like films as opposed to explaining how games could go in their own story telling direction. You basically ranted on for 6 of my precious life minutes calling me an idiot for an ideology that I don't share. Assuming it wasn't aimed at me then and you've just spent 6 of my precious life minutes telling me things I already know only in a patronising and condescending manner.

Swear less, flesh out ideas, stop repeating the same basic concept using different words, improve editing and talk about things that people may not know about and you may become worth watching.

Maybe I missed something, what where his points? I mean his original point that are new and not 5 years old and I already knew? Because basically all I heard was a slurred English accent cussing about fucking films and games for 5 fucking minutes. Games aren't fucking film, fuck.

That is not a new or original point, and a waste of an intro video.

Good lord, that was awful. I would give up my Silent Hill collection to see Yahtzee physically spank this man. He stumbled over his words, pretended to be angry so poorly it made me sad, and the glasses look like a completely transparent attempt at creating a signature "look."

I'm not usually the person to be snotty about these types of things, but I've come to expect a certain level of quality from Escapist shows, and GOOD GOD THAT WAS TERRIBLE. I even AGREE with him and I hated the show.

You know what? Scratch that. I want to see Lisa Foiles hit him with the Irritating Stick. This guy takes himself WAY too seriously. I will give this show another episode to be fair, but that was truly awful.

Welcome aboard, Jimbo

Hmm. Ok, I'm on board.
The only problem with that video was it seemed a little too long, ended up repeating himself a bit, but good points well made. Let's see what happens when he gets some questions to tackle.

Don't know what to think at the moment, he seemed a little condescending to begin with but about half-way through that changed. He does seem a bit too much like Yahtzee and that will probably hold him back here. Also his first video does seem like an easy topic to cover but as a first effort, not bad.

I'll wait until future videos before I judge him.

Interesting note, you said that hojeo ko- however you spell his name was called the steven spielberg of movies. Wouldn't that make more sense to say he's called the steven spielberg of games?

Pretty good for a first episode, but if he wants longevity on this site he will need to diversify his topics of choice, I've heard the Video game movie argument on thee Escapist before. But overall I'm happy with this. He Could tone down the rage a bit.

Also why is it cool for the video to have crudely drawn penises in them, but a poster gets banned for that? I'm not saying I want to be able to post crudely drawn pictures of penises. I am say I don't want see any while hearing about the finer points of the artistic medium of games.

Who tha fuck are you??
I like you, but...
Who tha fuck are you?!

i smell a new entry to extra consideration

id say meh at best IMO

topics been kinda beat to death

and at least in my mind when they say say "more like film" its about the prestige factor more then any thing cuz you talk to some one about a story in a game a lot of people are just gunna pifft it with out taking a look or if they take a look its almost a "awwww look what hes trying to do" *pats developer on the head* sorta deal..

So...it's entertaining because he says "fuck" a lot?

'Cause, otherwise, I feel like I've missed the joke.

lol yeah my thoughts exactly. I mean he has some interesting points I guess... but no more interesting then the general populace on this website.

It's kind of a shame that the point you are making was already clear after five seconds. Or, well, simply after reading the title and thinking about it for a few seconds, since it's bloody obvious. The video was okay, for someone who is saying the exact same thing for five minutes.

If you want to remain interesting though, you'll need some better topics, and some better thoughts about those topics. This might sound elitist, but the Escapist has been spamming us with in depth content for years now, so simply stating something provocating is not going to be enough.

..At least, for everyone who doesn't just watch Zero Punctuation. But that's still 10% of the whole community!

I probably won't make many friends with this statement. Why does everyone on this site have to ramble about how "video games are art"? I'm not saying they aren't, I'm just really, really, tired of hearing it.

Sorry but not a fan, a guy standing in front of a wall with a mic and random MS paint art is something I'd expect on the lower tiers of thatguywiththeglasses and not the quality of stuff on the escapist.

Alright, there was way too much genitalia in this.

i smell a new entry to extra consideration

I truly hope not. Nothing was said here that about 95% of the escapist population couldn't have said given a microphone and some aviators. In fact, I have aviators so just give me a microphone and a paycheck and I will crack one of these out as regularly as you like. Hell, 2 a day seems plausible.

Kinda felt like he was just stating the obvious. I mean, he didn't say anything that hasn't been said a million times already by Yatzee, Extra Credits, or Moviebob. Kind of like how what I just said has already been said by about a million other viewers.

Also: Tommy Wissau's dick? Kind of unnecessary. And hypocritical of the Escapist, since I was once but on probation for using the phrase "my wang". Fun fact.

ALSO: Jimquisistion is an absolutely TERRIBLE name. It's impossible to say without awkwardness.

Not really sure what the show's supposed to be about. I mean in general. Is he going for an Extra Credits-esque commentary? He doesn't really have the charisma to pull off a video show. I'll give it a few more weeks to get focused, but i'm not terribly impressed.

Hmmm... Jim's monologue went on for too long and my attention span has its limits. (I hated the monologue in Apocalypse Now)
He also made some mistakes. "Hideo Kojima is being called the Spielberg of films" Shouldn't that be 'of games'?

But as I started to stare into the screen out of boredom, without blinking my eyesight became blury. And them Jim looked like a big fly with those glasses! That cranked me up!

He has talent, the movies just need more effects/funny pictures and less "chubby guy in glasses doing a monologue".

Glad to see Jim Sterling doing more than a column here now. Hopefully, this is weekly show.

I do agree with his statements concerning Heavy Rain and the fuss about "movie-like experiences" in games. Not all films are good, and trying to sell a game as one, much less banking on it, is a huge mistake.

The same can be said of developers who say that their games are like films. Films have next to no involvement by the audience, outside of discussing the plot of the next sequel. However, if you give us an interactive experience that surpass films of a similar caliber, why not lean on that a bit? Show that games are better than films in their own ways?

Alright, there was way too much genitalia in this.

I'm glad someone else thought that. I thought it might have been my American Squeamishness acting up.

I really hope you aren't American, too.

Wow.......And people around here call MovieBob a pretentious, opinionated dickhead?

Try and say something New and, in any way, interesting without sounding like a pretentious badass-wannabe, and maybe I'll watch after the second episode....

Well, this one came out of nowhere. The show could be interesting. It seemed like Yahtzee suddenly got fatter and put himself on camera reading Extra Punctuation. The guy did fumble a couple of lines, so he should work on that. He did make some good points though. Overall, decent first effort. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here.

I can't stand Sterling's approach.
I do agree that David Cage is an affront to self-respecting game designers everywhere, and I do agree with the fundamental point of interactivity and cinema being two entirely disparate media.
But I can't stand Sterling's approach.

It's trite, it's exhausting, and due to the sheer hyperbole of the delivery, I find myself rejecting what arguments are presented.

There was, um, slightly more cock in this video than I was prepared to see.

Also, he didn't really say anything that Yahtzee hadn't been saying in a more coherent way for the last three years, did he?

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