Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

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Would have been better written the pictures didn't add anything to the argument and there were not funny like Extra credits. The pictures should reinforce the ideas or bring up tangents to the ideas. I can't say I laughed or found that he had anything to say that I hadn't already heard before. Maybe this time he was beating a dead horse, maybe if he had a fresher topic. I will watch twice more.


But he's not moving it forward - if he was then yes, I might stomach him a bit more.

Eh, debatable. I for one am glad that a game like Heavy Rain exists (and yes, it is a game, I don't care what anyone else says) and was as successful as it was. While it certainly had its flaws, I prefer to look at it in a more optimistic light and say that it's developing the medium in some way. It proved that you don't need explosions, gunplay, or blood+guts everywhere to sell a game, you can have a more mature, more adult game (whether or not is succeeded is beside the point).

As for him being passionate about it, I'm pretty sure I've heard him actively shun the idea of being called a game developer. He wants to be a film writer/director, and his lack of talent means he never got to do that.

That's more on what he thinks he is. He's still passionate about his visions and whatnot, and I respect that to an extent. I do think gaming needs a few more auteurs like with movies, it helps focus the direction a game would go.

Its just a shame that we put him on a pedestal.

I think Cage just imagines the pedestal is there ;P

"I think Cage just imagines the pedestal is there"

You've just put him on one.

And what's the point in looking at it in an optimistic light "just because"? We can use Minecraft to show how popular games can be without the need for violence. We can use Half Life and Portal for dialogue and storytelling. We can use Mafia and PoP: The Sands of Time for a strong leading character, for character development and chemistry.

David Cage is irrelevant. All those games did what he thinks he can do (they also fit in more than just the categories I put them in by the way, just using their best features), and they did it much better.

Meanwhile, at Destructoid...

I am surprised at the amount of comments on here that amount to "Huh? Who?", since Jim is one of the main attractions of Destructoid, and yet The Escapist has managed to nab him. It's like Yathzee doing an opinion series on Destructoid.

Augh...no, no, no. Boring, artless delivery style, absolutely no humor, and a five minute 'rant' (I hesitate to call it that because it implies some emotional connection or Yahtzee-style humour) that could have fit inside a thirty-second clip. Absolute crap, I shan't be watching again.


I did not mean to imply that stories in film are generally good. They most certainly are not. Still, it's a safe bet to say that for every game with a genuinely well told story, there are dozens and dozens of films with an equally or better told story. Not to mention that games have never reached the same heights of narrative quality that films has.

On the other hand, games able to really deliver a strong narrative as games have not been around for a particularly long time. The field from which really good narratives can be drawn is much smaller.

Games do have an inherent advantage over films though, which is the interactive component. The player is far more personally involved in a story that they've contributed to by their actions, even if those actions are as simple as walking a character from point A to point B so they can have a cutscene and a bossfight (which is why you'll occasionally hear people saying that the confused messes that comprise the average JRPG story are "good").

This was... *Remembers aftermath of first Lisa video* good... keep it up!

The people saying that Sterling's point is too obvious to make a video about clearly didn't notice the path that the videogame industry has been threading in the last decade.

The drawings were completely unnecessary.

Up front, I gotta say that the glasses make me think of Tony Clifton.

Like a lot of other folks here, it does feel that the visual direction of the movie can be lacking. However, I can see the appeal of it being a movie rather than a written article. His current style suggests, at least to me, stand up comedy. So perhaps the visuals of the movie could be tailored towards that direction for some zest? I can understand not wanting to be yet another Escapist animation or slideshow movie.

I've also never heard of this fellow before, so I don't have any ideas going into this one (although I will watch his other stuff later). The argument is sound if a bit slow in its arrival. Maybe it's just me, but I felt like the nerdrage over videogames not being movies or not being art died out after Ebert apologized. I don't think many here would argue with Jim about his statement. A is not B. It's a good tautology.

So I'm going to leave neutral. Thanks, Jim, and good luck with the new venue!

I like this guy.

Also, I wonder how many people didn't know who Bertolt Brecht was and then googled him?

Interesting new guy, look forward to next week.

I feel that you need a desk and a boom mic. maybe a better presentation.

Not to be rude, but I rather see The Big Picture then this. My reasons why are as following. At least get some decent audio going on. The music and the bad mic makes it hard to listen to. And the subject of this episode has been done to death. Just my two cents.

The first impression is that he says what had been said already (e.g. by moviebob) in a denser and more interesting way. It appears that he tries ranting like yathzee, which might explain the britishy accent (I'm no accent expert).
He also chose an issue which is known to hurt the little feelings of so many insecure gamers ;)

But oh well, I also didn't like Lisa at first, but I'm watchin her now. I'll give him a few more tries. He didn't blow my brain like zp, extra credits or the big picture did, though.


Because I needed another reason to hate Mondays...

You Sir, were 30 times better than this video :D

Seconded. I will be the 100th or so person to point out that this guy is a new, non-established loudmouth on a soapbox, preaching to an imaginary choir, while there are other, already-established loudmouths on taller soapboxes with several gospels written by and for them.
...I really should stop posting late at night, I sound wasted.


Frozen Donkey Wheel2:

ALSO: Jimquisistion is an absolutely TERRIBLE name. It's impossible to say without awkwardness.

It's inquisition, as in in the Spanish inquisition, but replace the 'n' with an 'm', and start with a 'J'...

It's a terrible play on words, but it's not difficult to say.

I....know that?

I just think the 'M' and the 'Q' right next to each other is really awkward.

I got the play on words. That's not my problem with it.

Jim is a badass. Since he is now here he has knocked off ZP as my sole reason for coming to this site (Other then the community.) Can't wait for more.

So...it's entertaining because he says "fuck" a lot?

'Cause, otherwise, I feel like I've missed the joke.

I'm sort of in the same boat. I don't get what was supposed to be interesting about him. He didn't say anything that I haven't read/heard/seen somewhere else before.

My only thought during this whole thing was "ok, he's clearly supposed to be kind of a jerk, but he's not likable in any way." And I still feel that way.

I'm sure he's probably got fans, but I'll probably be skipping Jimqusitions from now on.

... Ugh. The best thing about this show is the background music.

He has some valid points there, but this gig would probably work better as an article; That way he could avoid making me want to pull my own teeth out.

I watched it, but to be frank I wish I hadn't. He didn't really hash out anything MovieBob hasn't said, he just went on the same point, "movies/games are different", and swore a lot when he did it.

When the tag line for a new segment is "industry's biggest douchebag", I don't think you are trying to entertain or inform, just going for shock value.

I will not be watching this series and sincerely hope that the Escapist chooses to not run it anymore.

Okay what's with the retarded hand waving? It's annoying and diverts attention away from whatever it was he was saying.

The first impression is that he says what had been said already (e.g. by moviebob) in a denser and more interesting way. It appears that he tries ranting like yathzee, which might explain the britishy accent (I'm no accent expert).
He also chose an issue which is known to hurt the little feelings of so many insecure gamers ;)

But oh well, I also didn't like Lisa at first, but I'm watchin her now. I'll give him a few more tries. He didn't blow my brain like zp, extra credits or the big picture did, though.

Umm....the accent might possibly be explained by the fact that he was born in the uk and moved to America. Not that hard to figure out how someone could possibly have an accent.

Do not like!

Well to be perfectly honest it seems a bit pointless when put next to Extra Credits.
That sounds a lot more horrible than I meant.
I am aware that he will improve, it's only his first video and I probably will be checking back. He seems to be definately will become awesome and it's not like he's making the site worse, unlike... SOME... shows that I could mention.

He's not moving the medium forward though, he's moving it backwards by removing freedom of interaction. Heavy Rain is just an animated equivalent to a Visual Novel, not a game in any real sense of the word.

Heavy Rain is just a different style of game, nothing more nothing less. I am sick of people going "It's a movie/visual novel/one long QTE" because it's still a game. I has its shining moments and its faults, but it is a game no matter how you skew it. There are certainly some things that can be taken from Heavy Rain that can benefit gaming, like how you don't need to have a gritty space marine with a "mature" story to sell, you can have a darker, more adult game with a mature story. Whether or not it succeeds to you personally is beside the point.

Gaming does not only evolve by "removing the boundaries" or giving more interaction to the world. That is merely one aspect of the evolution of games. If you genuinely think that (which I'm pretty sure you don't), then you're more restricting to the medium than Cage is.

Sorry if I'm sounding hostile, I'm just sick of the same talk that I see about Heavy Rain and Cage.

David Cage needs to be picked up by a snatch squad in the middle of the night and taken to the secret facility where the hideous mutated thing that used to be Chris Roberts' career is kept, so he can understand the consequences of diving into the "I am a repressed movie maker honest" pit.

Or just duct tape his mouth, throw him in a room for a few hours, and let him realize that for himself :D

Aah. Okay. I see what you mean. I'll admit, when I first saw this title, I thought it was just going to be a rant about cutscenes or saying Heavy Rain is just a movie you have to press buttons to watch (which is to me like saying old-school adventure games are just cartoons you have to click the screen or enter text to watch, but I digress) but once I watched the video I understood your point completely.

The game industry isn't going to progress at all if it tries to be more like Hollywood and become a part of that industry. I mean, look at what the mess that is Hollywood as done to film as a whole - studio mandated, focus group oriented, lowest common denominator garbage.

Gaming emulating film =/= innovation. I'll agree with what I think Yahtzee said in that the most original, novel and innovative games I've played recently have been iPad games (as well as some indie XBLA games). The story telling in these games is as far away from film as you can possibly get, but I would say these seemingly inconsequential games by their very existence have contributed more to the growth and evolution of gaming as a whole than any triple A title released in the same period, simply because they're doing something different. They are something different. And this is a very good thing.

double post

I dont really like this new show...I guess I would call it a show. Even though he makes some excellent points I found him unentertaining. Perhaps the biggest problem was the excessive swearing which didnt add anything and in fact made him more bland for me. I know its hard to do in a sort of ironic/witty way like Yahtzee does it but it seems like he could have done something with it or left it out entirely.

Another issue was it just seemed like he was stating opinion and those who disagreed with him be damned. For example when he said video games and movies have developed completely differently I sat there continuing to listen to the rant and waiting for him to quanitify his opinion with the word because

So for me, I had a bland guy standing in front of me talking about a subject I already know and somewhat agree with that was giving us nothing except crudely drawn guy with his pants around his knees and video of him humping a stuffed animal. Those were really just "WTF am I watching?" moments. There was no humor, no educational value, nothing to even back up his claims

As is, Im not a fan but Ill check out the next one to see if anythings changed. If not then I just wont watch from then on. To those that did like it, hey more power to you. Im glad you found a show you like, its just not for me

Alright, first off, I wanna' say, I like this guy's character, or at least, it's fun to watch.

But he doesn't belong in front of a screen like that, holding his microphone, preaching to the choir. He needs to be this kind of reckless, crazy person that's throwing eggs at big development buildings, and demanding an interview with their CEOs while the police take him away.

He needs to go and poll the populous, hold a press rally, and have a little towel to wipe his brow, like Louis Armstrong, just because that works with him.

I want to see this guy outside, getting in people's faces. Because this is the right man to do it.

second'd. As an in-yo-face reporter down on the streets, he could really do an awesome show.

I didn't like it, he's got some interesting things to say, but I don't find him the lovable kind of douchebag.

This guy actually have only one purpose in everything he does: To start flame wars. He talks and act exactly like a troll does and it so happens that some sites are willing to actually give him his own show to stir up the hornet's nest. And he is very successful at that.

Really that's sad. I though the escapist was above that with quality show like Extra Credit but guess not.

Yahtzee does this rant thing all the time too but it's done with humor. It's not meant to be taken seriously or as a real or fair review of the games.

Jim, with the excessive swearing and condescending tone acts just like a sad forum troll and is extremely painful to watch.

Double post

First of ... BREATH.

Second, switch to decaf man.

On one hand, I do frequent Destructoid and I do enjoy the video-content on that site because this style of game commentary is common; the way articles are presented and the general community suits it nicely. It's a good site, for the most part, and it's fantastic because it's style of presentation and the way it interacts with the audience is so different to The Escapist.

On the other I don't think this style of video suits The Escapist particularly well; at the end of the day, however the content is presented, it's still another soap-box show explaining often condensing points about games to the very people whom already hold an opinion on that area and will then argue about it in the comments. It's another show in which the content creator deliberately speaks down to his audience in an attempt to garner additional, often flame-like arguments - it's another MovieBob essentially. Except Jim Sterling understands and is much more knowledgeable regarding video-games than Bob will ever be.

If the content is more analytical than previous Jimquisition's found on Destructoid [often the videos themselves are hilarious, but, much like this video - the core points made are few and far between] then I'm sure it'll be worth watching, even if they tend to be very inconsistent in their level of quality; but as it stands the content is to rant-like without the comedy to back it up, and the points made to condensing and lacking strong supporting arguments to really appeal to me.

Still it is nice to see The Escapist gathering new content that isn't mediocre.

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