Zero Punctuation: Crysis 2

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Great review, as always.

For a future review, could you consider 'Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom'?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on that.

To me, it feels like ICO meets Legend of Zelda, with a bit of the Metroid-style exploration. Plus it's got stealth gameplay elements, and we all know you're a fan of those.

Hilarious, as Yahtzee always is. I especially liked the part at the end. :D

And next week, Port... Mortal Kombat.

As always a great video. Just one thing, What's with the crazy dates? I would have thought that as an Ex-Pat you would have demanded the "correct" date format. To my eyes 04/20/2011 is some crazy non-existent date, the fourth of vigintember perhaps?

loved this one. one of yahtzee's best, for sure. as a PC purist, i particularly enjoyed his stab at PC gamers.

Graphics were top notch and while the story wasn't necessarily jaw dropping it was paced well. The ending was also pretty damn good though like Yahtzee said the ending was a little lack luster because you don't encounter more than 7 or 8 enemies at a time and you can sneak past them to the final scene.

I actually enjoy games screwing up new york. It brings a survival horror feel to it seeing my childhood burning to the ground while my neighbors are being assholes as usual. You're from Brooklyn, we get it!

Thought he'd rag on it more. Still, I preferred it to Crysis1... which is a bit weird, maybe due to my colour blindness...



I got an Omega symbol once

Oh Yahtzee... you just can't get over Nathan Drake, can you?

PLEASE can he do Portal 2, pretty please

Still uninterested in this game just meh.

If you had an energy bar for each of the powers, the game would have been stupidly easy (it already was anyway)

I just want to say Croshaw, you are not funny when talking about Japan. Not only because it's rude, but because I saw the cheap joke coming a million miles away.

Not that anyone cares what I have to say.

Im surprised you didn't mention the absolute WTF ending.

Oh come on, Kane and Lynch 2 was awesome. Sure it was run and gun fighting with cov.. Hahaha no, I just aimed for the head and shot them instead of ducking behind cover like a wuss. But you could duck behind cover if you really wanted to.

The game is basically a Tarantino movie, movies I now like thanks to games like K&L2, Wet, American McGees Alice. That sort of stylistic game which is awesome just because of the graphics.

Gameplay might not be the greatest ever, but graphically win

You know, I think that was the closest thing to a compliment that Yahtzee has given a game for a little while.

He's got a point about New York though XD

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