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I enjoyed it. The rest of you guys need to watch more cheesy 80s cartoons and movies.

"Those who play fair and square...ARE SQUARES!"

Funny stuff.

I wasn't even born by the time the 80's came and went, and I've still seen enough terrible 80's movies to find this awesome. Come on guys! You can do it!

It was fun, not as funny as some of the other stuff but fun none the less. I am rooting for the "bad" team, now if I only knew what was in the box.....

Formica Archonis:
A very surprising cliff hanger. I didn't expect his brother Coat to show up.


bahahaha awesome game

Oh snap, 2 parter! What will the conclusion be!

I enjoyed the animation, it was funny/fun. I liked all the little references.

I loved it, I want to see more!!

I found it funny. Sure the show couldn't always be like this but it was a good mix up of style. Also sweep the leg johnny.

At first I was like "meh :/"

but then near the end I was like "interesting"

I say keep doing skits, but a few episodes like this wouldn't be so bad...I WANT AN ENDING

Power glove?
Please be the power glove its sooooo bad!

Really enjoyed this, and your previous episode.

Wait a second... this isn't your way of saying that the show is canceled or something, is it? I mean, with 'Pop's' closing, and the video ending on a cliffhanger... it seems like it'd be the way to leave it as a joke. I hope I'm wrong though. This has always been an interesting series, even if it wasn't as great as it could have been. We've been losing too many shows lately.

Power glove?
Please be the power glove its sooooo bad!

That's what I thought the second I saw the package. :D

Great episode! The animation style amused me.

the guy with the 3D glasses in the bad-guys squad was awesome. Also, way to succesfully use the most steriotypical villian set-up ever that doesn't involve violence. (a rich kid with an evil dad that hires proffesionals to help him beat the good guys trying to win a tournament to save something they love).

I have liked every single episode of this show so far. But that was literally a waste of my time. That sucked.

If there is a concultion or part two. Then I will be very disappointed. Clever and funny. Well done. Have a celebrational Twinkie...... And remember, NO PART TWO!

Their website says this was the season finale... I seriously hope not. I want the conclusion to this!

I think you really have to have seen a lot of low budget movies from the 80's to understand the humor in this episode. I can imagine it being confusing to those who aren't in on the joke.
"I almost barfed vomit" is an actual quote from a Troma movie...

Also, a note on the animation... Did anyone else notice that this used all the same animation techniques as cheap Anime? It was complete with extremely minimalistic frames, two frame mouth-opening-and-closing talking animation, and a minions flying down from the sky and striking a single pose moment! They pretty much did everything but the single frame of someone running with flashing colors in the background trick.

Ahahaha, I really hope there'll be a second season! I've loved all your stuff so far. The quality is superb. Need. To. Know. Determined. Game...! x]

At first I was like...

But then I...


Seriously though, balls were loled off people; loled [insert dramatic pause] off.

so very nrilliant.
I loved this one, but it wasn't really funny
I meran it was a bit, nut other episodes were more
Its still good though

can't wait to know what happens next.

Liked it well enough.

What was that thing?
What was it?!

I like it, but I dont like how you are changing the shows style all of a sudden.

What's with all the negative comments? This was brilliant!

Here in the UK we no longer have Arcades.

We have SEGAcades!!

Seriously! I went to Southend the other day, and every arcade had the SAME GODDAMN SEGA CABINETS!! (Well one had a still functioning Daytona USA (still SEGA...)) and there were Time Crisis games, and another one or two other NAMCO machines, but it was 80% SEGA.

(And fruit machines, and 2p machines (which I am so glad were still there!), and claw-grabbers (which are now LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to win anything out of. The claws don't even close at all. they just twitch a little))

This was the final straw for me. The next day I bought an Arcade machine someone wanted to get rid off (didn't have the space for it).
Looking forward to playing some actual Arcade games, (one with joystick and buttons! OMG!).

I love 80's movies, I hope you guys keep going with this. Its mighty ducks meets the wizard. Good for you.

This. Methinks that the people who didn't think this was funny might be too young.

Uhh....GameShopShop is a parody of Gamestop, right?

Isn't the proliferation of stores LIKE Gamestop a result of the Console boom that killed Arcades in the first place? It seems a little inconsistent to enter a tournament hosted by the people who ARE trying to kill Arcades.....


I love 80's movies, I hope you guys keep going with this. Its mighty ducks meets the wizard. Good for you.

This. Methinks that the people who didn't think this was funny might be too young.

Your probably right, it has that cheeseyness that movies just don't have today. Also the frozen pictures are a good touch just to slather on some more cheese.

this was awesome! totally made my day :) good work guys!!

Fantastic! Funniest video Ive seen on the escapist in a long time!

y'know, there just aren't enough good spoofs of One Crazy Summer.

I look forward to the 2nd part.

Everybody watch, or the cute fuzzy bunnies win!

Wow.... yeah... there was so much humor there....

The joke is the cliffhanger. It's a joke for them. They get us all worked up, then never give us the ending. EVER. There was no 'To Be Continued' at the end, so that WAS the end.

2 awesome eps in a row! Keep it up guys.

Wow... team Rumble pack, I think that just says it all...

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