5 Tiny Things I Hope Get Changed in Skyrim

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I couldn't put my trinkets in the display case

Technically, Ms. Arendt you are completely wrong about this one. You could put things in your display cases.

Assuming you were talking about that one really nice house.

Rosewood Hall or such? You COULD open up the cases and put items in them.

However it was largely a pain in the ass to do so. They lacked any real system to do it well and that's probably what you meant which is completely correct. You have to do it in a crappy annoying jury rigged sort of way, with dropping shifting around the item by picking it up and holding it about, and if you want it even remotely how you want it, messing with some telekinesis spells to be able to control how the items moved better.

So you were right that they need a simple dedicated system for these things, but you are wrong if you were saying you couldn't do it at all because you can. It's just tedious, difficult and a royal pain in the ass.

Because of how the cases work if you opened one of mine a sword would fly put at the speed of sound and kill anyone it hit :/

Well that would make it pretty hard to steal from you.

I want a fugitive system instead of every guard in the universe having a psychic link that lets them know who you are immediately even if what ever crime you committed happened on the other side of the continent.

If you evade the guards initially I want wanted posters guards stopping people in the street "Please remove your helmet" *check wanted poster* "Move along".

And an economy with NPCs buying and selling things, with Morrowind's/Fallout 3's limited money per vendor. But without Morrowind's utterly broken restocking system.

And some hybrid of Oblivion Morrowind buy/sell interface, you can pick the percentage of the appraise value you want to buy/sell at then tweaking it with Morrowind's slider.



you forgot BUG REMOVAL! 5+ years after release and it,s still buggy! (yeah I know that some modder released a patch but it,s a 60$ AAA game not a Ikea product that you gotta fix yourself!)
Also I would like the audibility to dual wield dagger,s (maybe include it as a separate skill buffed by rogues/assassin,s?)

I'm guessing you mean "ability," not "audibility." But Skyrim lets you wield whatever you want in each hand. Dual daggers? Yep. Lightning in one hand, axe in other? Yep. Dual shields? Yep.

I want archery to deal more damage. Seriously. Bows are not peashooters, they are lethal weapons.

That has been confirmed :D! Isn't it awesome? And why does evergame make archers weaker than they are? I main reason I love the King Arthur game is because archers actually kill..... And I'm really tired of all the enemies who can walk around with 35 arrows.

I'd heard rumors about that, but I'm glad to see it's been confirmed. Honestly, considering the fact that bows are the weapons that effectively made knights in shining armor worth little more than throwing pebbles at the opposition, it's weird to see bows treated as being weak.

All I really want is more conversation dialog. It was quite boring hearing the same conversations all the time.

Can't wait for Skyrim to come out, it's after my final exams so I get all Summer to play it! (Not that I will)

i hope that they add new different and more armour types, as well as some sort of transport but not striders, they wont suit the landscape.

lycans and vampires should make an appearance with their own clans and missions e.g. being able to be turned by one of them
and guilds should be better and not able to join all of them, they should be harder and make you choose between them.

but i'm really looking forward to skyrim coming out

I saw this pop up on the front page today and I was reminded of the first time I read it.

You didn't do too bad overall, susan-- gone is the persuasion wheel, for instance, and while every guard now can tell my skills at a glance and talks about them constantly (huh huh, brew me up a potion), or took an arrow to the knee, the banter is a little better.

However, sadly, no home rearrangement.

I can still fill it with skulls or cabbages, but its just not the way it should be :(

Things I would like to see improved in skyrim

More wandering encounters:
I have literally walked from one side of skyrim to the other and only see deer and foxes, how about more baddies walking around

everyone is sameish:
lets face it , most of the women in skyrim are hideous. how about more variety too, most of the body shapes are the same, how about some skinnies, muscular, fat, ect.

lets face it there are no real money sinks in skyrim, after a month of play you have a ton of gold. give us some repair costs, and some big ticket items we can buy.

its unstable, period.

Fallout new vegas had casinos, skyrim should have some kind of card or parlor games

I know you can go swimming and grab fish, but why not fish with a rod

everyones hair looks plastic,, there is no movement, doesnt look natural

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