Daily Drop: VHS Tape

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how does kathleen feel about this

Eh. That tape is probably still usable...

And... A cat?

Well, it's the daily drop I guess. NOT the daily watch something get smashed.

Probably quite interesting to watch a cat land in slow-motion...

Just... Don't drop it too violently. XD

how does kathleen feel about this

It wasn't HER cat :)

Srsly though, the cat's fine.

whats with the fewer drops? are they getting lazy?

Fewer? it's been one a day every Monday to Friday since it started, apart from one "best of" episode. If they do start skipping days, it'll be to stretch it out til it ends.

The whole series was filmed over a 2 week (or thereabouts) period, before it started airing. High speed cameras are damn expensive, they only rented one for a short time :)

whats with the fewer drops? are they getting lazy?

I think there's a couple factors. Many of the multi-drops are disappointing. They may just be editing out useless drops, and they probably are getting better at how to maximize damage with a single drop. Besides, they're using the crowbar more, and I can't complain about that.

That being said, I was really hoping for an extra testing of unwinding it in slow motion.

As for next week... I know cats are adept at falling, but I've got concerns. If I remember correctly, cats do far better with longer falls than shorter ones (more time to right themselves and brace). And straight onto concrete? Ouch. Even a wood floor flexes a bit. Also, I'm fully expecting a followup of Kathleen dropping Paul, and possibly using his early research in better damage with a single drop.

A cat is fine too.

Oh dear god, was that a cat!

Please crowbar tomorrow pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

Friday's Daily Drop: Cat. Kath unleashes her angry kitties deck.

Monday's Daily Drop: Watch Paul survive being dropped UPSIDE DOWN by Kath! Will he survive the massive crowbarring attack afterwards?

Tuesday: Daily Drop Discontinued... forever.

wow what kinda creepy, yesterday i made a video of me destroying a vhs as well, only i shot it long way with an ak-47, it was crazy to see all the tape fly up into the air

A cat tomorrow?

Aw man, the body of a cat reacts really strange to sudden drops.

Expect a lot of things bending in strange ways.
Think of those toy soldiers that they dropped and imagine those made out of jello.


Huh, that tape's fine. I bet my VCR could still play it. Same as with the audio cassette - NEEDS MOAR CROWBAR. Or at least being flung a bit harder.

Wiggle wiggle!

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